as you can see i’m still running a little slow. just when i thought my fuel tank was just about empty i ending up losing the battle to a cold i have been fighting for a couple weeks. i hope its just about run it course, but with these things, you just never know.

Inspired By Charm


so today i headed for some comfort food and whipped up myself a grilled cheese sandwich. i know, i should be eating soup, but i really don’t care for soup. chicken noodle soup is probably one of my least favorite things. although i do enjoy most cream based soups. especially my sister-in-law’s red pepper soup. that’s one i’ll never pass up.


Inspired By Charm


even though all i want to do is nap, i’ve been somewhat productive by pricing hundreds (literally) of ornaments and decorations for the shop.


Inspired By Charm


yesterday i popped a movie into my computer and sat for two hours at the dining room table making price tags and pricing more things than i can count. with my dayquil in arms reach, it was actually an enjoyable afternoon.


Inspired By Charm


the weather has been quite sporadic around here these days. tuesday it was in the 70s. then it rained cats and dogs. now its cold again and so windy its pointless to try and keep up with leaf clean up. there is also snow predicted in the 10 day forecast. no wonder i’m sick!


Inspired By Charm


do anyone know where the summer went? and fall? i think i blinked and missed it.

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  • mom at

    Here’s hoping & praying your shop is busy this weekend. I know how hard you work to make it look so great. Give yourself a pat on the back. And by the way I’m so proud of you. Hope you feel better.

  • Kim @ NewlyWoodwards at

    You are hard core – great work being productive. I’ve been sick, too, and pretty much nonfunctioning outside of work. There’s nothing worse than having a cold.

    And, now I”m craving a grilled cheese.

  • Cari at

    I wish I was there, I’d make you roasted red pepper soup! And bread and spice cake!!! Maybe you caught it from the kids this weekend:(
    Hope you feel better!

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