Eat Dessert First


Well, I finally made some time to update the chalkboard wall in my gift shoppe. To be honest with you, it’s been completely blank since christmas! Embarrassing, I know.

Inspired By Charm

The other day I stumble upon this pin via my good ol’ friend Pinterest and was immediately inspired!

Inspired By Charm

via amazon

 I let the image stew in my brain for a bit. I knew I wanted my new wall to be cheerful, fun and summery. And since you know how much I love a good quote, I thought I’d throw one of those in there too.

With the idea finally realized in my head, I got to work!

Inspired By Charm

And here’s what I came up with…

Inspired By Charm

Super cute, right?

Inspired By Charm

Cheerful, fun, summery, and delicious! Perfect!

Inspired By Charm

This has been one of my favorite quotes for quite some time. I love desserts, so I adore this quote for the obvious reasons, but I think it also serves as a reminder to get out and enjoy life. Have fun. Live your dreams. Indulge. Takes risks and have fun. If you want to do something, just do it!

Inspired By Charm

A great way to approach life, right?

Don’t mind if I do!


If you want to see some of my other chalkboard creations here’s a quick look.

Inspired By Charm

You can also click here for a more detailed description of how this wall came to be.

So what do you think of my new chalkboard wall?

Inspired By Charm

Inspired By Charm

Inspired By Charm Inspired By Charm Inspired By Charm

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  • Charlie at

    I saw your wall on Pinterest, and it inspired me, so I added something similar to my chalkboard wall in my kitchen. I used your quote and lovely layout, and added a menu section underneath for dinner tonight: ice cream, steak, potatoes, broccoli. My kids are already looking forward to dinner- thanks for the inspiration!!!

  • Woo at

    Hi Michael..
    Seems your quite a talented one. Have you thought about perhaps turning your drawings into prints. They are quite whimsical.
    Wendy 🙂

  • Tonya Diehl at

    Ok, I had to come by & check this one out too!! It’s just as lovely as the broom display!! Love the saying too!! Not gonna lie….I kinda want a chalkboard wall now!! 🙂

  • Miss Charming at

    Love it! You are super talented and it looks wonderful.

  • Anonymous at

    I’m so inspired! Searching for a wall right now that can be my chalkboard:)

  • Mrs. Limestone at

    Love it!

    Im so jealous of anyone with a chalkboard wall. I really want one but I dont have the right spot for it.

  • Kelly at

    Best chalkboard walls I’ve seen on the web!

  • Shelley in SC at

    Love these!!! Your chalkboard art is amazing and so fun!

  • ~Grace Happens~ at

    i wish i could hire you to jazz up my chalkboard door. you are beyond talented! xoxo

  • Amanda at

    I think you have very neat chalkboard handwriting, and speaking from experience, I know thats not easy! I really do like how you interpreted your inspiration picture. Is that something you plan to change with the season? Monthly? Its such a fun feature… I want to do one in my house!

  • Anonymous at

    Amazing graphics! You are so creative! Love your blog.

  • Shaunna at

    Looks fantastic! Love the chalkboard walls!

  • Amy at

    WAYYY cute! Love it!! 🙂

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