Yesterday, immediately after hitting the publish button on my post, I hopped in my car and went in search of some color for my outdoor shelves. They were driving me nuts so I stopped at a local hardware store and found these small, colorful pots. Aren’t they adorable? I then snuck over to Walmart and picked up some of my favorite succulents. This morning, before the rain started, I got my hands in the dirt (finally) and potted all eight succulents. I will probably have to bring them inside this weekend because the temperature is expected to drop below freezing, but I’m just happy that spring planting season has begun. Plus, I now have a delightful pop of color on my back porch. I will admit I’m a little nervous about having succulents because I usually end up killing them. I don’t know why. I blame it on their fickleness. (It has nothing to do with my inability to water plants properly.) Also, this area of the house doesn’t get loads of sunlight, so that’s another thing working against them. Ack, whatever. They are just plants, right? It’s worth a shot! I’ll keep you posted.

Wishing you all a weekend filled with the people and things you love. 

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  • Sharon B. at

    So pretty! Love that. Now I have to hop on over to the other post because that succulent wall hanging is amazing. Hope you have a weekend filled with love too, what a sweet thought. 🙂 Sharon

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      Yes – do check that out! I’m so glad it survived! Happy weekend friend!


  • Anonymous at

    ..That looks very nice Michael!So proud to call you my neighbor! Looking over at all the new things you are doing always makes me happy. Steph

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      Aww! You are the sweetest Steph! Thank you so much!! Happy to have you has my neighbor too!


  • at

    I love succulents but they can’t grow at my altitude. Don’t wanter them too often. The soil should never be damp. They sure turned out cute!

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      GREAT advice! Thank you. I’m pretty sure that could be my issue.


  • Kaitlin Jenkins at

    Succulents are some of my favorites! These are beautiful, and I love the hen/chick board as well!

  • Melanie at

    Love succulents and your display is beautiful! Did you make the hanging succulent wall thing as well? If so, how did you do that?

  • Elle. at

    I absolutely love your succulent wall! Those pots are too cute. This post has just inspired me to stop delaying my Spring planting and pick up some succulents as well!


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