i know you are probably sick of hearing about jam and fabric and fall but these things seem to be very relevant right now. so i apologize. just hang in there.

my hands have stopped burning from my red pepper jelly. thank goodness. i’m super happy with the way it turned out. i ate a whole jar in two days with crackers and cream cheese. oh my. heaven. it’s taking all my will power not to open another jar.

Inspired By Charm

today i made raspberry vanilla jam. i used raspberries from a fruit stand in erie, pa and the seeds from vanilla beans. so yummy!! i love warming berry jams up and then pouring them over vanilla ice cream. talk about tasty.

Inspired By Charm

i told myself i was going to take a jam making break, but then kim posted this recipe and now i’m dying to try it. strawberry maragrita jam. ummm, yum!

my mom and her friend had a quilt shopping day this weekend and she picked me up a piece of fabric for my quilt. more than anyone my mom knows i can be sort of … picky, but i love the fabric she picked.

Inspired By Charm

beautiful colors and almost a vintage feel. what do you think?

did you have a busy weekend? what did you do? leave a comment below. things were busy around here again. i normally don’t talk about my guests here, but when they give me a wonderful gift, i just can’t help it.

so, i don’t think i have confessed my love of cheese here yet, but … i love cheese. seriously i could eat cheese all the time. cream cheese, hard cheese, soft cheese. it’s so bad i don’t think i could eat pasta without a sprinkling of parmesan.

anyway. these lovely folks own a dairy farm and they brought me three wedges of their cheese.

Inspired By Charm

(your probably wondering why i’m only showing you two … well, i already ate one … and it was fantastic … and i don’t care who knows it!)

i’m so thankful for wonderful people that are so kind to think of me. these seemingly little gestures mean so much.

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  • Mrs. Adventure at

    Ooooh loving the fabric your mom picked up… it reminds me of my grandma’s old dish clothes very vintage. I must admit that I will be heading to your ETSY store soon as I have almost devored the whole jar of your blueberry jam already :+) delish!

  • Victory Garden Yarn at

    Twas a busy weekend over here, too! Boyfriend and I assembled Ikea furniture on Saturday and canned peach butter and taco sauce on Sunday. (Not in the same jars, mind you!) I love productive weekends!

  • Robyn at

    Oh my! I also ADORE Hot pepper jam and cream cheese…yum!!! That Rasberry Vanilla Jam sounds to die for, 2 of my favorite flavors mingled together in jam goodness! HOW incredibly sweet of your guests to bring you goodies! OHHh, that fabric you Mom got you is FAB, you have to check out this little inspiration board on my blog in those colors. It’s from a wedding blog but you will LOVE the inspiration there!

  • slip4 at

    Love that new fabric. And can I say how much I love cheese? I always get caught up in the cheese section of Whole Foods, or really any store, tasting a few and reading all the little info signs about the different cheeses. Yum! We had a busy weekend getting my daughter ready to go to college for her first year, tomorrow! Yikes…

  • teedle. at

    Great fabric choice! It is very much my style, as well.

  • Julie at

    Raspberry Vanilla, oh my! Two of my very favorite words put together. I had a pleasantly uneventful weekend, lazing around and not doing too much of anything. That’s ok as I’m making up for it this week, putting up more fencing for my sheep.

  • scargosun at

    Yum! I think yum can be used for everything in this post, including the fabric. I need to get moving on some of my winter stores.

  • Kim @ NewlyWoodwards at

    Is that a blanket underneath the cheese? I heart.

    And, I’m totally impressed at your jelly-making ability. Canning over the weekend took it out of me. Seriously. I was totally pooped last night. And, I didn’t make 46 jars. I don’t think.

    Make the margarita jam. You’ll thank me.

  • Angela at

    I am living vicariously through your jam production. They sound delicious and I adore that fabric.
    We have been hitting the beach for some ocean swimming before the weather truly turns!
    Peace, Angela

  • Denise at

    It was beautiful here in the Northwest over the weekend and our family went and picked a BUNCH of blackberries just 2 minutes from our house. It was amazing! I froze most of them as we love smoothies but I think I am going to have to try my hand at making some jam! All of yours sound so delicious! Worked on my quilt that I am making for some friends for Christmas…I’ve titled it “Happy Camper”. They have an Airstream that they travel around in with their dog, Walter, and I found this amazing retro looking fabric with camping scenes and Airstreams! It was too fun to pass up! Lime greens, red, coral, yellow, touches of blue and silver! I will have to send you some pics when I finish it. BTW, your quilt is looking GOOD! 🙂

  • Lindsey @ Better After at

    Hi Michael! I’m featuring your dining room a little later today, come check it out! 🙂 Thanks!

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