cats and quilts


if you don’t care for cats or quilts then this post is probably not for you.

a couple weeks ago i showed you some material i cut for quilt #3. well, i rustled up some spare time this weekend and started sewing those blocks into rows.


i’m using this plus quilt tutorial from the quilting queen – jeni of in color order. her instructions and helpful tips have been amazing. love her tutorials.


so when i quilt, there is lovely material and loose thread scattered everywhere. and when this happen, my cats come running. it’s like a sixth sense or something. fellow cat owners and quilters, does this happy to you too?


i don’t have a dedicated sewing room here so my dining room and gift shoppe floor become make shift crafting and quilting space when no guests are here.


once i got all my rows sewed up i laid everything out on my floor to make sure i didn’t make any mistakes or get blocks out of order.  to my surprise, i didn’t. yay!

IMG_1812.JPGi then i walked away (big mistake) for two minutes (as i’m usually trying to do a million things at once). and this happened..






thankfully, i had all my rows numbered so it wasn’t a terrible disaster. and i’m a huge sucker for cute and sleepy cats, so i really didn’t mind. as you can see i obviously ran and got my camera before shooing him away.

and he’s not the only one to blame. (he’s just not camera shy)


i’m fairly certain they were both involved in the disorganization of my laid out rows of fabric. in fact, you can see this guy hiding under the desk in one of the photos above.


but honestly, staying made at this face is near impossible. right?

either way, i was just happy to get all my rows complete. now, it’s time to stitch them together and then i can get to quilting.

and no, i still haven’t found a backing for quilt #1.   thanks to all of those that offered suggestions!  i’m thinking the best thing to do is take the quilt top to a fabric shop and choose the backing there. now i just need to find time to get to the fabric store! maybe this weekend?

what are you guys up to today? any fun projects? i’d love to hear about them!


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  • Dee at

    I do believe in picture (1856), that cat is laughing at you! LOL

    You have adorable and very photogenic kitties!

  • rachael at

    awesome! i love the yawning one… and, yes, my cats do exactly the same thing.

  • Ali Richardson at

    Beautiful rows of fabric and super cute kitty cats 🙂 Happy post!

  • Teri at

    Oh now, didn’t they have some fun? LOL

  • Suzanne at

    Apparently they didn’t like the way you had your rows. When I shut my cats out of the sewing room they stick their paws under the door and carry on.

  • Dana @ Cooking At Cafe D at

    I want to quilt. Sigh.
    I love your colors – and what we could see of the pattern. Nice choices.

    Me? I used to have a PB quilt that I enjoyed, but I think it got tossed in the last flood. (Was being stored in the basement for the summer.)

  • Anonymous at

    Cute, cute, cute…my cats do the same thing…they just can’t help it. The picture that’s looks like he’s laughing is priceless!!!!
    Cindy B.

  • Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas at

    Michael, I laughed out loud!! I have FOUR cats and they do the same thing! What is UP with that? I love my kitty cats to death though….so like you…I just deal with it.

    The quilts are going to be gorgeous!

    Lou Cinda

  • Karalee at

    Hi Michael, thanks for a good chuckle, owning 3 cats myself, I know how mischevious they can be!

  • Emily at

    Yep, it’s a sixth sense for sure. No matter where the kitties are contentedly sleeping, they come running when the fabric comes out. Such a great photo op. 🙂

  • Krista at

    This was such a funny/great post – one of my favs so far! 🙂

  • Patti at

    This post made me laugh out loud – your photos told quite a story. My cat has done similar things, but you just have to love them! Quilt looks lovely, so far

  • Deb @ Paper Turtle at

    LOVE the colors in this quilt, and also the photos of your cats helping with the process. Fun post!!! xo

  • Reenie at

    Oh gosh….sorry Michael, but I’m cracking up here!! Too funny 🙂

    Your grey cat looks like my Hokie boy ~ he adopted my house to come to when he was prob 6 months old ~ he was an outside cat. But he got sick and passed =(

  • CT mom at

    I’m sorry, Michael, but…thanks for the laugh today! They are sweet and adorable and great pictures, too!

  • Angela at

    That’s going to be a beautiful quilt! Thanks for posting the kitty pictures…it’s hard not to smile at a cute kitty even on a bad day. 🙂

  • Colleen Dietrich at

    Love the cat, the quilt, and your pix, Michael! I stumbled upon your blog yesterday, and like it here. 🙂 And your name sounds familiar: did you go to Haddon Township High School, in Haddon Twp, NJ? I knew a Mike Wurm then. THanks!

  • Centsational Girl at

    I’m sorry but it must be said, you make quilting uber cool with your pattern combos. Can’t wait to see it! And I have a gray tabby kitten now so yours helps me visualize the full grown version – my Coco is terrorizing my furniture – advise please.

  • Funky Junk Interiors at

    LOL!!! I love this post. And I love your quilt even more!

    Your grey guy looks just like my Buddy I use to have. Dead ringer… is he a fighter type too?


  • at

    Just found your blog and LOVEEEEE it…..So I am your newest follower of course:) I think our grey kitties are twins. Can not believe how identical they look!
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  • Melanie at

    Your cats are beautiful! I don’t quilt, but practically anything I lay out or start doing, the cats are into it.

  • Kati at

    Love the fabrics you’ve chosen for this quilt. They go perfectly together.

  • Suze at

    First time reading your blog—I love it!
    After quilting for almost 30 years, I have found some great tips, one I love, in my sewing apartment I have hung a “design wall”. Simply put, a cheap plastic tablecloth with a flannel back, flannel side out, tacked to the wall, it works great to “stick” blocks and rows up to design your quilt top. The blocks and rows are easier to see and change around and might solve the kitty problem!

  • Funnelcloud Rachel at

    MWAHAHA! I love the kitty that is yawning (or is that evil laughter?!?!)

    And I love the cat in the background in one of the first photos…lurking in the background and waiting for opportunity!

    Despite their propensity to wreck your projects, Jax and Sebastian are some of the prettiest cats I’ve ever seen! (My dogs do this, too – while they might not move everything around, they both think that anything remotely soft was made for them to lie on!) Silly pets!

  • Carol H - Fairview Hts IL at

    Just found your blog…………and LOVE it! And I love your cats! Very typical………I sure miss my Gidget girl (she passed 3 years ago) and all her “cat quirks”. You have wonderful ideas……thank you for sharing them……looking forward to being a regular blog reader. Have a great day!

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