I’ve made up my mind. Kind of. To be honest, I’m still not the whole way there. I’ve been slightly down in the dumps the past two days. I’m not sure what’s going on.

On Tuesday morning, as I mentioned on Facebook, I got some head shots taken (the first time since high school). They are for the new blog layout, a new website, and hopefully, some other fun things down the road. The shoot was a blast. I was actually pretty nervous about the whole process. I wasn’t 100% sure what to wear. I was wishing I was a couple pounds lighter. Once things got rolling, however, I let my guard down and just enjoyed it all. It was such a fun morning and the little sneak peaks I got of the photos were great. I can’t wait to see the final product in a few weeks. 

Anyway, after I got home and cleaned up all the outfits I had decided not to take to the shoot, I was exhausted – mentally. I also got some bad news about an upcoming project I was super excited about. Now, I need to decide whether to tackle it alone or just move on. Bummer. Sometimes I let my brain get the best of me, and it just ate at me all the way into Wednesday. Does anyone else do this? 

So, for the past couple days, I had a little setback to my 31days of Happiness. Literally, the only thing I managed to accomplish was to watch hilarious videos of Ellen on YouTube (like this one and this one) and possibly set a record for how many times I checked all of my social media sites in one day. It may evenbe Guinness Book of World Records worthy. Pretty pathetic, right?

Inspired By Charm

So, after sleeping in today and enjoying some coffee, toast, and jam, (Yes, I use a ridiculous amount of jam on my toast. Yes, I realize this is why I’m probably not a few pounds lighter.) I decided to stop moping and start being awesome and happy. I often look to others to get me out of my funk and always come back disappointed when they can’t or don’t even realize I’m in a funk. No more! It turns out, I am the creator of my own destiny. The creator of my own happiness. As the saying goes, “If you want to be happy, then be.” Clearly it’s up to me, and only me, to create a happy life. Can I get an Amen! ?

So, thank you for listening to me vent a little today. I know it’s not what you usually expect to find here. But, happiness is a journey, both good and bad, and that’s what I signed up for this month. 

I’m curious. Do you ever get in a funk? What do you do to get out of it? How do you create your own happiness?

Inspired By Charm

Inspired By Charm Inspired By Charm Inspired By Charm Inspired By Charm Inspired By Charm Inspired By Charm Inspired By Charm Inspired By Charm

This is the 11th post in my 31 Days of Happiness Series. 

Start from the beginning here, or follow along on Pinterest at i Blog 31 Days of Happiness.

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  • Jodi at

    Oh, those times are not fun. I hope this passes quickly! What helps me… getting some fresh air and going for a walk with a friend, catching up with a close friend on the phone, tackling a project that yields concrete, measurable results (whether it’s framing photos, knitting, replacing a light fixture, puttering around in the garden), bringing a good book to a coffee shop…

  • Danielle at

    And so it goes….life..ebbs and flows…and we must go along with that current or non-current…you are doing great…remember your triumphs!! I bet your photos turned out awesome. When I am in a funk…which no one can avoid…I definitely turn to art…any kind…whether photography, journaling, or zentangling…it all works to get me centered again…and the jam…oh I am so a jam lover.

  • Debi at

    I think we all have funks from time to time. Surely there’s no one out there who manages to avoid them entirely, is there? But it sounds to me like you’re taking the old bull by the horns and fighting back. Good for you! I was already having a happy day, but your self-pep talk just made it all the happier! 🙂

  • Anonymous at

    When I get in a funk I pretty much do what you do: eat something yummy, vent to someone, do something fun. But I think getting out and exercising (a walk or run outside) is probably the best way to get out of a bad mood. I finally figured out after a number of years that exercise is the key to keeping the blues away.

  • House of Smiths at

    Oh gosh, I feel like as a blogger, I get into more of these “funks” than I’d like to admit. I don’t know if it’s because I get stir-crazy sitting behind the computer so much, trying NOT to compare myself to others, or if it’s because I feel like I’m always having to come up with “the next cool/best thing”. It’s a lot of pressure!
    I can use my husband as a sounding board and he’s great, but when I get a chance to really sit with other bloggers and complain, chat, laugh and hash out all the crazyness that blogging brings, it makes me feel a THOUSAND times better.
    I’ve also learned, that because I have a creative take on everything in life, for me, nothing ever seems quite… done. I always want to tweak, update, re-style or redo something, and that in itself can be a downer; if you’re out of money, time, etc…
    I think we’re all entitled to a day or two each month where we can just have some overly-jammed bread (or in my case, dark chocolate) lay in bed, watch a bunch of old episodes of FRIENDS, and have a mindless veg out session. Sometimes it just takes stepping away from the RIGHT NOW, and taking a chance to look at the big picture, to remind yourself of all we ARE blessed with and have; verses that project or post that “has to happen” right now.

    You’re doing fab, just keep on keepin’ on 🙂

  • Jeanettebr at

    I think it fits in perfectly with the 31 one days of happiness…because we have to find happiness where sometimes there doesnt seem to be any. knowing we all get in these “funks” and knowing that we will come out the other side of them is just the news we all need to hear. Sometimes we have to search hard for that happiness…but it is there! 🙂

  • miki at

    We all have those days. As far as a project not working out the way you want it to, I say take it as a blessing in disguise. Tackle it on your own & sulk in your shining moment for realizing…in the end you needed no-one’s help. Hope you feel better soon! P.S. Don’t pay attention to how much or what you eat. You can’t shine on an empty belly:)

  • Melissa @ No. 2 Pencil at

    You are awesome Michael! I sat down last night to read your post from yesterday and was so happy to see all your readers asking such nice questions.

    Sidenote: I was going to write my own question and realized my keyboard was missing and nowhere in sight. Err, life of a mom.

    Clearly, it has been returned to its correct spot!

    Can’t wait to see what projects you have coming up!

    PS – My question is – What were you like as a kid?


  • Alexandra at

    Hi Michael – I just wanted to say I love your blog and keep up the great work! When I’m down, I blast my favorite songs and throw a little dance party! 🙂

  • Melissa at

    Awesome post. totally what I needed today. Feeling a little under the weather and sad. but low and behold- you are right. It is MY choice and from this moment (lets say minute) out i CHOOSE to be happy (and awesome).

    🙂 Thanks

  • Anonymous at

    Love love love your blog!! Sorry you are down but I think you did the right thing watching those Ellen videos I just laughed so hard I think I weed a little lol. Hope you feel better soon xx

  • yrwolf at

    Even though it’s not fun to be in a “funk”, thank you for trusting your readers enough to let us know how you’re feeling. Too often, we gloss over the uncomfortable to show a “shinier” self, even though the uncomfortable is what leads us to growth. Thank you for sharing your journey with us..it helps me keep my path in sight.
    BTW…the jam looks heavenly!

  • Kelly - Talk of the House at

    Found my way to your blog just now via your absolutely fantastic chalk drawing of the brooms! LOVE them! Now get out of your funk. Everyone gets in it now and then…for me it happens when I have not seen sunshine for awhile. Go for a walk…get you some sunlight in the morning. You will feel better. (or work on thinking of your next wonderful drawing for the chalk wall.) 🙂

  • Michelle @ Sweet Something Design at

    Sorry you are feeling in the dumps (hope you are doing better by now)
    When I’m down, I usually make a bee line for my husband. He listens to me, doesn’t judge and offers logical solutions. Just getting it off my chest really helps (sometimes I tend to bottle it up) and then I move past it and refuse to dwell.

  • Patty at

    You could do something really special for yourself. Something you’ve been saving for a special occasion. Or putting off because you didn’t need it. But I’ve also found that Random Acts of Kindness to those who need a pick-me-up of their own can help bring me back around.

    Hope you’re soon back to your old self!

  • Designs By Pinky at

    We all have a bad day here and there but I am convinced that our lives are shaped by our attitude and GOOD THOUGHTS. I try to see the silver lining in situations. I hope you feel better soon.

  • Susan at

    You just have to relax into it and embrace wherever you are. Nothing stays the same, and that can be fun!

    It’s fall. That funk is less light, colder temps, and winter on our doorstep. Bake something yummy, pour a glass of something fun, and enjoy it with a friend-that always helps me!

  • thiscrazylife at

    Amen! Michael..when I’m in a funk I .watch Harvey with Jimmy Stewart…it always makes me happy….and exercise…to music.it helps keep.me.going…

  • mitch chui at

    In order to be happy you should live positively. Start your day with a good vibes. Release all the tensions you weigh on your shoulders. Take time to sit back and relax once in awhile. I think that’s the key to happiness.
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  • Kerry Fountain at

    You are on the right track! It took me a long time to realize as well that only I can make myself happy and not to rely on others to cheer me up. Sometimes stop and enjoy the little things…sun shining into the house, the smell of cinnamon and cloves, a snuggle from a pet or whatever you find comforting. You’ll be surprised how just noticing and enjoying the little things in life will perk up your attitude.

    Good luck….and great post.

  • Heather at

    Everyone gets down sometimes. The worst part is not knowing why and trying to climb out of it, but nothing is working. This will pass. I’d like to say, keep the extra jam on your toast, but sometimes I think a cure to a bad mood is a body detox. I’d start eating many more fruits and veggies. Get more exercise. Watch a lot of comedies. Write out your worries and problems. Go somewhere or do something you’ve always wanted to go or do before, but haven’t yet. Sometimes we need a change of scenery or a push out of our comfort zone. I’d use this as an excuse to explore. That’s all I got. Good luck.

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