You all remember the sign I made, right. Of course you do. How could you forget, I won’t stop freakin’ talking about it. Sorry about that.

Well, I’m not going to talk about my sign today, I’m going to talk about YOURS. Over the past week, two uber talented ladies emailed me links and pictures to their signs inspired by my mine. I wanted to take a moment to share and praise their awesomeness.

The first sign is from Kristin, a blog follower, but not a blogger herself.  Regardless of her blogger status her sign is perfection! Check it out!

Inspired By Charm

I also love the quote she decided to use. Always been one of my favorites! The sign is stellar! And I love how she added the horizon line.

Inspired By Charm

Hung in her home, it’s the perfect addition. Don’t you think? It add color and surely makes a statement.


The next sign comes from Holly of Life as a Thrifter. I’ve been following and inspired by Holly for quite some time. I was so honored that I inspired her! This is why blogging is so amazing.

Holly gave her sign an entirely different take and I think it rocks!

Inspired By Charm

Her subltle color choices and simplistic quote suits it perfectly! I also love that it’s vertical instead of horizontal.

Inspired By Charm

Beautiful, right?! I love it.

Oh, and while you are checking out Holly’s sign, you also need to see two of her other more recent projects.

First, her Wine Cork Board. (I wish she would have invited me over to help drink all that wine!)

Inspired By Charm

Holy Moly! That’s the biggest wine cork board I’ve ever seen.

I just love this whole space. Those lamps, that buffet, the wall color, it’s defiantly color done right. It just makes me happy.

Secondly, check out her burlap curtains, or as she calls them, the easier curtains she’s ever made.

Inspired By Charm

Simple, easy, and dramatic! I’m a huge fan of natural sunlight and these curtains to let just enough through through while still adding style and privacy. Love that!

A huge thanks to Kristin and Holly for sharing your creations and inspirations with me!

Inspired By Charm

Inspired By Charm

Inspired By Charm Inspired By Charm Inspired By Charm

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