***This giveaway has ended. Winners will be announced soon.***

Last week when I shared my porch makeover, a few of you asked about the mermaid bottle opener that was sitting on the coffee table. Well, earlier this year when I was in California I picked it up at one of the shops I visited. It was the perfect combination of vintage, whimsy, and glam. Who wouldn’t love a weathered mermaid with a gold tail?

DIY Mermaid Bottle Opener | Inspired by Charm

Once I got home, I did some research and found the mermaid bottle openers on eBay. I bought a set and figured I could also make some of my own. I thought they would make a cute gift or party favor.

Normally, this is when I get myself in trouble. After I get an idea and buy everything I need, the materials sit around forever. This time, though, your questions spurred me to complete the project in only three months.

DIY Mermaid Bottle Opener | Inspired by Charm

As a way to thank you, I’ve decided to give away five of these Mermaid Bottle Openers that I made! I know. This is like the best giveaway ever. Don’t freak out.

But, before we get to the giveaway, let me show you how to make them. I almost hate to call this a DIY because it’s painfully simple. Nonetheless, I did it myself, so it’s a DIY.

DIY Mermaid Bottle Opener | Inspired by Charm

If you want to create some of these at home you will need:
Mermaid bottle openers
Gold liquid gilding
Paint brush

DIY Mermaid Bottle Opener | Inspired by Charm

I used this gold liquid gilding. It goes on nicely and seems pretty durable. However, if gold isn’t your thing, you could paint these any color you love.

DIY Mermaid Bottle Opener | Inspired by Charm

Using a paint brush, apply the liquid gilding to the mermaid tail. I first dabbed some of the paint off the brush onto a piece of paper. I wanted the gold on the tail to look a bit distressed and worn.

DIY Mermaid Bottle Opener | Inspired by Charm

Then just allow the paint to dry, and your project is complete. It’s really that easy.

DIY Mermaid Bottle Opener | Inspired by Charm

Isn’t the mermaid opener the perfect little bar cart accessory? I thought so too!

DIY Mermaid Bottle Opener | Inspired by Charm

Now let’s get to the giveaway! As I mentioned above, I have five of these bottle openers that I will be sending to five lucky winners.

We are going to keep this super simple. TO ENTER TO WIN, leave a comment below telling me your favorite summertime beverage.

That’s it!

This giveaway is available to readers worldwide. You must be 18 or older to win. Void where prohibited. This giveaway will end on Friday, July 3, 2015 at 11:59 pm EDT. Winners will be randomly selected and then notified by email. Winners will also be announced at the top of this post.

May the odds be ever in your favor.

DIY Mermaid Bottle Opener | Inspired by Charm

I hope you enjoyed this fun little DIY. Have a happy week.

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  • Kim C at

    An ice cold bottled beer or a grapefruit basil martini

    • Linda Ford at

      Malibu Bay Breeze!

    • kim pasquale at

      I love this! After having a stroke in Jan. my Husband and I decided life is too short. So we decided to go for our dream and are building a house on the South Carolina coast this would be perfect!

  • Lindsay at

    White sangria!!

  • Nancy at

    A minty Mojito!

  • Kim Daniels at

    I love Palomas this summer! I also like beer so that bottle opener would come in handy! πŸ™‚

  • Faith at

    I love a good Mojito!

  • Lisa at

    MICHAEL! I love your blog. I have been following you on pinterest and instagram for a couple of years now. I definitely think we would be BFFs if we ever met. πŸ™‚

    Anyway. Summer beverage. This is a HUGE hit at any party.

    White Peach Sangria – I mix 4 parts crisp white wine, 1 part peach or apricot brandy (apricot is easier to find and equally delicious), 1/2 part simple syrup (equal parts water and sugar) and 4 parts seltzer water. Garnish with sliced peaches and raspberries. You could add any fruit you like! My mom always served this in a large bowl with a ladle but I have a huge mason jar dispenser from Pier1 that makes it even cuter. It’s always a hit.

    Love you and LOVE the mermaid idea!


    • Michelle at

      Watermelon margarita:). So refreshing! Fingers crossed that I’m one of the winners…it would be great gift for a good friend of mine who loves mermaids and this is so unique.

      Thank you!

  • Julianne at

    Red Wine Sangria!!

  • Kelly at

    bourbon slush – Oj, sweet tea, and bourbon frozen until slushy!

  • Jackie at

    Moscow mules! And I love this bottle opener!

  • Phillis at

    I love a good Moscow Mule! It must have something to do with the cute copper mugs!

  • melissa at

    PiΓ±a Colada

  • Tracey (From KY) at

    How sweet of you! Thank you for the opportunity to win one of these cute mermaid bottle openers. My favorite summer beverage is Iced lemonade.

  • Funnelcloud Rachel at

    Hendricks & Tonic, yes please!

    Love the mermaids – we rented a house on the Chesapeake Bay a few years ago that had a mermaid theme & this made me feel all nostalgic for vacation!

  • Nicklaus at

    An Old Fashioned, please (on the rocks). Cheers, Michael, to a wonderfully charming blog!

  • Jes N at

    My favorite summer time beverage is strawberry lemonade. I like to make it with half hater half club soda. I serve it with frozen strawberries or strawberry ice cubes that I make a day before. Thank you for the opportunity to win the lovely mermaid bottle opener.

  • Maria at

    …a cold glass of lemonade is so good in the summer

  • Cydne at

    Watermelon mojitos!!!! So yummy and refreshing! thanks so much for the chance!

  • Audrey Oscarson at

    I love Arnold Palmers!

  • Andrea at

    I love a good (strong) margarita on. Hot day! ☺️

  • Brittani Szczecina at

    Watermelon Basil Mojitos

  • Jeff Ferland at

    Cucumber Cilantro Cooler – The fresh taste of cucumber offsets the spicy cilantro for a cocktail that pops. Add Β½ cup chopped cucumber (seeds removed) to a cocktail shaker along with a large handful of cilantro leaves. Muddle well, and then add 2 ounces vodka, the juice of one lime, ΒΎ ounce simple syrup and ice almost to fill the shaker. Shake well for twenty seconds and then strain into a lowball glass filled with ice. Garnish with a wheel of cucumber and a sprig of cilantro.

  • Melissa M-G at

    My absolute favorite summertime beverage Is an Angry Orchard Rosy Cooler!

  • Annette at

    Lemon Lime and Bitters in Soda Water.

  • Haley at

    These are so cute! For summer, I love Margaritas

  • Meg Wilson at

    “Super Fantastic Lemonade” (adapted from Martha Stewart) – Pink Lemonade made with sparkling water and a bottle of white wine (I use sauvignon blanc) – serve in a wine glass over ice with a lemon slice for garnish!!

    optional: float 1/2 shot of vodka on top of each glass for an extra kick!

    So good, so refreshing, so pink!! Perfect for summertime front porch sitting!!

  • Kari at

    A root beer float, yum!

  • Niomi at

    That Bourbon Slush up there ^^^ sounds amazing!

    My fave is a Lavender Lemonata: 1 part lavender simple syrup, 2 parts lemon juice, 1 oz. vodka, shaken, and topped off with soda water and a sugared lemon slice. So refreshing!

  • Jill at

    I love Moscow Mules, but recently discovered Mayan Mules made with Tequila. Both make me happy.

  • Yuliya at

    Every summer I make this amazing lemonade with vanilla bean and honey. It’s just the right mix of sweet and sour and honey with vanilla add a new unexpected layer.

  • Jen Krejci at

    Classic margarita on the rocks with a splash of lemonade, love the bottle opener!

  • Tashia D at

    I just tried a cocktail called a French Lady this weekend and it was the perfect for summer!

  • Sophia Buckley at


  • Yuliya at

    Every summer I make this amazing lemonade with vanilla bean and honey. It’s just the right mix of sweet and sour and honey with vanilla add a new unexpected layer.

  • Emily H at

    These are so cute! I love mixing up a mojito with fresh mint from my container garden, but when I’m feeling lazy a chilled glass of rose’ hits the spot.

  • Melissa at

    Moscow Mules! So refreshing in the hot summer heat!!!

  • Keith McClinchie at

    Shinner bock!

  • Sharenda at

    My favorite beveragei n the summert a traditional Mojito πŸ™‚

  • Sarah P. at

    A vodka tonic with lots of lime – but I will settle for a beer, wine, margarita, bloody mary…you get the idea!

  • Nicole at

    A mango margarita

  • Tina Hansen at

    Nothing better than Margaritas on the deck in the summer!

  • Bree at

    Icy cold beer. Hands down, the best summer beverage.

  • Stacy at


  • Suzie at

    Best summer beverage is a simple icy Hibiscus agua fresca.. Very refreshing!

  • christy nelson at

    Sangria is the best summer time beverage!

  • Laura at

    Summer Shandy is my fave!

  • Jackie at

    Love it!! I am loving Moscow mules with both mint and lime! Thanks for a chance, happy summer!!

  • Stephanie T at

    I just love a simple glass of chilled Reisling on the patio after a long day πŸ™‚

  • Jillian at

    beer! Preferably an ice cold blue moon. πŸ™‚

  • Diane at

    Iced coffee for sure!

  • Kelson at

    Cucumber gin and tonics!

  • Letitia at

    Margarita on the rocks with salt!

  • Lauren Vandemore at

    spiked lemonade with fresh herbs!

  • Donna at

    A moscow mule and that bottle opener would be adorable to pop the tops off of the ginger beer!

  • Melia at

    To quote an old friend Blanche DuBois: a shot never did a coke no harm!

  • Janet Bentley at

    Long Island Iced Tea

  • Lilja at

    A Mojito, out of nostalgia.

  • Laura at

    Blood orange margarita! On the rocks of course.

  • Amy at

    I love an ice cold beer in the summer!

  • Stephanie C. at

    An ice cold beer fresh from the cooler!

  • Elise at

    I love lemonade… but also love Dirty Shirley’s (a Shirley Temple with vodka)


  • Carol at

    a white berry, watermelon, mint, cucumber, basil sangria! Delicious and refreshing! Can’t wait to make a fresh batch!

  • Karen3848 at

    I love a good watermelon martini.

  • Sonja at

    I love Caipirinha

  • Kaitlin Jenkins at

    I love sipping on a good beer in the summer- citrus flavor never hurts!

  • Krystal Baer at

    My favorite smer beverage? Iced coffee in the morning root beer floats by the fire pit at night!

  • Krystal Baer at

    Thank you for the chance!!! Keep those diy ideas coming, I love them!!

  • Deb @ PaperTurtle at

    Ice cold beer for me! Thanks for the chance to win the fun mermaid bottle opener! :o)

  • Amy at

    Strawberry soda and lime sherbet. A summertime twist on a root beer float!

  • Anne Banning at

    Love the mermaid bottle opener!! I love mermaids. Would be an awesome birthday (July 7) present for myself! My favorite summer time drinks are wine slushes. You can make so many different flavors and it’s a wonderful way to cool down from the summer heat.

  • Cheryl at

    My favorite summer beverage is a chilled glass of Angry Orchard Crisp Cider with fruit added to the glass….Refreshing!

  • Krystal at

    What a fun prize!! I have to say some version of sangria is my choice summer beverage. But I am liking a mix of cold beer and lemonade with a splash of lime!

  • Abigale at

    Who doesn’t love gold!? My motto in life: Gold goes with Everything. I’m a red wine drinker. You’ll never be disappointed with a good Cabernet from Sebastiani or Stags’ Leap, but I just recently got married and he loves to drink a beer called ‘The Ringer’ which is perfect for patio lounging! The Mermaid bottle opener would go perfect for an upcoming house party! Fun idea!

  • Daniel at

    Sangria… or a shandy/raddler

  • Paul at

    Moscow Mule, all day everyday in the summer.

  • lisa at

    White Linen….but I also want to try the watermelon drink you posted a couple of weeks ago!

    p.s. We picked up one of these mermaid openers years ago in Key West….love it and the memories of that trip!

  • Mitchell at

    Mojito says it all.

  • Laura at

    White sangria!

  • Celeste at

    I recently made Lemon-Thyme Peach Lemonade. It’s my new favorite!

  • Kelly Hitz at

    Woodchuck Amber…ice cold!

  • Sisifo at

    I’m a sucker for strawberry limeade. Extra strawberries and limes at the bottom. [:

  • Taylor at

    These are so awesome!

    My favorite summer drink is a frozen piΓ±a colada.

  • Sarah Jane at

    I love homemade frozen lemonade; throw some water, lemon juice ice cubes from the last harvest, fresh mint from the garden, a spoonful of local honey and a scoop of Klamath Lake blue green algae into a blender and viola!

  • Anneliese E at

    Lemon drop. LOVE the mermaids!

  • cynthia at

    Peach wine slushie…great for summer

  • Erika at

    Fresh squeezed lemonade… Followed closely by a watermelon mint mojito!

  • Hazel at

    love this DIY, for me it has to be a Long Island ice tea. Just thinking about it is giving me rosy cheeks!

  • Megan at

    SoCo and lime! It’s like sunshine in a glass.

  • Molly Galler at

    I simply MUST have this bottle opener! My favorite summer time drink is a mix of sweet tea vodka, lemonade and ice tea. So cool, refreshing, tart and sweet. It’s just perfect!

  • Rose at

    summer is full of great cocktails but nothing beats an ice cold beer !!

  • Myriah Resch at

    Oh my goodness these are so pretty! I just love Mermaids! My favorite summer drink is a toss up between a Mojito, and Raspberry Lemonade! They are both so refreshing! Thank for the chance to win, and the tutorial!

  • Carrie Lyall at

    My favorite drink is a trenta black iced tea, no classic, three sweet n’ low’s

  • Julia at

    What a fun giveaway! I love a good piΓ±a colada in the summer!

  • Mike at

    Favorite summer time beverage: whiskey lemonade with a sprig of rosemary. Cool and refreshing.

  • Elysa at

    Vodka Lemonade with rosemary Yum my favorite!

  • Kimberly Rampersad at

    Strawberry colada!

  • Suzanne at

    My families favorite recipe for whiskey sours πŸ™‚

  • June G. at

    i love the Orange Crush cocktails!

  • Gwen at

    A yummy mojito!

  • Kathy at

    Love an ice cold beer in the summer!

  • Jalyn at

    Amaretto sours

  • Mary Jo Herzing at

    An ice cold Straubs in my backyard on Brusselles Street.

  • Lauren at

    Gin and tonic with cucumber and Rosemary!

  • Laura at

    Love pink lemonade!

  • richelle leffler at

    sweet tea or lemon shake ups

  • Ilene at

    A great margarita!

  • Susan at

    Its all about bubbles-winter, spring, fall and, yes, summer!

  • PamW at

    Southern Ice Tea with lemon

  • Kathy McGill at

    Mmmmm… Mojito with mint from the garden!

  • Kathy McGill at


  • Lisa at

    So glad to see this bottle opener again!! I loved it when I saw it on the porch reveal.

    I can’t resist a good old Tangueray and tonic with a fresh lime wedge! So crisp and refreshing. My favorite summertime beer is Bells Oberon. Bells is based in Michigan so their beers are widely available to us lucky folks in the Midwest.

  • Melody at

    Ice cold beer or coconut rum!

  • Sharon at

    Very cute mermaid – love the gold detailing. A margarita is a great refreshing summertime drink.

  • Amy C. at

    Iced coffee is my summer drink of choice! Thanks!

  • karen at

    I really like a glass of chilled white wine

  • Kristen at

    Coconut water, especially if it’s straight out of a coconut!

  • Lisa Richardson at

    I don’t drink much, although I like to try different drinks, and sometimes like a moscato di asti over crushed ice, but my true summer favorite is ice cold sweet tea!

  • Eileen at

    mojito with fresh mint over crushed ice

  • sydney85 at

    Loving mermaids. My favorite drink is called Aperol Spritz. It has prosecco, aperol, soda, slice of orange over ice.

  • Dee at

    Strawberry lemonade!

  • Nancy at

    Homemade Arnie Palmer in a tall frosted glass. Love the bottle opener.

  • Mandy McKinnon at

    Iced sweet tea!

  • Nicole at

    Love your style! I wanted to say that first. My favorite cocktail is Coquito, not only made during the Holidays, when you add an extra few cubes of ice its a smooth chilled coconut drink with a dash of cinnamon. Made from scratch its on the blog!


    I have started making and loving watermelon margaritas!

  • jo at

    Summertime always brings memories of my Gramps making a big pitcher of his homemade wine and adding slices and slices of fresh ripe peaches . Yummy !

  • Patty at

    Unsweetened iced coffee. I want to learn how to use that liquid guilding. It looks very interesting.

  • Guerrina at

    Love the mermaid … so whimsical! Peach Sangria or homemade iced tea!

  • Tara at

    My fav summertime drink is crisp white wine

  • Colleen Boudreau at

    Pina Colada!

  • Julie McDonough at

    Love the vintage look of the Mermaid. My favorite summertime beverage is homemade lemonade…sometimes with lemoncello added.

  • Christine M at

    Ohmygosh….I’m loving that golden tailed mermaid!!! Fruity sangria!!!!! Thanks for this awesome give-away!

  • Marilyn at

    Michael, you sweet, darling man! Enjoyed this no end, esp ” may the odds be ever in your favor” Gotta love Effie’s look Anyway, let’s share a Manhattan in a chilled glass ( it’s summer after all) , kick back and enjoy some of those totally decadent desserts you whip up Have a marvelous summer. Hugs

  • Vicky Guerrero at

    A nice chilled glass of Stella Rosa Peach Wine

  • Taylor Eyerman at

    my favorite summer beverage is white wine sangria

  • Charleen at

    Malibu Rum with pineapple juice πŸ™‚

  • Tracy G at

    Do I have to pick just one? Ice cold beer with a lemon slice or a Paloma!

  • Mila Powers at

    Believe it or not, ever since you posted the drink, “Summer Heat”, my hubby and I have made this our to-go drink! We have made this for our friends in Atlanta and also right in our own neighbor “hood” in Michigan…. everyone loves it! I just refer them to your site, so they can read about making it along with all your other delicious recipes and all the creativity you put in decorating your home. I’m pretty new to your site but enjoy reading everything you’ve posted. Thank you!

  • beverly e at

    Sangria is my favorite summer drink. A shot of Tuaca with a cold Yuengling chaser aint bad, either! Thanks for the chance to win one of these mermaids!

  • Alice at

    On a hot summer day, I absolutely love sipping on a frozen peach margarita. I would love your DIY mermaid opener to have in my new home with a 3 season room and screened gazebo for lots of outdoor entertaining. I am always talking about your website with recipes and ideas to everyone at work and they ask me if you are my bff?

  • Renee Crowell at

    The mermaid is adorable guilded!! My fav all time summer drink is a Strawberry Margarita made with real fresh strawberries!

  • Barbara DeLeon at

    Grapefruit juice and vodka

  • Sonia at

    My favorite summer beverage is a Mexican clamato! In fact I need one right now! Jaja

  • Sara at

    St. Germaine, Gin, and Tonic!

  • Rene' at


  • Gena Davis at

    love love love your blog, your house, your pie recipes, your insta account…shall I go on?! Lol fave summer drink: Arnold Palmer thanks for the awesome giveaway!!!

  • Erin at

    ….if you like Pina Coladas….

  • Elin at

    Hard cider! Honestly, I could drink this all year, but there is something about a hot summer day and a cold cider that just makes everything perfection.

  • sheri anderson at

    My favorite Summer beverage is peach tea, thanks for the giveaway!!

  • Sandra Van Sickle at

    Nothing better than a Root Beer Float.

  • Carolyn Guido Williams at

    *fingers crossed* Vodka Lime Gimlet (hard shaken till frothy _ on the rocks) !!!

  • Hannah at

    I love Hibiscus tea w/ a hint of honey πŸ™‚

  • Diana Cote at

    Virgin PiΓ±a coladas or Pineapple lemonade.

  • Kim P. at

    An iced cold Coke and a Mermaid smile!

  • Dani H at

    My favorite summertime beverages are sweet tea during the day and Tanqueray & tonic with a twist of lime after five.

    Thanks for a chance at the giveaway ~ the little mermaids are just too cool!

  • Jennifer Essad at

    Sangria, lately I’ve been making my own

  • Cheryl Dietz at

    I love Shocktop Raspberry Wheat Beer. I have never been a beer drinker, but this is light and refreshing and well is a fruit and grain right… I absolutely love Mermaids and my beach condo is desperately in need of a mermaid bottle opener to be complete. (hint, hint)

  • Melissa at

    Ice cold beer!! but I won’t pass up a whiskey sour or mojito!

  • Wendy Lewis at

    My all time favorite summer drink is a peach sangria.

  • Lori at

    Gilligan’s Island!

  • Paula P at

    My favorite summertime drink is freshly squeezed orange, apple and mango juice! It keeps me hidrated, it has tons of Vitamin C and its sooo tasty!!

  • Delores Clark at

    Glass of moscato wine.

  • KL at

    Sun Tea or homemade iced coffee, left over from the coffee pot

  • Doris D. at

    Sangria for me! Such a cute idea. Love the mermaid.

  • jodie ballard at

    My favorite summertime drink what I call my Beach Dream. You take a shot of vodka add fesca and crushed ice and shake well. Then add a splash of orange juice and a straw and you have my favorite summertime drink. Regardless of when I drink this I feel like it’s summer and I am sitting on the porch watching the ocean.

  • Layne at

    A margarita or iced latte. Love your porch too!

  • Lynn coulter at

    A Coke on crushed ice – I’m from Atlanta, home of Coca Cola! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  • Vitoria at

    Gin and tonic! Bombay Sapphire, Canada Dry tonic and a wedge of lime. Summer in a glass!

  • Heather C at

    I’m enjoying the new Apple Jack Daniels over ice – very refreshing

  • Nicole Webb at

    My favorite summertime drink would be Moxie!

  • Robin McG at

    This summer I am liking Dallas Pointe’s Grapefruit Sculpin Beer! So refreshing!

  • Kristie at

    These bottle openers are too cute! My favorite summer beverage is a margarita on the rocks.

  • Miranda at

    She’s beautiful! Along with the theme, my favorite summer beverage is a Dark & Stormy – Mix dark spicy rum with cool refreshing ginger beer. Mmmm…..

  • Sheila Bailey at

    My favorite summer time drink is homemade strawberry lemonade!

  • Teresa Thomas at

    My favorite summer beverage is tequila with a Sunkist orange chaser.

  • Summer at

    I just recently started using that gilding paint and I LOVE it! Oh and my favorite drink at the moment is a blood orange habanero margarita! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Morgan at

    Thanks for the cool project instructions and give away! It’s Guinness Extra Stout-Summer, Winter, Fall and Spring!

  • Mary d at

    An ice cold beer or cosmopolitan

  • Karen at

    I love these! My favorite summertime drink is a spicy pickle margarita. Might sound strange-but my taste buds say otherwise!

  • Maria M at

    I love a very minty mojito!

  • Linda Rubin at

    What a darling bottle opener. My favorite drink is a good vodka tonic with lots of lemon slices and an orange slice.

  • Teddi at

    A good Whiskey Smash on a hot summer day is unbeatable. These kinds of DIYs are my favorite, by the way, it looks like a “craft” I would actually be capable of completing!

  • Pam F at

    Pink Catawba from Foxburg Wine Cellar in Foxburg, PA. It’s advertised as “Ladies Choice”, but my big, strong husband loves it also! We stock up every time we visit our cabin.

  • Jennifer Grant at

    As much as I do like cocktails, for summer it’s the classics that are my favorite. Cold lemonade, Arnold Palmers, and my most favorite is a Shirley Temple. Not so much because of the drink but because, when I’m enjoying a ST it means I’m in the company of my favorite little niece and we’re having one of our girly- girl parties and talking about things that only her and I talk about. Even though she’s getting older, and I’m sure the ST will eventually evolve into an adult drink,I will always associate her with it.
    Fingers crossed I can bring the mermaid opener home!

  • Heather at

    My favorite summertime beverage… well, I would have to go with old school Lipton iced tea. You know, the powdered mix that is just so satisfying! Mine has to be super sweet, almost to point of shuddering! lol. I don’t drink it often but when I do it brings back a flood of idyllic childhood memories. =)

  • Debra W at

    Love the mermaid. Strawberry lemon slushy. Yum!!!

  • Amy P at

    Oh, I just have to win this for my friend! She has a business called, Happy Mermaid Images. It would be perfect for her! My favorite drink is red wine. Sipping it on the back patio watching the sunset is the best.

  • Nancy H at

    Margarita …yummmmmm!

  • Stephanie at

    grapefruit radlers πŸ™‚

  • Jennifer G at

    Hi Michael! I love a white peach Sangria in the summertime – and I love mermaids!!! Sending you love and support!!!

  • danizilla at

    My favorite summer time beverage is basil lemonade! Really any kind of lemonade… blueberry basil lemonade is good too, for instance πŸ˜‰

  • Lynda M. at

    My favorite summer beverage is Sangria! Oh and Diet Coke, but I drink that all year long πŸ™‚
    Love the mermaids!!

  • Irish Mimi at

    LOVE LOVE LOVE what you did to your mermaid!!!! Even if I don’t win this, I’ve won because I’m going to try this on SOMETHING!!! Such a great idea!
    My favorite summer drink is LEMONADE (lots of different recipes, too, but I prefer it s classic form). My new favorite summer alcoholic drink is your recipe for PINEAPPLE, MANGO, and BASIL SANGRIA (truly scrumptious & refreshing – & perfect for easy entertaining on summer patio)

  • Carol Ann at

    Just a nice cold gin and tonic will do fine, thank you!

  • Myrmaid at

    My fave is Pineapple Lemonade Sangria

  • Susan Abney at

    my favorite is a homemade pink grapefruit margarita!

  • Marnie Hansen at

    Gin & tonic!

  • Carrie at

    An ice cold Corona with lime!

  • Eve Hyde at

    My favorite summer beverage is a classic Gin and Tonic with a lemon twist. It always tastes cool and refreshing after a day in the sun.

  • Lona Lee at

    I collect bottle openers so this is a really fun giveaway to take part in! Living in Arizona during the summer months is tough on everyone in my family but the best way to beat the heat is sipping on a cold drink. My “go to” is Seagram’s Seltzer and I add-in fresh raspberries, blueberries and strawberries. After a long day of work a shot of vodka mixed in is nice, too!

  • Lisa G. at

    An ice cold beer in a frosted mug!

  • Cynthia Herzing at

    Right now loving a Moscow mule. Sometimes made with gingerale when I run out of ginger beer. Ice cold Corona with lime is great also.

  • Lucas Mamo at

    White sangria for the win!!!!

  • jessica c at

    give me a margarita any time of the year

  • Tawnya Metzger at

    Moscow Mule

  • Karissa at

    These are so cute and I have to have one! Great job. Non-alcoholic: strawberry lemonade. Alcoholic: Moscow mule, or any kind of fruity mojito!

  • Shannon O'Donnell at

    Perfect summertime drink…ice cold beer…preferably Lagunitas.

  • Ada Pena at

    A raspberry Bellini!

  • Sarah Wallis at

    My favorite summertime beverage is either lemonade or any type of strawberry or raspberry mixed drink.

  • girlfromwva at

    non alcohol is sweet tea. with alcohol is white peach sangria!

  • Annette Porter at


    • Annette Porter at


  • VIKKI at

    My favorite summertime drink is called a “skip & go naked” which I had a hard time getting my husband to make the first time, haha. It’s so simple to make; 1 can frozen raspberry lemonade concentrate, 1 can vodka, 3-4 light flavored beers. Blend in blender with ice, pour into a plastic cup and sip to your heart’s content while floating in the pool! Here in California craft beer is very popular but I like my beer with some lemonade1

  • Sydney at

    If you like piΓ±a coladas? Yep. That’s my fav summer drink! I also like getting caught in the rain.

  • Stacy Davenport at

    Mango Margaritas!

  • Sonia at

    My favorite is a classic Moscow Mule with lime garnish, in a copper mug of course.

  • Toni Moore at

    I’m a simple gal… lemon ice water for me πŸ™‚

  • Robyn Monroe at

    White wine Sangria… anytime, any day!

  • JoAnn Tobias at

    I love a Blue Moon beer with a slice of orange!

  • Lindsay at

    I like to keep it simple for summer with a margarita! Nothing says sitting out in the sun by the pool to me, like a margarita with some good tequila πŸ™‚

  • Kristen at

    I adore these!!! Gold was never my thing but when hubby and I bought our house almost 6 years ago the living room had gold accents and they went so well that I embraced the gold and now I love it!

    Favorite summer drink? Non-alcoholic would have to be blackberry lemonade. Alcoholic would be hard cider, my new favorite being the Crispin blackberry pear variety. Super refreshing!

    It’s so generous of you to give some of your handmade goodies away, thank you for the chance to win. Happy Summer!

  • Larissa Barnes at

    I love frozen strawberry lemonade !

  • Tracey Heydeck at

    Love the mermaid bottle opener! Ah-ah-ah! Lol!

    My favorite has to be Mojitos with cold brewed coffee a close second!

  • Shelli at

    Lindermans peach lambic

  • Olivia at

    Good ole fashioned root beer

  • Karyn at

    A perfect gin and tonic with Hendrick’s gin, a little elderflower liquor and maybe a slice of cucumber.

  • Denise at

    A gin and tonic with extra lime!

    I hope the odds are in my favor!

  • Kristen P at

    White Sangria with peaches is my favorite summertime drink!

  • Jeanette Claire at

    Strawberry, cucumber, mint, lime mojitos!! Or anything with fresh peaches!!

  • Cricket White at

    A raspberry lime rickie! ❀Love you posts.

  • Georgan Tilley at

    Love pretty much any type of fruity rum drink. Or fresh lemon or limeade, is a favorite, as well, according to to time of day, of course!

  • Angela at

    My favourite summertime beverage must be the BBC (Banana, Baileys and Coconut) that we discovered in St. Lucia this past winter. All of the ingredients are blended into a delicious, sweet boozy milkshake. Mmmmmmm…

  • Sciobhan at

    My summer go to drink is a mint julep!

  • melbeau at

    moscow mule!

  • judie smith at

    gin and tonic with a twist of lime and lots of ice!

  • Nancy Carr at

    Iced tea all year long. Lemonade and lemon water is also a favorite. Coconut water is also good and very good for us (not the canned stuff with all the additives). Get the real coconut water or from a health food store and look at the ingredients. Love your blog. Blessings

  • Rae Jean Rataiczak at

    An ice old Coors Light!

  • Cynthia Brooks at

    Sangria has always been my favorite for summer. Also regular iced tea with lemon : )

  • Kimberly Leong at

    My favorite summer drink is a glass of fresh squeezed lemonade. It’s so refreshing–especially on a really hot day!

  • Katia at

    Why…a Mermaid Margarita of course

  • Erin Clouse at

    A simple lemonade with sweet tea vodka added is my perfect sitting on the deck, enjoying the sunshine drink.

  • Dawn Spencer at

    You are right. . . this is the best giveaway ever! Those little mermaid bottle openers are the cutest! And I did start to freak out, until I read your directive, “Don’t freak out!” πŸ™‚ My favorite summertime drink is a frozen margarita with salt.
    Love your blog and your candid posts. Such a good mix of beautiful, ‘perfect’ pictures, but also a healthy dose of reality to keep it real. I so appreciate that in this society of ‘post the best, hide the rest’. Thank you for such a wonderful, honest, and fun blog!

  • Joey at

    Deep Eddy Sweet Tea vodka and lemonade! Best Arnold Palmer ever!!!

  • Queenbee at

    Would love a glass of my grandmother’s wonderful homemade lemonade!

  • Jodie at

    Just back from St. Petes Beach and my new fav is the Miami Vice which is half piΓ±a colada half daiquiri so Yummy!! Coincidentally, had a few conversations with friends about mermaids….those non-believers. Love mermaids and your super fun giveaway! Thanks for your consideration…Choose me! Choose me!

  • Meg S at

    Love this DIY so much! If I don’t win, I might be trying this myself πŸ™‚

    Favorite summer beverage – either lemonade or a bourbon slushie depending on my mood!

  • Marianne at

    From rainy central PA… a frozen margarita helps me pretend its sunny and warm. πŸ™‚

  • Susan Hardy at

    Non alcoholic favorite is an ice cold Coke in a glass bottle. Alcoholic favorite is a long island tea! We have a Tiki bar by the pool and I collect all things Mermaid. Check out Mermaid Melissa’s page on facebook.

  • Peg at

    i love a vodka tonic for summer

  • Pete at

    grapefruit juice and vodka

  • heather at

    My favorite summertime beverage is iced tea.

  • Brianna at

    I love rainbow sherbet with wine, pink moscato is my favorite.

  • tinatre at

    An ice cold summer ale beer from Samuel Adams. Such a cute mermaid bottle opener!!

  • Kiersten at

    Raspberry Zinger Iced Tea!

  • Terri at

    Pineapple Coconut Mojito

  • DK at

    We make fresh fruit adult smoothies!

  • Jill at

    love the bottle opener! It’s not summer until I’ve had lemonade! rum punch is also fantastic

  • Jennifer at

    with a giggle… Water! I love lots of ice with cold water. Sweating a bit on the glass, maybe with lemon or cucumber but I think theres Nothing better on a hot day!

  • NaomI at

    gin and tonic!

  • Diana at

    This is so cute!! Right now I’m loving Sam Adams Porch Rocker! Thanks for the chance!

  • Zenaida at

    Sweet tea has always been my favorite β™‘

  • Julie at

    A glass of shiraz!

  • Meaghan Murphy at

    Homemade red wine sangria!!

  • Louise Holmes at

    For me, as a Brit, it has to be a Pimm’s and lemonade, but then again, I live in Denmark so an ice-cold Carlsberg also takes some beating πŸ™‚

  • Julie B at

    A glass of my husbands home brewed beer – lemon lime hefeweizen!

  • Michelle McGrew at

    Love the mermaid. New to the blog – saw on Pinterest. My newest favorite drink for summer is made like this – (it doesn’t have a name yet…) – mash a slice of peeled cucumber in the bottom of a tall glass, add ice, add vodka, add club soda, add a splash of white cranberry juice. Enjoy!

  • Ginger at

    I love an all day brewed sun tea but also love a bottle of Labatte Blue Light on a nice hot day.

  • LaQuita at

    raspberry iced tea

  • Cate O'Malley at

    Love these! Favorite summertime beverage is homemade lemonade.

  • Paige Wiggs at

    I have a crazy obsession with mermaids and I love these. Definitely want to do these for my bridesmaids


  • Katie Miller at

    beer-mosa? I like blue moon or another wheat citrus beer mixed with orange juice. Very summertime, also good after waking up from a night of drinking, just keep the buzz going πŸ™‚

  • Ellen at

    Coconut rum… Remind me of the islands!

  • Erin at

    I love the classic gin and tonic. Refreshing, cool, perfect.

  • chrissy at

    vodka cranberry

  • Cyndi Lyn at

    A good cold beer!

  • Cheryl Charles at

    It is HOT here in Texas!!! I have to drink ice water alternating with sweet tea throughout the day. Sometimes, though, you have to swig some pickle juice right out of the jar. Beats the heat!

  • Allen M at

    Love a cold Faygo Rock n Rye

  • patty reed-pederson at

    Margarita for me please.

  • Laura at

    Mango lemonade or a classic mojito!

  • Nola at

    I love a Mojito or a seriously cold Anchor βš“ Steam beer!

  • irish Mimi at


    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      I’m so sorry I don’t have any more to sell.

      xo Michael

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