so this week over at the newlywoodwards my friend kim dared us to entertain. she wants to see our tables! i don’t host any major holiday dinners, so i thought i would show a few ideas for table settings for two. which, of course, could be multiplied by any number of people.

Inspired By Charm

this little table and built-in bench is in my kitchen. i cleared the decks, and started gathering! (and yes … i’m going with christmas themes. it’s been christmas around here since the first of november.)

Inspired By Charm

first up is a fun take on the traditional red and green. i got these amazing glitter houses and trees at wal-mart for a buck! score! i used them in my dining room for a display (which i’ll show you another time). i’m a big fan of all things glittery!

Inspired By Charm


paired with fiestaware, place mats from the gift shoppe and my glitter trees … i think it looks pretty darn festive and fun!

Inspired By Charm

next up is a bit of rustic glamour! burlap makes a quick table cloth (great minds think alike – kim used a burlap piece in her table setting!). a twig star painted red adds some holiday cheer.

Inspired By Charm


hobnail mercury glass and glittery pine adds sparkle and glamour! i love the mix of rustic and glamour.

Inspired By Charm



and for the third and final setting …. {thrifty} holiday elegance.


Inspired By Charm


you remember the tree i painted white. i also found this metal candelabra at goodwill for a buck which i painted white and topped it with some vintage red glass ornaments (also from goodwill) instead of candles.



Inspired By Charm



no tablecloth necessary with these beautiful ivory, gold and red place mats.



Inspired By Charm


and a few cupcakes under glass cloches complete the look.

i hope you enjoyed my settings. do you have a favorite? if you want to see more amazing table settings, be sure to head over to newlywoodwards. have a table setting of your own? be sure to link it up!



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Inspired By Charm

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  • Erin @ Domestic Adventure at

    The second one is my favorite, but I love all three. The idea of using ornaments instead of candles on the candleabra is just genius!

  • Amanda @ Little House on the Corner at

    Wow, three settings!! You have some great items in your gift shop! They are all really terrific, but I think I like rustic glamour the best. It’s understated but still has sparkle! Very nice job.

  • Cindy at

    I’m loving the first one for the color & I :want: those placemats…but my FAVE is the 2nd one, it’s just the right mix of rustic & glamour !!!

  • Cindy @The Flipping Couple at

    Wow, beautiful! I love the idea of using ornaments instead of candles. Such a fun mix of ideas.

  • Shannon at

    Seriously Michael??? Seriously? Three? You’re insane. and amazing. I love the rustic star but I think the cupcake cloches (bad pun alert) take the cake for me.

  • Danielle at

    Your built-in seating is to die for! I love all three arrangements!

  • Oonafey at

    The second one is my favorite, but I really love the glitter houses and trees, too!

  • Real Housewife in MN at

    The red twig-star is adorable. Such a classic look!

  • { L } at

    You’re great at putting tables together! These all 3 look amazing. LOVE the middle one!

  • LizzieBeth at

    Ahhh, so you are the guy who is always first to comment on Kim’s blog. You’re a beast, dude.

    Anyway, hello from Lizzie in Progress! I meandered over from the DIY party, and lawdy am I glad I did. I am L.O.V.I.N that second set up– the burlap with the glitter? I die.

    Good work!

  • Mrs. Adventure at

    THREE? I seriously heart you, I love each and everyone of them!

  • Kim @ NewlyWoodwards at

    I love all your table settings, as I knew I would. My favorite is probably the first with the red and bright green. I’m a fan of that color combo, and esp. that Fiestaware bright green. Adorable.

    Thanks for linking up this week!

  • Emily at

    Oh my gosh – your built-in seating. This is our next project and I can’t wait – especially now that I’ve seen yours. I love your tablescape too, it’s so festive and fun. I’m on my way over…hope you’re ready for uninvited guests (who are also strangers) :).

  • simpledaisy at

    Ooh…I love them both!!!
    So festive:)

  • Grace @ Sense and Simplicity at

    I love all three table settings, but my fave is the last one – love the simplicity with the pops of red. Great ideas. I hope you set your table like one of those just for yourself during the holidays.

  • *claire* at

    wow. those are allll gorgeous! you definitely have a skill there!

  • Kimberly at

    Wonderful displays!

  • miamihoney at

    I love them all but the thrifted holiday is my fave! You are so creative and resourceful. I am glad that Kim sent me your way.

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