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Inspired By Charm


Inspired By Charm


Inspired By Charm


Inspired By Charm

One.  On Sunday Morning, I made these delicious muffins via this recipe from The Fabulous Beeakman Boys and served them up with homemade Strawberry Rhubarb jam. If summer had a taste, this could be it. Divine.

Two. Those muffins were the centerpiece of my breakfast table set for ten. The black check tablecloth is from Kohls. The dinnerware is Fiesta in Lemongrass and Marigold. The bellora chandelier is from Pottery Barn.

Three. I found a new magazine at the grocery store. The cover shot completely drew me in with it’s sunny yellow accents. Plus my design hero, Sarah Richardson is inside!

Four. The first campfire of the summer was at my brother house. Good tunes, good drinks, and the best company.

Five. On a Friday afternoon run. I found this tree. Of course, I immediately thought of donuts. Did I mention I was running? Oh the irnoy.

Six. I floated around in my Dad’s pool on Monday. It was magic. The first day at the pool is always magic.

Seven. I went to Hollywood. Hollywood, PA. Its home to one of my favorite antique shoppes, and not much else.

Eight. I also whipped up this fabulous Fluffy Pink Lemonade Cake. If you need the most perfect summer dessert. This. is. it. Just fabulous!

(So, this is a new little weekend recap ‘thing’ I want to try on the blog. I hope to post this on Sunday nights or Mondays.


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  • johanna at

    Love the Tree! The power Company has a tradition of uglifying (I know it’s not a word but WTH) trees that are in the way. As for the Pink Lemonade cake I am defiantly trying this.
    Have A Wonderful Week!

  • Katie at

    I wish I was at that breakfast table! It looks Divine!

  • Susan at

    Love the weekend recap!

  • Maria at

    What a fun weekend! Nice breakfast spread and love the cake!

  • Michelle at

    I really enjoyed your weekend recap. I hope you continue. I looked at the picture of the tree before reading your comment and I thought it looked like a huge donut in the sky. And yes the first day in the pool is always magic. I can’t wait to make the Fluffy Pink Lemonade Cake. Yum!

  • Michele at

    I love the weekly recap and the pink lemonade cake looks divine!

  • Liz at

    Enjoyed the recap Michael. Had a very busy weekend, it was nice to catch up.

  • slip4 at

    I love the weekend recap. Please continue! And your table setting is perfect. I laughed that you thought of donuts while running 🙂

  • Debi at

    What a great way to spend your week – looking for things that make you happy. Sharing those things just makes it even better. Love your blog and your projects and the way you share and inspire. Definitely going to spend my week making not of the things that make me smile. Thank you!

  • Sausha @ Sweet Pickins at

    I came across your blog because i was getting LOTS of traffic from some stuff of mine you pinned – so i had to come and check you out!

    I am loving your blog! Its so fresh and fun, i love all your pics, your B&B is AMAZING! I love the recipes that you post, the inspiration pics from pinterest – everything!!

    You do an awesome job and im so glad i found you!

    Anyways – just wanted to drop in and say HI!!

  • Happy Little Crafter at

    I’m a new subscriber to your blog and it is such a joy! Thanks for the smiles, inspiration and terrific ideas you provide…keep those weekend things you learned and/or loved coming! GREAT idea!

  • Sam I Am...... at

    I like this format~ because we get even more of you! It’s like a collage of your life which I find so inspiring. I’ve seen the blogs where they try to compete with the best DIY project or focus on one thing and I get bored plus I want to get to know these people and so many don’t tell even tell you where they’re from!
    I get to know what you’ve been up to, where you’ve been, some great recipes, some design pics, recommendations to other blogs, products etc. You are a FULL SERVICE blogger! Love it!
    I also visited Will and was “over the moon” on those linens! I have been VERY attracted to products and projects from “across the pond” bloggers this year. The only problem is I can’t find those products here in the U.S. or stores in the U.K. that will sell them to the U.S. I love their classic and their flowery designs and relaxed decorating with LOTS of color usually. If you want a treat go look at the Spring Summer catalog of Green Gate out of Copenhagen at you can down load their catalog if you want but you can’t order nor can you buy any of it in the U.S. The closest place would be Canada. They sell to many countries all around us but not us.

  • Debra from Bungalow at

    A donut tree! LOL I hate what power companies do to trees!
    Loved this post.

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