embroidery hoop art


even though this is soooo 2010… or 2009… maybe even 2008 (who knows) i’m going to share it with you anyway cause i just love how it looks. (i’m getting off to a good start.)

Inspired By Charm

my mom recently claimed one of the bedrooms in my old house as her sewing room. we both loved the look and simplicity of embroidery hoops filled with coordinating fabrics and hung on the wall. so as part of her christmas gift this year. i bought several different sizes of embroidery hoops from here and filled them with some beautiful fabrics from here. and while i was putting together her gift … i also ordered enough supplies and fabric for myself. and this isn’t being selfish. just efficient. or at least i tell myself that.

Inspired By Charm

the ‘artwork’ is in my hall which can been seen from the kitchen, so i tried to match everything up with both my kitchen (which has reds and pinks and grays) and my hall (which will soon have these curtains [and sadly my sewing machine is still in the box … but i’m getting it out this week … i needed thread … and i got some practice fabric. encouragement welcome.])

Inspired By Charm

i really like how it turned out. it’s cozy and warm … modern and fun … a bit vintage, perhaps?

Inspired By Charm

i love the fact that it can be easily changed when i get bored of certain fabrics.

Inspired By Charm

the investment was minimal (even less expensive if you have a bunch of extra fabric laying around). and i used the smallest 3M removable hooks i could find so there are not an excessive amount of holes in the wall.

not to shabby if i do say so myself. what do YOU think!?

Inspired By Charm

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  • Emily and Jaime at Everyday Art at

    I think they are wonderful. The fabrics all complement each other so well–I’ve stored that idea away for long-term inspiration. 🙂

  • ann @ my life as prose. at

    the colors and fabrics are great 🙂

    it’s so funny… i was surfing tattertots and jello and almost every link that i saw & liked… it’s all YOU!! michael, where have you been hiding??? i’m *loving* your blog, and have added you to my reader!! 🙂

  • Green Door Girl at

    so so cute! I don’t know if it is so 2008 or 2000 and late (name that song), but it is so cute and i haven’t seen it before, so it is new to me! 🙂 Great job! Found you through Weekend Wrapup

  • Sarita at

    This turned out very nice! I love the look and your choice of fabrics. I’ve been dying to try this myself, the problem is wall space!

  • Ladybird Ln at

    So Cute, I have always wanted to do this in a sewing room…. someday… when… I … Have… one!! Very cute!

  • Paul at

    Thank you soooooo much for this post. I’m going to plain old steal your idea for fabric in the hoops. I’ve been clearing out my craft room and the attic but thankfully the big pile of stuff to go to charity shops hasn’t managed it out the door yet and I rescued all the ones I was going to give away. I’m kicking myself for not being creative in my use of them and trying to discard them. You have given me a creative kick up the backside. Pxx

  • Kim @ NewlyWoodwards at

    Yeah, I love this. I gotta find a place to try this. It doesn’t really “go” with my house. But, I think I’m going to try it in the next homestead. Just too great.

    And how fun will it be to change out for Christmas? 😉

  • Shannon at

    I love this trend and still plan on doing it somewhere in my house…now only to decide where. Yours looks great, love your choice in fabrics and the placement on the wall. You nailed it!

  • Flower Patch Farmgirl at

    I have a stash of these accumulating for my daughter’s bedroom. I don’t care if how “passe” they are – I totally dig ’em! Yours look fab and make me more excited than ever to get moving with mine!

    Fun blog you’ve got here.:)

  • Luisa at

    absolutely love it!

  • Katy at

    I love the fabrics. Where did you find them?

  • slip4 at

    What a cute idea. Love it. Good luck with your sewing. I wish I had some tips for you, but I am a non-sewer who is looking forward to watching your journey and feeling inspired to try it myself!

  • Leah at

    cute! love!

  • Michelle @ Ten June at

    i absolutely love this! i’ve always been in love with framing funky fabrics, so this is right up my alley! love it.

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