…pronounced foe-nay (as in Claude Monet); not fox-net (as in the fox is caught in a net).

A couple months ago I found this vintage art at a local resale shop. I paid $5. At the time I bought the piece, I really didn’t have a plan of how I wanted to use it.

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As I mentioned last week, I have plans to redo one of my guest rooms. With pennies pinched, I needed to create some inexpensive wall art. Last night I was in the mood to paint so I grabbed my thrift store find from the basement and got to work!

As you can see, the painting was a bit drab. My goal was to brighten the whole thing up. I envisioned a yellow gold frame with a fresh new take on the current artwork using the colors (turquoise, light blue, white and green) I plan on using in my new space.

First, I removed the art from the frame to make painting everything a bit easier. I began by peeling off the paper baking. I then bent up the staples holding in the art. I kept the staples in the frame so I could use them to secure the painting to the frame when I was finished.

Inspired By Charm

Once the art was out of the frame I used two colors of bright yellow craft paint to cover the frame.

Inspired By Charm

After that was finished I used a gold metallic paint on top of the yellow.

Inspired By Charm

I did this step after the sun when down, so I don’t have any pictures. Sorry about that. After I applied the gold I went over everything with a white wash … then a little more yellow, a little more gold, a little more white, etc. I just continued to add layers until I was pleased with the look.

After the frame was finished I moved onto the artwork. I used the original painting as a guide and added brighter colors to the whole piece.

Inspired By Charm

It took many attempts to figure out what was going to look best. Honestly, at one point I almost gave up and threw the whole thing in the trash. I ultimately ending up liking the look of adding dots of color. The finished look reminds me of paintings done by Claude Monet.

This was the painting shortly after I started adding color.

Inspired By Charm

You can see the turquoise and blue in the sky/water and the green I added to the trees. For paint, I just used the cheap acrylic craft paint you can buy at Wal-mart or your local craft store.

After about three hours of working on the piece (and unfortunately not taking any more pictures, as I was both focused and frustrated) here’s what I came up with.

Inspired By Charm

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Pretty fabulous, right!?

Inspired By Charm

I’m loving the new look! It went from drab and dusty to fab and fun!

Inspired By Charm

It’s cheerful and bold and I just love it! I think the colors will be a perfect addition to my room redo.

The desk below the art (found at a local antique shop) and the glass vase (found at TJ Maxx for $20) will also be additions to the space.

Inspired By Charm

I’m also really pleased with the yellow gold frame. It couldn’t have came out more perfect! The bright yellow base added a much need pop of color underneath the whitewashed gold.

Inspired By Charm

I also decided to paint the little house purple, inspired by this post I read earlier in the day.

Inspired By Charm

You’ll also noticed the horse and cart were completely eliminated from the pond. Much better.

Inspired By Charm

Until I actually start my room redo, my new piece of artwork will sit on my vintage corbel shelf in my hall.

Inspired By Charm

A lovely reminder that spring and summer are quickly approaching!

Inspired By Charm


Inspired By Charm


Inspired By Charm

So what do you think of my Monet-inspired-upcycled-artwork?

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  • Meranda S at

    Your post is just what I needed to see! I bought my art kit hoping to do this to a few paintings I own, but with no skill what so ever I am terrified of distroying what I have. SO your little dots? I am going to try it!

  • Sofia Bee at

    I never thought about doing anything like this. What a lovely way to make a gloomy painting more colorful!

  • Amy Fountain at

    That’s really an amazing alteration of the art piece. Very much impressed. Looking forward to see your future restorations.

  • Erin at

    Totally love it!! The colors are beautiful, fresh and wonderfully vibrant. Very you!


  • kelly@refresheddesigns. at

    Huh, I would never have thought of doing that but you make it look so easy! Though I’m sure it is not. Great job and love the frame color too.

  • LibraryGirl62 at

    Um…WOW!! I am seeing thrift store art in a whole new light! That ia awesome!

  • Suzanne@Meridian Road at

    I think it’s fabulous! It’s like a cross between Monet and Seurat!
    Very cool.

  • StarSpry at

    Your finished painting looks awesome! It’s so bright and cheerful 🙂

  • Dash of Pink Sugar at

    You seriously are amazing. I never would have the patience to do that! Or the artistic eye. You did an amazing job, I’m seriously impressed.

  • Lili at

    The technique you used reminds me of a Seurat painting too! I just love this idea and your execution of it Michael. The colors are so uplifting; what an artist’s eye you have. ~Lili

  • Anonymous at

    Michael….A-MAZ-ING!! I never would have thought to anything like that in a million years! So glad I found your blog.

  • camillemoore at

    I almost didn’t read the post because I didn’t like the horse-drawn-cart print. What a fabulous idea to eliminate it completely and create an updated “faux-net”. Love the purple house. Thanks for sharing your process!

  • Penny@ "WDWS Design Trends" at

    That is a fantastic idea Michael! I have been accumulating tons of pictures and frames from all of the auctions I have been attending…now I know what I can do with the pieces I am not keeping for myself! Just the inspiration I needed on a gray winters day:)

  • Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality at

    Michael, what a fun & inspiring project! You changed it up to make it work for you. So looking forward to seeing what you are up to in blogland. Welcome to the Blogher network, I think you will enjoy them. Have a great weekend!

  • Maureen Cracknell Handmade at

    Love, love, love this!!!

  • Reenie at

    WOW! I would have never thought of that! I love it 🙂

  • Megan at

    Amazeballs! I kind of want to run to the thrift store and grab a piece to paint!

  • Karalee at

    You never cease to amaze with your creative insight & talent! Well done~ Lovin it~

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