Day 6: Air Plants


I have this love/hate relationship with indoor plants. I really think that plants, flowers, or some living element is essential in a space. They give it life and movement. Plants also bring me a lot of joy and happiness, as I think they do for guests as well. I’d probably have an orchid in every room in my house if I had the right conditions. I also love the ever-popular fiddle leaf fig. You remember Bonnie and Clyde, right? They are doing quite well. 

Anyway, over the years I’ve tried many plants and have learned what works best for me. Because with that love, also comes the hate. Like most people, I think watering plants is a pain in the butt. Some plants are very finicky when it comes to light and temperature. No matter how much you care for them, they just may not perform well. 

With all of that being said, I decided to try a new plant for my new room – an air plant. It’s a plant that can survive without being planted in soil. They store water and nutrients in their leaves to survive. Anyway, a few weeks ago Joss and Main had an air plant sale. I was immediately attracted to the plants which were shown in their blooming state. I’d never beforeseen a picture of them blooming.  

Beautiful, right? 

Inspired By Charm

I just loved the bright colors and thought they would be the perfect plant for my new room. Since Joss and Main was selling sets of plants, I did a little Google search and found the Air Plant Shop and ordered two of my favorites.

When they arrived I was initially disappointed at the lack of color, but then realized they weren’t blooming. Duh! 

These are the two varieties I purchased. 

Inspired By Charm

For plants, I think they are pretty cool. I’m really hoping I can manage to keep them alive. Based on the  provided instructions, they seem like pretty low-maintenance plants. 

Inspired By Charm

Inspired By Charm

Now, I’m on the hunt for a really striking terrarium or vessel to put them in. I found a few options below from CB2 and Terrain. I may also search for something vintage. Any of which would work, but I need to get a few more things completed in the room before I start with any accessories. 

Inspired By Charm

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 

As you can see from the picture below, some sort of housing is required as Sebastian has a love for any type of plant. I swear he was a florist in a previous life.

Inspired By Charm

What do you think of air plants? Do you have one? Thinking about getting one?

Inspired By Charm

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  • kristi tarnowski at

    my mom always had a small air plant in a vase on a shelf in the dining room-she called it an air fern and it did look like a fern (just smaller) it was cute and always green!

  • Anonymous at

    I also bought from Joss and Main. Just received them a couple of days ago. Am looking forward to see them bloom.

  • Anonymous at

    I loved my air plants but unfortunately I killed mine as well. I’m not sure if I watered them too much, not enough, or maybe the lighting was wrong. However, I am like another poster in that I kept mine as they look nice all dried up as well. I put them in the hanging tealight holder you posted from CB2. I hope you have better luck than me! They really are beautiful plants and very unique!

  • anissa at

    Thank you Michael of the reminder of air plants! I had some years ago and after they died I couldn’t get back to the place where I had purchased them (a flea market in Woodstock, NY). They are very easy to keep and they lasted for a few years. I just got bogged down with kids and their activities so much that I couldn’t keep up with even basic housework.

    I was going to buy fake plastic succulents for my two terrariums in my living room, but I just couldn’t get past the fact that they are “fake”.

    Air plants are a much better idea. I agree, living plants make a world of difference in a home!

  • anissa at

    also, hurry to find your air plants a safe little home! The picture is hilarious, but your cat has obviously found a new toy!

  • slip4 at

    I have a couple and managed to kill them (no green thumb here). I think I did not mist them enough because they dried out. However, I kept them because, like dried flowers, they kept their shape. The grey one looks great in the summer when I put sand in a hurricane with some shells and a small candle. It looks like a spiny beach plant.

  • Kim @ NewlyWoodwards at

    I have never even heard of air plants but I’m totally intrigued. Do they stay stay small of get biggwr? Very cool, either way.

  • Melanie at

    Air plants? Never even heard of them! What kind of care do they require? I have a lot of regular house plants as well as succulents.

  • Leslie at

    Thanks for the flashback, Michael! My mother had two air plants – they were housed in two hanging copper cups in the corner of the living room – a space you wouldn’t have expected to find a plant. They lasted at least 10 years judging from the photos taken in that space.

  • twelve-O-eight at

    I am with you, totally a love/hate things going on with indoor plants. I had a fab snake plant for years (yep, killed it while moving) but I could probably keep these alive! I love their names, is kitty being nice to them?

    xoxo, Tanya

  • Jeanettebr at

    I had never heard of these! I am intrigued and think I will try them too! thanks Michael 🙂

  • lrlockwood at

    I have airplants in my bathroom (no green thumb here either) they love the steam from the shower. I have them in your #2 container with a little sand in the bottom. I have 6 of them on the wall it kind of looks like a living wall. I also have #7 with some fake succulents in them hanging from the ceiling. LOVE both of them and can’t go wrong with the price!

  • Anonymous at

    I just bought the set from Joss & Main and am looking to make them into Christmas gifts. I am currently looking at container ideas. I want something unique. I am going to try Home Depot and the thrift stores.

  • Anonymous at

    Love air plants as well. Also one plant that is hard to kill that I love is the Peace Lily. If you notice you forgot to water it and it is wilted, you just add about a cup of water and it perks back up in 24 hours. Nearly impossible to kill and disease resistant. They are also great air purifiers and bring life to a room.

  • Meriel at

    Gorgeous photos! Love air plants, my fiance and I actually have an online air plant site, we have two dogs and a cat and particularly love your cat+airplant pic 😉 I have a notoriously black thumb so I’ve always loved these plants because they are so easy to take care of.

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