Dreams Change and That’s Okay.

Well, I’ve delayed this long enough. Although this is probably bigger news for me, it has been a major factor in my life for the past few months and is something I need to share with you. I just feel telling you is necessary as I move forward with my life, career, and this blog. After much thought (I’m talkin’ like six months here, people), I have made the incredibly tough decision to close the doors of my little inn. As of January 1, 2013, I stopped taking guests in my house. What the what? Yeah, I know. As I said, I didn’t come to this decision quickly or easily, but after much soul searching, I decided this was the best and right thing to do. I’m going to try and be as brief as possible, but I feel I owe you an explanation. So, here goes. 

Inspired By Charm

Living. It sounds romantic and wonderful to own a Bed and Breakfast, but it is life consuming. As much as I enjoyed running my inn, I really didn’t do much other than that. I forgot to live, or didn’t have time to live rather. There were months and months I went without a day off, without the phone ringing, etc. You get it, right? I could go on, but I’ll stop there.

Space. I needed my own space. Again, I love interacting with people and making new friends. I couldn’t imagine a career without some aspect of that interaction. As much as I loved that, after five years, the constant presence of people in my home took its toll on me. I mean, sometimes you just want to walk around in your pjs (or less) and leave a few dirty dishes in the sink. As some of you may have already guessed, I have already completely taken over the main house and made it my own. Remember how I created a living room. Well, spoiler alert, it’s all for me. Selfish as it sounds, I can’t tell you how happy I am about that. I will get some more pictures and explanations on the blog this week or next week as to how I am now using the space. I’ve been so excited to share this with you. 

Inspired By Charm

Dreams. Ever since high school I have dreamed of owning a Bed and Breakfast. Thankfully, at the green young age of 25 I had the opportunity to buy one and I successfully ran it for almost five years. In my book, that’s pretty amazing. I’m not closing my doors because the business failed or didn’t prosper, I’m closing Old Charm B & B because I chose to. Did you ever dream of doing something, going to a particular place, or trying a certain food, and even though it was amazing, it wasn’t exactly what you thought it would be? Well that happens. Dreams aren’t always what you think they will be. Dreams change, and that’s okay.

Money. “Dude, if you are not running your little inn, how are you going to make a living?” I debated whether to address this question because how someone makes money or what someone chooses to do with money is really no one else’s business. At least that’s what my grandma says. To keep this explanation simple, this little blog (thanks to all of you!) is doing wonderfully. I’m also writing blog posts for some amazing companiesand my gift shoppe (inside my house) will remain open. In addition, I have a few other projects / opportunities that are on the down-low at the moment. So hopefully, that answers that question.

Inspired By Charm

Future. Beyond my dream of owning a Bed and Breakfast, I have a lot of other things I want to do. I want to design products, write a book, and create, I want to see more of the world. Making this change allows me the chance to pursue some new and very exciting dreams. At this point, the world is my oyster. I’m open to new opportunities and challenges until that “one” comes along that fits. 

And yes, I know that over the years many of you have expressed interest in staying here, meeting me, and eating my pancakes. Don’t worry. For now, I’m staying right here. Maybe we can work something out. Plus, not being so tied down gives me the opportunity to come visit you, right? There are a lot of other details and things that go into this story, but I’ve shared the ones that affected my decision the most. If you have questions, you’re welcome to ask them in the comments, and I’ll do my best to answer them. 

Inspired By Charm

Thank you so much for your continued support and love throughout these years. Without all of you, this move and change would not be possible. In fact, many of your emails, comments, and words of support helped make this decision a whole lot easier So again, thank you. 

Here’s to new and exciting adventures together! 

Inspired By Charm

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  • HypnoticMind 4.0 at

    It’s truly very complicated in this active life
    to listen news on Television, so I only use web
    for that purpose, and get the most recent

  • Retired Innkeeper at

    Congratulations to you! I made the same decision after running our B & B for six years for almost the same reasons. You did the right thing. Never look back and never regret. Follow your dreams..you are young and so talented. Go for whatever it is you want. All the best

  • Shellie L at

    and so another page turns in the atlas and the map is laid wide open before you. No regrets, every step has lead you to a new adventure! All the best, Shellie @ The Claiborne House B&B in Virginia.

  • Susan Hamilton at

    WOW Michael – good for you! It is so exciting to realize a dream, live it then move on to another dream! I had on my “to do list” a stay at your B&B one day – and just sit and take in all that your walls had to say………it’s ok though, that obviously wasn’t supposed to happen. Love your blog, your funny sense of humor and will continue following you on to your next dream. I know it will be a dream worth following. Much love and success! Susan
    PS – work for me has been so crazy, I am just now catching up on what everyone else is doing!

  • Irishnana at

    Michael, your post made me very happy for you . . . and a bit sad for me (staying with you in your B&B, eating your pancakes & other treats, and enjoying your shop was on my bucket list. Now I’ll change it to “meet Michael in his fabulous shop”). You’re a wonderful inspiration. I love your design aesthetic, your recipe choices, your interesting posts. I’ll continue to “follow” you with interest as long as you choose to blog & pinterest. So accept my heartfelt congratulations and ignore my selfish tears. I wish all things wonderful for you as you continue to live your dreams and grow in love, life, & design. PS – your grandma is correct (no one else’s business)

  • Katie Brocklehurst at

    Best wishes to you, Michael! Even though I don’t really know you, it is obvious to me that you are a genuine, kind, open-hearted person and those things will take you to great places. You have much to look forward to!!

  • JuneA** at

    Congratulations and best wishes on your new dreams to achieve! Remember to “just breathe”, that is wonderful advice that you have given to yourself!!

  • Marcy at

    You are so talented; I always look forward to what you are doing next! So excited for you!!

  • Robyn | Add a Pinch at

    Congratulations, Michael! I’m so excited for what the future holds for you!

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      Thank you Robyn! Me too!

  • Michele @ Moonfield Lane at

    Best of luck, Michael with all of your new projects and adventures. I can’t imagine the work it would take to run a B&B. It is amazing that you you bought one at age 25. I do regret never coming to stay, but I do look forward to visiting the shop one day. Congratulations on having the courage to follow your dreams!

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      I sure hope we do get to meet one day! Thank you Michele!

  • alissa {33shadesofgreen} at

    I know I already congratulated you on Instagram, but congrats again! Good for you Michael!!!

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