Again, many apologies for my lack of posts. The past couple weeks have been rather busy.
The Jewelry/Quilted Purse party was a great success! Thanks to all that attended. Baroni was very well received. The Gift Shoppee will be getting in some new pieces later this month.

I think the weather has officially broke. I’ve been visiting some of the local greenhouses. I must say my top two are Morning Glory Hill Greenhouse and Grunthaner’s Greenhouse. I wish I could have a greenhouse of my own. Someday. Both have an exciting collection. While I love the standards like geraniums, petunias, impatiens, etc… I LOVE things that are different and unexpected. Tonight could be the last night in the high 30’s for a while. I think I will begin planting this weekend.
I also have an exciting new service/experience in the works for Old Charm. It’s too early to tell the outcome, but things are looking positive! I will keep you posted. Keep your fingers crossed!

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