Even More Ideas to Decorate Your Walls

And now for the dramatic conclusion of IBC’s Wall Decorating Series.

Only teasing. However, I am super pleased with how many of you seem to be enjoying this series. It’s been fun to give this topic the attention it deserves, and I hope that breaking it up into three chunks is making all of the information easier to digest.

If you’re new to this series, you can click here to start from the beginning. This three-part series was created to share ideas for decorating the walls of your home. Each idea in this series is inspired by things that have actually worked for me. Many of you might recognize the photos or ideas since they were on IBC at some point.

At any rate, I’m back today with my final five ideas to spruce up your walls. Let’s get this party started!

Local / Online Artists

In the previous posts, I shared a lot of ideas that involve art. So, at this point you might be saying, “That’s nice, but where do I find good art?” Well, that leads me to my next idea.

Thanks to the Internet, we all have access to a plethora of wonderful art at very affordable prices. As you may know from some of my other posts, my go-to source for quality art prints is Minted. Their selection is vast, their website functions well, and their prices are reasonable. They mostly sell art prints that were created by actual artists. With each print you get to learn a little more about the person who made it. To me, that’s important.

Ideas for Decorating Your Walls | inspiredbycharm.com

However, if Minted isn’t your style, there are plenty of other online sources for art. Etsy is one example. Do some research and find a source that works for you and your home.

Ideas for Decorating Your Walls | inspiredbycharm.com

In addition to the above online sources, check your local media for art festivals, galleries, and shows. Depending on the particular event, the prices can be pretty reasonable, plus you can also hunt down those one-of-kind pieces. Keep your mind and eyes open, too. Wall art doesn’t have to be something that fits into a frame. Try something new and different.

Ideas for Decorating Your Walls | inspiredbycharm.com

I should also give some love to Lindsay Letters and Funnelcloud Studios. While I enjoy many artists, these are certainly two of my favorites.

Go Botanical

I was a bit hesitant to include botanicals in this list because I don’t have too much experience with them. However, they are an important piece in the design equation.

If you follow current / modern design, you’ll notice lots of beautiful and unique wall planters. I’m a firm believe that every space needs a touch of nature, so being able to hang a plant or flower on a wall is a great option. Things like wall planters, planter wall pockets, living wreaths, etc. give you options for putting nature up on your walls.

Ideas for Decorating Your Walls | inspiredbycharm.com

Ideas for Decorating Your Walls | inspiredbycharm.com

One word of caution here: Think about the maintenance, especially if it is a living plant. How will you water and care for it? Obviously, it can be done; you just don’t want it to become a burden or destroy other things in your home.

Ideas for Decorating Your Walls | inspiredbycharm.com

However, walls exist outside, too, and I’ve certainly taken advantage of wall planters there. (Check out my hanging succulent planter and vertical hen and chick garden.)  Your options are endless for outdoor spaces.


Another thing you might not think about when it comes to decorating your walls is lighting. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the selection of wall sconces is incredible these days.

Ideas for Decorating Your Walls | inspiredbycharm.com

Ideas for Decorating Your Walls | inspiredbycharm.com

A sconce can offer both light and an interesting or beautiful architectural embellishment. Naturally, I recommend checking out places like Restoration Hardware, West Elm, and even Urban Outfitters.

Ideas for Decorating Your Walls | inspiredbycharm.com

Whether you have the hardwiring in place in your wall or need a fixture you can plug in, there are plenty of options to suit your decor. You can even DIY something like I did with the wood wall bracket in my entryway.

Ideas for Decorating Your Walls | inspiredbycharm.com


As I was writing this series and looking around my home, I noticed that I have used a lot of shelving to decorate my walls. This might be viewed as furniture by some people, but I consider it “wall decor” and an essential part of this list.

Ideas for Decorating Your Walls | inspiredbycharm.com

To illustrate, take a look at the large white shelves in my office / living room. Yes, they are functional, but over the years I’ve had great fun arranging them in unique ways. They are definitely part of the decor for my walls.

Ideas for Decorating Your Walls | inspiredbycharm.com

Ideas for Decorating Your Walls | inspiredbycharm.com

A more obvious wall decor shelf would be the two white shelves in my dining room. Made with pine boards and brackets, these shelves continue to be one of my favorite projects (tutorial here) and a fun space to decorate. Shelves such as these function well in a dining room, kitchen, or office where you have beautiful, unique, or functional things you want to display.

Ideas for Decorating Your Walls | inspiredbycharm.com

Another shelving example is in my upstairs hallway. For less than $30, I was able to create these simple picture ledges to hold art, souvenirs, and other small objects.

Ideas for Decorating Your Walls | inspiredbycharm.com

This option is excellent for anyone who tends to change things frequently. Since no nails are required for displaying art, you can switch things up as often as you like.


And finally, organization. This idea touches on shelving and functional objects, but I felt it deserved its own category.

Wall decor that functions as organization is ideal for spaces in your home where lots of activity is happening, such as the kitchen, office, craft room, and bathroom. These are places where there might be lots of little items and supplies that you use frequently and want to access easily so they need a designated spot.

Ideas for Decorating Your Walls | inspiredbycharm.com

What immediately comes to mind when I talk about this is the pegboard organizer in my kitchen. I’m not the most organized person, but this area reminds me of the importance of being organized. I use it each and every day, and I’m never hunting for things when I need them. I also love the way it looks and that it takes up minimal space.

Ideas for Decorating Your Walls | inspiredbycharm.com

However, don’t worry if pegboards aren’t your style. There are plenty of wall organizing units and DIY projects to suit your space and storage needs.

And with that, my list of ideas is complete. At least for now.

It’s your turn to go forth and decorate. With 15 ideas and a couple bonus tips, you now have plenty of inspiration to get something on those blank walls.

As always, if you have more ideas or suggestions, join in the conversation and share them in the comments. I’ve enjoyed putting this list together and hope it’s helpful.

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