Double Cherry Pie

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Today is National Pi Day and while math really doesn’t do much for me, pi(e) certainly does. Because of my “A Year of Pie” series, a few weeks ago my friends at Target asked if I wanted to team up with them to create a pie for National Pi Day. Of course my response was a resounding YES! Target + Pie = Amazing. Now that’s some math I can handle.

Last fall I joined Target’s Inner Circle, and it’s been a match made in heaven. This past November I went to their first Holiday House in NYC. More recently, I got the chance to talk to Nate Berkus and I may have another exciting adventure in the very near future. Whatever happens, I’m so thankful to Target and thrilled that I can share all of the ideas, recipes, and experiences with all of you.

Double Cherry Bullseye Pie | Inspired by Charm

Now back to the pie.

Double Cherry Bullseye Pie | Inspired by Charm

When I started my “A Year of Pie” series, Joe (who works for Target) commented on the post and told me that he uses food coloring to paint designs on his pie crusts. What a brilliant idea, right? Think of the possibilities!

So when I was challenged to make this pie, there was basically only one way to go about it: a bullseye.

Double Cherry Bullseye Pie | Inspired by Charm

There’s no denying who this pie is for.

Double Cherry Bullseye Pie | Inspired by Charm
Double Cherry Bullseye Pie | Inspired by Charm

To create the design, I just used a clean, new artist’s paintbrush and some watered down gel food color. It was that easy. However, most of you won’t be painting a bullseye on your pie, so you could do a picture of the fruit inside the pie or a celebratory message. The options are endless!

The inside of the pie is double cherry. A combination of frozen cherries and dried cherries. Served with a scoop of ice cream, it’s to die for! It tastes like a slice of sweet summer. You’re going to love it!

Double Cherry Bullseye Pie | Inspired by Charm

Happy National Pi Day, friends! Have a wonderful weekend and I’ll meet you back here on Monday.

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  1. target…in a pie….oh my! Miss being able to see your entire post in your email updates. makes it cumbersome to have to open something twice. but i do, because i love you (;

  2. Such a cute idea for the Target pie! “:)
    I love Triple berry pie the best. mmmm.
    Thanks for the giveaway! would love to win this for my twins’ first birthday coming up in a few weeks! 🙂

  3. Great idea! I haven’t used my gel food colors in awhile…with summer close at hand (one can only hope…here in southern PA this winter has been a doozy), berry picking will soon be on my agenda! We will try this out for sure….I just bought quinoa flour and need to experiment with crust recipes using that ingredient.

  4. This pie is gorgeous! It sounds really yummy and it is going on my list of pies to make. Thanks for sharing the pics. (Headed to A Bullseye View for the recipe now)

  5. That is SO creative Michael! It also looks very delicious!

    Btw, I’m happy for you about your Nate Berkus call, but a bit jealous haha;)

    Love your blog! have a great weekend!


    1. I didn’t even notice the giveaway! haha..I was so in awe of your amazing pie! going to enter now..thanks for the chance!

      I checked out your feature on the target blog too!

  6. That pie looks fantastic — and yep, no denying who that dessert is for! 🙂 Congrats on working with Target and for your feature over there . . . going to check it out!