today was day one of my week long open house. it’s off to a slow start, but i’m hoping for a good finish! 

so, today’s post is a stretch on my trying something new for 31 days series, but i hope you won’t mind after you take a gander at these lovely cupcakes.

my mom made these. 

Inspired By Charm

vanilla cupcakes with a purply, vanilla icing.

Inspired By Charm

the colors are just perfect! fun and festive!

and these are my favorite … the ones with the spider webs, chocolate cake with peanut butter icing! yum!

Inspired By Charm

the others are vanilla with peanut butter icing. now you understand where i get my cooking and baking skills! 

Inspired By Charm

and these are the ones i mentioned yesterday. caramel apple cupcakes.

Inspired By Charm

don’t they look great!? so fun and different. and the recipe was pretty easy too! and those caramel bits i asked about yesterday melted up so nicely! 

Inspired By Charm

if you’ll excuse me, i’m off to enjoy a cupcake and a glass of milk!

so, what’s your favorite cupcake flavor?

Inspired By Charm

Inspired By Charm

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  • Marsha at

    I’m going to have to go make cupcakes now or if you would just like to mail me a couple if you have any left over. I hope it went well today.

  • Ali Richardson at

    YUMMY & SO pretty too! Don’t crucify me, but I’m a fun-fetti from the box kind of gal (I really have no business being in the kitchen at all you see). Those caramel apple ones look sooooooo delish 🙂

  • Paul Browning at

    Oh Wow! What a talented Mom you have! All those cakes look mouth-watering. If I was to pick a favourite flavour it would be something fruity (raspberry or strawberry) but I have to say if I lived close by, I’d be first in the queue to try the toffee apple cakes. Good luck with the rest of the week’s open house :). Pxx

  • LissyLou at

    wow, they all look great x

  • CosmoGirl Carla at

    Mmmmm . . . they all look yumalicious! My fave cupcake hands down is chocolatey fudge cake with cream cheese frosting, with a side of 30 extra minutes on the treadmill :o)

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Nancy in NC at

    Wish I lived close enough to sample those gorgeous cupcakes in person. They all look right out of a super-upscale bakery.

  • Melissa at HOUSEography at

    Love those purple ones!!!

  • PicturePerfectPixies at

    Will she share her recipe for peanut butter icing? They all look delish!

  • Lili at

    Oh yum..and I’ll have you know today I picked up a spice cake mix and some caramel bits on account of your post, oh yes I did! Thanks for that Michael. 🙂 ~Lili

  • Shannon at

    Oh yeah. Pass those caramel apple babies right on over. And with the sticks? Tipped the cuteness scale. Your mom is totally talented too, I’m jealous of her steady icing hand.

  • FinsFan at

    I have to get my hubby to bring me there on vacation! YUMMY and adorable 🙂

  • Dawn at

    I would love the recipe or the to know the source of the recipe , please. They look fantastic!

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