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even though we got quite the downpour of rain right before the party started yesterday (which we needed and actually help cut the humidity) the party was such a success. my mom did a great job organzining and planning and cooking. i guess i know where i get some of my skills from.

my peach sangria was a hit … and super delicious if i must say so myself. i actually thought i made WAY too much but it was gone before i knew it!

Inspired By Charm

so here’s my recipe… i used 6 bottles of white wine (pinot grigio and moscato), 2 -3 cups peach schnapps, 3 cups orange juice, 1 1/2 cups simple syrup, 1 large bottle of pellegrino (or any sparkling water),  6 peaches chopped, 4 granny smith apples chopped, a bunch of green grapes halved, 4 lemons sliced, 6 peached cubed, 3 oranges sliced … and boy was it yummy. and the smell was crazy good too.

Inspired By Charm

see the invitations i made. the inspiration for the party was a picnic … and red and white ghinham of course.

Inspired By Charm

there were lots of flowers for decoration…

Inspired By Charm

vintage baskets thrifted from goodwill …

Inspired By Charm

there was super yummy spinach dip …

Inspired By Charm

there was an older brother that tried to ruin my vegetable tray picture …

Inspired By Charm

ahh, that’s better…

Inspired By Charm

there was homemade salsa (the final jar from last year – saved for the perfect occasion) …

Inspired By Charm

there were cookies …

Inspired By Charm

lots of cookies …

Inspired By Charm

and of course … cake … the most Delicious cake made by my aunt …
Inspired By Charm

i love a good party. don’t you?

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  • KatiePerk at

    Too too cute! You guys are so creative! That sangria looks delicious!

  • KatiePerk at

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • alison (semi-fab lane) at

    great pictures! that sangria looks deelish!

  • Dharma at

    mmmmmmm……sangria, I’d almost get over my wine allergy just to try that! lol – everything looks grogeous, nice invites 🙂 glad the weather cooperated for you all.

  • Lulu and the Locket at

    you are dangerous for giving me that recipe for sangria, help!! Those cookies and that cake oh my, what brilliance!

  • Shannon at

    The same thing happened out my way, the rain came and all of a sudden it wasn’t totally miserable out! But on a more serious note, how much do I want to dunk my head in that sangria? and the spin dip too. Both are my weaknesses.

    and the theme??? I adore it! Such cute invites!

  • Mom at

    Nice Pics Michael you’ve created the
    party all over again. Thanks again
    for your delicious Sangria and the
    creative invites. Mom

  • Julie at

    I do and yours looks super yummy!

  • Kim @ NewlyWoodwards at

    Sangria and peach? Sounds divine.

  • Amanda Joy at

    I sure would love some of that sangria!

  • Mary @ RoomPolish at

    ooo I love love lovey a good party! And seeing what people pull together to throw one. Lovely! i would love to take a sip of that sangria!

  • Anonymous at

    Michael,if I put red wine, which wine do you suggest? Irini

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