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do you remember a while back when i showed you my chalkboard wall in the gift shoppe? no? well, click here to catch up, then come back here and continue reading.

i updated the wall for the winter season about a month ago and i totally forgot to share it with you!  bad michael!

anyway… here’s how it looks right now…

Inspired By Charm

i was inspired by a wall decal i found on etsy a while back. but i can’t for the life of me find it now. sorry about that.

Inspired By Charm

i thought it turned out pretty cute. over the holidays i had a couple wreaths on the windows and swags on the windowsills.

Inspired By Charm

i haven’t received my spring wreaths yet, so that’s just a random sprig of forsythia hanging there, but you get the idea. isn’t that little cat so cute? love him.

and if you haven’t noticed i’ve added some new button/links to the sidebar on the right. i finally updated the about me page. so feel free to give it a read if you’d like.

Inspired By Charm

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  • Emily at

    This is such a great idea! It reminds me of illustrations in a couple books I used o read as a child. So fresh and whimsical.
    Love it! Great job.


  • Kay Ellen at

    Love the wall :))
    Looks great~

    so nice to meet you…
    Coming over via Stephanie’s blog…

    Kay Ellen

  • 16 Sassy Street at

    Love the chalk board wall!!! So clever with the windows! Also love your poem, IF THERE WERE EVER A TIME TO DARE. It really spoke to me at a very perfect time 🙂

  • Lei at

    Incredible idea… so very clever! love it!

  • Mary Lemon at

    Oh my gosh . . . this is one of the coolest chalkboards I’ve seen. You are amazing. I wish I could draw like you. Mine would never come out like that! One of my frustrations with chalkboards is that I have a hard time writing with the chalk and haven’t been able to find chalk pens in my town. Do you use regular chalk or one of the newer pens? Glad I found your blog. Very fun!

  • Amanda at

    Amazing! I’m a first time visitor via C.R.A.F.T. Hope you have a great day!

  • Crystal at

    Wow! You’ve got talent! Totally sharing a link to this with my Facebook friends!

  • Lynda at

    very inspiring…I don’t think I could draw the windows as straight as you did….excellent graphic skills!

  • Lucy Designs at

    get out!! what a great it!

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