DIY Potato Painting

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I’m all about unique DIY artwork. We’re doing Potato Painting!  When a few of you mentioned you wanted to see some inexpensive wall art ideas as part of 31 Days of Home, I was on it like white on rice. Don’t worry though, if you’re not into this project, I will have at least one more before this month is over.

I’m not sure about the origin of this method, but apparently at some point, someone got the idea to paint with potatoes. Yes, potatoes. So, today I’m joining the club and creating some quick artwork using potatoes. It doesn’t get any easier than this!


How To Potato Painting:

Here’s what you’ll need for this project:

potatoes (you can use any size, but I like the smaller ones)
acrylic paint
paper plates
paper towel

DIY Potato Painting | Inspired by Charm #31daysofhome

Begin by cutting your potatoes. I created a circle and a semi-circle. Simply cut the potato in half for a circle. Cut the “half circle” in two to make the semi-circle. Then, dry your potato with a paper towel.

DIY Potato Painting | Inspired by Charm #31daysofhome

Add some paint to your paper plate.

DIY Potato Painting | Inspired by Charm #31daysofhome

Dip your potato in the paint, then press it gently onto your canvas. I recommend trying this process on a scrap piece of paper first to get a feel for how much paint you want on your potato and to help determine a pattern.

DIY Potato Painting | Inspired by Charm #31daysofhome

I used the semi-circle potato to create scalloped lines across the canvas. I used all black paint, except for one which I did in purple.

DIY Potato Painting | Inspired by Charm #31daysofhome

Allow your painting to dry.

DIY Potato Painting | Inspired by Charm #31daysofhome

And don’t forget to add your signature. That’s it – you are now officially an artist.

DIY Potato Painting | Inspired by Charm #31daysofhome

Crazy simple, right.?

I also created one canvas with just circles. Again, all black with one purple dot.

DIY Potato Painting | Inspired by Charm #31daysofhome

You can get crazy with color and pattern. You can cut your potato into all different shapes. You can make a huge canvas or keep it small like I did. The options are really endless. I think I need to make another one.

DIY Potato Painting | Inspired by Charm #31daysofhome

What I like about these small canvases is that they are perfect go-to pieces when you need some color or pattern as you decorate your house. When setting up a little vignette on a dresser or side table, these pieces would add layers and dimension.

DIY Potato Painting | Inspired by Charm #31daysofhome

They also work beautifully in a gallery wall. They bring a bit of modern fun and pizzazz.

DIY Potato Painting | Inspired by Charm #31daysofhome

And my favorite part is that these are original prints created by YOU! That alone is pretty awesome. This would also be a great activity to involve the kids, or you could have a craft night with your friends.

DIY Potato Painting | Inspired by Charm #31daysofhome

So what do you think? Will you be experimenting with potato painting?

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  1. When I first saw this I was like what??? Then after reading it I was pleased at how it turned out. Love the single touch of color. Love the layered look. Gotta give this a try.

  2. I love it! <3 I think I will try it out, you're right, a small canvas is perfect for a quick art project. I'll do the potato and then something with leafs 🙂 maybe orange maple leaves and one green…

  3. I just pinned a super cute baby blanket that used potatoes for their painting and I immediately loved it. Probably because I know I have them and having the supplies on hand is half the battle right? I need more artwork around here. As you can imagine, it’s pretty Gabe-centric in the gallery wall 🙂

  4. Only you could make potato painting look so good, especially when layering the final paintings into vignettes! Have you ever tried painting with the cut end of a bunch of celery? It looks like a really cool flower. I’ve even used it on a wall!

  5. Very cute Michael and I especially like the purple because it’s my favorite color.
    Your project reminded me of vacation Bible school as a child because we did a potato painting project WAY back then. Cute idea. I just got some potatoes from my brother in laws garden and they are shaped all funny. Going to look for a heart shaped one and give it a try.
    Thanks for yet another wonderful idea!
    Have a great day!