so, a couple of you asked for a recipe for my champagne ginger peach jam. sadly i don’t really have one, but i will try and help anyway.


this is how it happened. i got the peaches monday. tuesday afternoon i peeled them. then i went shopping with my mom and stubbled across candied ginger, so i bought two bags with the idea that i’d eventually use it for something.


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when we got home from shopping (around 8pm) i needed to make jam before my peaches started turning brown. i knew i’d make peach and blueberry peach. when i had those measured out, i realized i still had lots of peaches so i ran to the store before it closed to pick up jars and pectin (still having no idea what type of jam i’d make.) then i remember someone mentioning mimosa jelly (which i will be making on of these days) and the light bulb turned on!

so i ran to the liquour store and bought a bottle of ‘champagne’. (it’s techincally not champagne, see link below.)


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so i just used the recipe for peach jam that comes with the ball fruit pectin. (my style for making jam is just just throwing yummy things together and hoping for the best) i made a double batch which gave me about 24 half pint jars.

based on what i remember here is my best estimation of  my ingreditents for chamagnge ginger peach jam.

7 cups chopped peach
1/2 cup chopped cannied ginger
1 btl of champagne (i used this)
15 cups sugar
6 packs of liquid pectin (i always use extra to ensure the jam sets)

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like i said, i followed the directions listed in the recipe guide that comes with every box of ball fruit pectin, so just check that for full details. there is one for peach jam us it following the same canning procedures with the ingredients above.

i hope that helps.

oh, and i think i forgot to say ‘thanks’ for all the birthday wishes. you guys and gals are so sweet. thanks.

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