i made quiche for breakfast this morning.

have you ever made quiche? if not, you’ll be happy to know it quite easy. since i haven’t master the art of crust making,  i just use the pre-made crust, shhh don’t tell.

so here’s the basics. you pre-bake your crust, just a couple of minutes. once baked, sprinkle a little flour on your crust. throw in a yummy mix of veggies, meat and cheese to your crust. mix together six or seven eggs with one cup of half n’ half and spices (salt and pepper for sure). pour in your crust over your ‘filling’ and bake at 350 for about 45 minutes to an hour.

Inspired By Charm

it’s honestly that easy. my quiche this morning probably cooked a little too long or a was little to hot.(i was running a couple bit behind this morning so my crust got a little darker than i would have liked.) but it still tasted yummy! i used bacon, broccoli, cherry tomato and cheddar. for a more ‘formal’ recipe, check this one out. it’s one of my favorite combination of ingredients!

i’m actually a big fan of quiche for dinner too! served with a nice salad it really does the trick without making you feel overly stuffed.

in other news, i decided to open a twitter account yesterday. i actually think twitter is one of the dumbest things … i just don’t get it. so, i’m just using it on a trial basis and i’ll go from there. any advice for a newbie?

and be sure to check back tomorrow. i’m going to do a little twitter inspired giveaway.

Inspired By Charm

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  • Mrs. Adventure at

    This post had me wanting to go home right now and make one!

  • Jessica at

    I have to agree with you on twitter but I love that you are willing to give it a try. Let us know how it goes and if you change your mind. By the way…your quiche made me hungy!

  • Anna at

    I’ve just started making quiches and they are delish and feel so decadent. gonna check out your recipes!

  • christine, just bella at

    This looks delish! My husband makes a mean quiche (pre-made crust too ;).

    🙂 Christine

  • Annie at

    Yum! I almost forgot how much I love quiche! My favorite has red onions, dill, spinach, and feta.

  • Kara at

    I use my twitter account to gather news rather than tweeting. It does take a while to get a hang of it but it’s another why to “brand” yourself too. good luck!

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