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the fabric keeps coming! thank you, thank you! i acutally just borrowed my mom’s rotary cutter to get started cutting. i’m a bit nervous though. i just don’t want to ruin all these amazing gifts of fabric. but, i should get started. i need to buy the pattern first. maybe i will do that tomorrow?

Inspired By Charm


these two (above and below) fabrics are from mellisa in california. i love them both so much! the top was in extra material from kitchen curtains she made (i’d love too see the curtains). and the lavender is her favorite color (it’s one of mine too)!

Inspired By Charm

melissa is a super talented lady. her needlework and baked goods look ah-mazing. you can see them on her flickr page.

Inspired By Charm

there isn’t a thing i don’t like about this fabric. love the green. love the pattern. i want this on my walls! julie from oklahoma made a special trip to the fabric store to get this for me. isn’t she sweet?

Inspired By Charm

totally diggin’ this blue fabric and it’s fun pattern. so different and unique. is from norma in oregon (which by the way is the state i’d like to visit most.) you need to check out her blog. espcially the lamp re-do she posted on monday. i love, love them. (i’m a bit jealous … don’t tell)

and last, but again, certainly not least is my ‘celebrity’ (at least i think so) fabric …

Inspired By Charm

this fabric (which totally reminds me of the past … and picnics … and summers) came from eddie ross. yes, that’s right. eddie ross. can’t you even believe it!? if you don’t know eddie, you must get over to his blog … or turn on hgtv … or open pretty much any magazine and you will know who he is. he is truly talented, full of inspired ideas and alway using beauitful vintage pieces in the most unique ways. i still can’t believe it!

so, thank you again. you are all celebrities in my eyes. this quilt would be nothing without your help. and i never would have been able to choose such an amazing selection of fabrics to create it. i still need lots more fabric (i don’t even think i’m a quarter of the way there), so keep it coming.

melissa, julie, norma and eddie … i thank you!

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  • MelissaD at

    Wow – a comment from Eddie Ross – lucky you!
    Thanks for the nice comments on the fabric I sent and my projects on my flickr page. Just thought you’d want to know I uploaded a photo so you could see the kitchen valance curtains I made for my sister using the plaid and daisy fabric 🙂

    Loving your blog

  • Lenore @ Lather. Write. Repeat. at

    What a lovely idea! I can’t wait to see what you do…


  • eddieross at

    Hi Michael!

    SO happy you like the fabric. To be honest, I loved it so much, I had to keep little swatch for myself. It’s vintage quilting fabric from the 20s that I found at Stormville Flea Market two years ago. Can’t wait to see what you do with it!


  • Jennifer at

    Your quilt sounds divine! And how great is it that so may people are helping you collect for it?! That is just awesome!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog for a visit. If you make the peach salsa, let me know how it turns out!

  • Kari --- at

    You’ll have an envelope arriving from British Columbia any time now!

  • LAURA!!! at

    I’m just smitten with your blog! I love your weathered oars and your chalkboard “bookshelf” ( I see we share a penchant for chalkboard paint!!) And your quilt project is amaz!!!! I’m so glad you found my blog so that I could find yours!!

  • Kim @ NewlyWoodwards at




    That’s amazing.

    Eddie Rocks.

  • Sue at Beach Bungalow at

    Gorgeous! Love the blue one 🙂


  • Angela at

    Oh “squeal”! You are making the ice cream quilt?! I can’t wait to see it. The first cut is definitely the hardest.
    I echo Laura’s comment too. I am so glad you found my blog so that I could find yours. It is simply a joy.

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