happy friday everyone! thanks so much for your awesome ‘ask me‘ questions. they are fantastic and i’m so excited to answer them!

do you remember last year, around this time actually, i was painting/making signs? some of your favorites included this paris sign, best is yet to come and schrute farms. well, inspiration slapped me across the face the other day and i have a new project in mind! it’s going to be my biggest sign yet! 8 feet by 2 feet!

for those of you that follow me on pinterest or ‘like’ inspired by charm on Facebook may already know that i was planning this little project. yesterday i needed you help with a quote for the sign. thankfully lots of you responded to my pin and Facebook post with the help i needed.

while i didn’t actually tabulate the votes to pick a winner, several of you liked a certain one, and once i sketched things out it seem to be the perfect fit. so, the winner is….

Inspired By Charm

it stuck me as a perfect addition to the sign and a perfect sentiment for my guests. if you like the winning images you can purchase a copy of it here on etsy for $15.

so the plan is to work on this sign this weekend and have it finished by monday or tuesday at the latest. (i hope) i thought it would be fun to take you along with me on this process. remember i did something similar when i turned my gift shoppe into a christmas shoppe?

Inspired By Charm

you can follow along via twitter. you can find me @inspiredbycharm or follow along via #makingofasign. my tweets will also automatically be posted to the inspired by charm Facebook page. (if you are viewing pictures via Facebook click on the provided thumbnail and it will take you to twitter. there should be an button or link that says ‘show media’ or ‘show picture’, click on that to see the full sized image.)

if you don’t have Facebook or twitter, don’t worry. i will write up a detailed post on monday or tuesday documenting this adventure.

sounds like fun, right? i hope you’ll follow along and share lots of feedback during the process.

and don’t forget to keep submitting your questions for me here. i’m really, really appreciate this!

Inspired By Charm

have a fantastic weekend. let’s get #makingofasign started!

Inspired By Charm

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  • LetterstoLauren at

    I’m new to your blog, but I have to tell you, I absolutely love it! It’s very personable, the colors are warm and welcoming, and I love your ideas 🙂

    As far as the sign you picked, I really like the quote. For someone like me who has been through a lot of crap in life, you really learn that life is what you make of it, and I think that quote reflects that. I look forward to seeing the end result of your work!

  • luv46kdz at

    Follow you on Pinterest and now here on your blog too! Love all you put up. Some of the kitchen pics are so similar to mine with the white cabinets and subway tile. I live in a Victorian built in 1893.

    Love love LOVE the quote for the sign 🙂

    Look forward to your inspiration


  • Shannon at

    I love when you let us tag along on projects! It’s *almost* like hanging out. Except I’m sitting on my couch my pj’s and you’re being productive.

  • Melissa at

    I love your projects! I’ve tried your recipes, and now want to give your sign tricks a try! 🙂

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