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After my trip to NYC on Sunday, I traveled four hours to Sandusky, Ohio with my family to go to one of my favorite places, Cedar Point.

Cedar Point 1

In case you’ve never heard of Cedar Point, it is probably one of the best amusement parks in the country (in my opinion, at least). When I was growing up, my family we would take a vacation every summer. These getaways typically involved an amusement park since we’re sort of roller coaster junkies. After my brothers and I finished school and started our careers, the annual family vacations stopped. Life just got too busy, I guess. Thankfully, over the past couple years we’ve resurrected this wonderful tradition.

Cedar Point 2

Although things are bound to change some over the years, there’s nothing better than returning to a place you loved as a child. Memories come flooding back with each step. Familiar sights, scents, and sounds make it seem like no time has passed. It’s kind of magical. I’d give anything to go back to one of those family vacations or my youth. Clearly, I know that’s impossible, so returning as an adult is certainly the next best thing. It’s also amazing to have technology at my finger tips. While I avoided work as much as possible, I loved snapping and sharing pictures of all the coasters. Even if you don’t ride them, aren’t they beautiful?

Cedar Point 4

Just for fun, here are a few numbers for you. We spent 17 hours in the park over 2 days. We road all 14 roller coasters and the 3 thrill rides (some multiple times) for a total of 26 rides. We went 120 miles per hour and were 427 feet in the air. Yeah, it was pretty amazing. And for those of you who are familiar with the park, my favorite coasters are Millennium Force, Top Thrill Dragster, and The Maverick.

Cedar Point 3

So, I’m curious, how many of you like riding roller coasters? Have you ever been to Cedar Point?

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  • Laura at

    My Mom worked at CP in the 1960s where her cousins ran one of the shops – they’d sleep on cots in the back room some summer nights!
    I worked there in the 1980s for games, then live shows. I met my husband there. Great memories of amazing summers!

  • TracyG at

    You were literally 5 minutes from me! I live so close to Cedar Point we can hear the rides if the wind is blowing the right way! (And also close enough to be affected by the traffic! lol) Did you ride the new GateKeeper???? I got to ride it twice on media day, once in front and once near the back. Completely different rides! I loved it! I was born & raised in Sandusky, and yes, the Blue Streak was the biggest roller coaster when I was growing up! (I’m giving my age away. lol) The ride was named after the Sandusky High School emblem, a blue streak! My favorite time in the park is actually HalloWeekends. It’s amazing if you love fall & Halloween. Now you need to discover the other treasures of Northern, Ohio and Lake Erie, Michael ~Kelleys Island and South Bass Island (aka Put-in-Bay!)

  • Michael at

    I live in the suburbs of Detroit and used to go to Cedar Point every summer. I haven’t been in about 4 years though. The last time I went, I had turned 30 and rode the rides like a champ, then couldn’t move my neck the following day LOL. Funny how you mention Cedar Point outside of Michigan and few people have heard of it.

    I work for GM btw…thank you for supporting the company by buying a new Buick Encore! I hope you love it as much as us GMers do!

    • Michael at

      *outside of Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania :o)

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      Awww! I’m quickly approaching 30, I hope I don’t have similar issues. Though my Dad is 58 and he’s still riding, so that’s a good sign, right?

      And yes, I’m LOVING my Encore. 🙂

      xo Michael

  • debbie @ happy little cottage at

    Hi Michael,
    I worked at Cedar Point one summer during college (a LONG time ago). I still live about 45 minutes away and love to visit Soak City! It’s a mini vacation. Great photos of the coasters….I used to love The Blue Streak. The new coasters are a little scary looking 🙂

  • Tai at

    We love Cedar Point! I have been many times. Once (15 years ago) with one of my girlfriends and her family. There was a great spark between her older brother and I (I was in high school). 15 years later and we have bee married 11 years next month. We live just a couple hours south in central Ohio. Try to make it back to Cedar Point at least once a year!

    Maverick is my favorite coaster. Raptor a close second 😉

    Your pictures are wonderful!

  • Mandy K at

    We live about two hours away from Sandusky and make it to Cedar Point every few years. It is a wonderful amusement park! My earliest vacation memories are going to Cedar Point for the day as a family. Kings Island (in Mason, Ohio) is also fun, but Cedar Point is still the best! On a side note, I really enjoy all of your posts and pins on Pinterest, Michael!!

  • Victoria Bailey at

    I grew up just south of Detroit and a trip to Cedar Point was a yearly event my entire life! First of all, you had to run into the park and ride the Blue Streak before doing anything else. It was like an unwritten rule, getting through the ride on this rickety, scary contraption. After that, everything else didn’t seem quite as scary.

    It’s been years since I’ve been there, but my favorites were always the Iron Dragon and the Demon Drop. Oh, and filling a bucket with saltwater taffy on the way out at the end of the day.

  • Lori H at

    I have never been to Cedar Point but it looks amazing. I used to like roller coasters (never Loved them) but as I get older, I would prefer to skip them. I am fine when I feel locked into my seat but the old-school ones with a lap bar scare me and I am sure I am going to die 🙂

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      Haha. My brother’s wife (who went with us) feels the same. Though, she rode every coaster like a champ!

      xo Michael

  • Jackie Tomasich at

    How great to see Cedar Point on Pinterest! I grew up about 45 mi S of there. My grandparents, many aunts and uncles and cousins lived in Sandusky. My love of roller coasters started with the Blue Streak,(the best at the time) I would ride it again and again until i could claim the front seat. From there the view was awesome! You could look down from your perch on the top of the highest hill and see the bottom but not the middle of the hill! All of this while surrounded by Lake Erie! My first job was working the summer I was 16 back at the Golden Palace Saloon in Frontier Town. I served pretzels and pop to the crowds seeking to be entertained by the variety show but I think mostly to rest their feet and cool off with about the only air conditioning in the Park in 1967. Over the years I moved away married had 4 children and spent the last 40 years in the Kansas City area. We took our children there many times and next year am hoping to take my grandson. Great memories and more to be made.
    Blessings, Jackie
    Michael I enjoy seeing your posts on Pinterest. You have an eye for beauty.

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      Thank you so much for stopping by to share your story Jackie. What beautiful memories! I’m sure Cedar Point has that affect on a lot of people.

      xo Michael

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