someone pinch me. seriously. really hard.

is it really december 21st? december is usually a somewhat steady month for me but this year it was pure craziness. most of my christmas decorations are still sitting in their respective tupperware containers still packed up from last year.

Inspired By Charm

i wanted to make some pillows. that didn’t happen. i wanted to make some christmas trees out of funnels, (which i have been collecting since the summer). that didn’t happen. i wanted to make ornaments for my pink christmas tree. also didn’t happen. and most of all, i wanted to share it all with you. and, as i’m sure you can tell as my last post was exactly a month ago today, that didn’t happen either.

i hate to complain because i’m really thankful to be busy here, really thankful. but i just love this time of year. i wanted a minute to suck it all in, to enjoy it. you know what i mean? i didn’t even get to play along with kim and her dare to diy party. (even after i bugged her about it months before it started.)

Inspired By Charm

as the holiday nears i’m thankful that i penciled in at least a couple days of nothingness. some time to create. some time for family. time for giving. and lots of time to stuff my face with cookies, appetizers, wine and everything in between.

Inspired By Charm


i’ve been planning at lot in my head on how to have a better year next year. so i anxiously await 2012 with open arms and an open mind. how about you? are you ready for 2012?

i hope to post again before this weekend but in case life pulls me away, i wanted to wish all of you a very merry christmas. thank you for all your wonderfulness and support this past year.

Inspired By Charm

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  • Funky Junk Interiors at

    At least you got your cookies to hit the pan. My dough is over a week old still in the fridge! Whoops. 🙂

    Merry Christmas M! May your 2012 turn out to be beyond your wildest expectations! Here’s to finding some downtime to play OFF line in a big way this season. 🙂


  • jek-a-go-go at

    I could use a December do-over as well. Here’s to letting go when we need to but still wishing we could have done it all. Oh did I have plans! not a one of them came to fruition. Sigh. Happy solstice, my friend! I hear ya!

  • Luisa at

    Not ready for 2012 trying desperately to hang to what’s left of 2011. Lots of things didn’t happen here for this Christmas so they are on the list for next. It happens. For now enjoying plenty of baked goods 🙂

  • Robin at

    It always comes so fast. I swear every year I say I’m going to start my crafting earlier but it never happens. LOL.

  • Reenie at

    Merry Christmas Michael to you and your family….and a Very Happy 2012 Year!!


    Glad you blogged!! Happy Holidays!


    Ps I have a pink Christmas tree too.. Would love to see yours!

  • Wendi at

    I’m so glad you’re alive and well, if busy! Merry Christmas!!!

  • Wendy Chaiken at

    Merry Christmas Michael.
    Thank you for actually telling us your ‘I wanted to’ list; I’m going to write mine in my journal and maybe I will get to them next November. Love your idea for funnel trees.
    Wishing you a happy and healthy 2012.

  • Beth at

    It HAS been one of those years this year, hasn’t it? Craziness while feeling like we haven’t accomplished much at all. I also hope to do better with the new year, as I do every year and I usually do in one area or another. God Bless and may you have a wonderful 2012!

  • Kelsey of Poofy Cheeks at

    I felt the same way! I sold on Very Jane and GroopDealz and ended up getting NOTHING done. I just packed up my half finished projects for next year – so sad!

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