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when i bought my bed and breakfast two years ago, the downstairs living room was renovated into a guest room/small gift shop back in 1993 by the original owners. when purchasing the bed and breakfast my intention was to take out the bedroom and bathroom and open things up to create one big gift shop.

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well, that’s exactly what i did. so for those of you that have never been in the gift shoppe i thought i’d share a glimpse of it with you. as you can see in the picture above this is what a portion of the space looked like before. this little alcove is the first thing you see when you walk in the front door. i believe it was a closet when the home was first built.



Inspired By Charm


this was my display in fall/winter of 2008 (the grand opening). i painted the wall a red-ish/maroon color. then handpainted swirls (which you can’t really see) with a high gloss of the same color.


in the spring i painted the wall lime green with stripes in high gloss of the same color.

for some reason i failed to take a picture of spring/summer (which is shocking) but it was set up with blues and greens.


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as you can see from this up close shot it slowly transitioned to greens and oranges for fall (sorry again for my failure to take a full shot.)



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but this is how it looked at Christmas 2009. green, red and white. and this was my first time experimenting with a white tree, but i loved the look. see the glossy stripes on the green paint?


Inspired By Charm

the purple is spring of 2010. i painted the whole wall light purple and then painted an extra large version of my logo on top in white. remember the pom-pom flowers i made? the large ‘twig thing’ in the upper right hand corner is a huge bird nest i made from twigs in the yard. it looks so neat and unexepected.

Inspired By Charm


and that brings us to summer 2010. with the arrival of my succulents i decided to change things up again. this time i didn’t paint the wall. i hung a huge painters drop cloth from the ceiling with christmas lights behind the cloth for some extra sparkle. then i hung some inexpensive paper lanterns in front. dressed it up with blues, whites and tans and there you have it!


Inspired By Charm

see the little ‘thing’ in the bottom left hand corner? it’s a terra cotta pig with wings. i had to keep one for myself, he’s on my back porch. cutest thing ever.

hope you enjoyed the evolution of my wall. more too come!

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  • Kim @ NewlyWoodwards at

    You are seriously my hero. It’s gorgeous. I love all the wall colors.

  • EntertainingMom at

    love the flying pig! Love the wall… boy I could use a snowstorm right about now!

    I misplaced your email… need to follow up re the guest post!



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