so it’s been a while since my last post and i wish i had some awesome fun explanation for what i’ve been up to, but i really don’t. i think a full force of cabin fever and a self overloaded plate have taken me over. meaning … have you ever had so much to do or so much you wanted to do that you actually can’t seem to get it anything done? make sense? or maybe i’m the only one.

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so, i really haven’t worked on my room that was supposed to be finished last friday. fail. i haven’t pieced any more pieces of my quilt. fail. i haven’t made any more beautiful signs. fail. and my posts here have become few and far between. fail.


Inspired By Charm


but there have been some successes. and pretty important successes. last monday i visited my brother and his family. my nephew invited me to be his ‘special person’ at his preschool. i spent a couple hours with him at his school on valentines day. he sang with his classmates, we played games and decorated cookies. best. day. ever.


Inspired By Charm


after returning home i did come down with a pretty nasty head cold which drove my already shrinking motivation deeper in the hole. the later part of the week was spent preparing for this past weekend when we celebrate both my niece’s and mom’s birthday. another wonderful success.


which brings me to this morning when i woke up to ten inches of the heaviest snow i’ve ever had to shovel. hence the cabin fever. i am beyond sick of snow. especially after being teased with a couple days in the 50’s last week.

Inspired By Charm


it has also been rather unseasonably busy here at the bed and breakfast. which, i’m not complaining, but i suppose i’m finding myself a bit overwhelmed and i can’t say i’m a person that reacts very well under stressful situations. but i’m trying to organize and get stuff done and de-stress.

i often found that when i have a lot of things on my plate i tend to cut out things i really enjoy doing, like blogging, for things i don’t really like doing. but i’m making a concerted effort to make more time for things i enjoy doing like watching dexter and painting signs and quilting and (and of course sharing it with you.)


Inspired By Charm

so thanks for hanging in there and my regular posting will continue.


and i’m curious … what do you do to de-stress? or to clear your already overloaded plate?

and does anyone live where it’s sunny and warm? and if so, can i come and visit?


Inspired By Charm



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  • pretty pink tulips at

    I am over winter….completely ready to run away to the Caribbean and not return!

    As far as being your nephew’s “special person”…that pretty much excuses any absence!!!

    xo Elizabeth

  • Leanne at

    nice images…love the second one best 😉 glad you liked it!

  • April at

    Ah….one of the fabulous things about living in Louisiana. There’s never time to be sick of the weather! Seriously, 3 weeks ago everything was completely covered in ice (seriously check out my So Cold Sew Crafty Saturday post if you need proof!) Today, outside all day in short sleeves…it’s really crazy. As far a destressing, I go for a walk outside for 5 minutes if weather allows it clears my head…but since that won’t work for you. A 15 minute session on my rebounder with the music up loud works wonders!

  • Jane@Little House of Projects at

    I hear you on the cabin fever. Last week we had a few days near 50 and then straight back to the deep freeze. It’s like that little teaser of spring made it feel even colder. The other day I got so impatient for spring, I went out and shoveled out a spirea plant in my yard, cut some of the branches, brought them in the house and hot-glued little silk flowers on them. I’ve found when I feel really stressed the best thing is to sit with my dog in my lap and just concentrate on giving him lots of love. It does us both good.

  • kpaints at

    Sorry no warmth here! I too wish to run away somewhere warm!
    YOU DID NOT FAIL, things are just on hold. The only thing that helps my stress level is to pull back and just take it easy. Goof off and give myself permission. Don’t answer the telephone….on say Thursday….just limit outside distractions and concentrate on yourself. Works for me.
    Have a great week!

  • Ali Richardson at

    Did you see your Apiary sign on Miss Mustard Seed’s blog the other day!!?? Awesome!

  • judi at

    oh michael, i could have written this post (well, except for the special person, family time stuff).
    i too get so overwhelmed that i shut down…especially at this time of year when! that tease of 50 degree weather was nice while it lasted. (i did hear birds singing outside this morn so this is a sign spring is on its way!)
    anyhoo, i guess i finally get frustrated with myself at what i am NOT doing and that motivates me enough to DO something.
    i’ve thought that i should make myself a sign that says “snap out of it” to hang during jan./feb.?!
    or just take a trip to somewhere warm until april or may.
    do hope you’re feeling better soon.

  • { donna } at

    you’re a gem on a cloudy, bummy, not-so-great day. I LOVE all of these quotes. sigh.. Thanks for sharing!

  • ann @ my life as prose. at

    a) i totally understand having so much to do that it overwhelms you and makes you unproductive. that describes my life right now, too, which is why i decided to give myself a hiatus from blogging. surprisingly, once i got rid of the guilt of not posting often enough, and the narrowness of how i’d previously defined my blog, the ideas started flowing like crazy. i’ve only been “offline” for like 4 days, and i’ve got 4 posts for when i decide to come back.

    so my advice is don’t apologize… just take the time, and let yourself take a break 🙂

    b) i *do* live in a sunny and warm place… tucson, az. i am sad to report, however, that unlike you, i don’t have a lovely little inn to invite you over to. or even a spare bedroom to put you up in. not even a futon. so sorry, friend.

    c) i still love your blog… even if friday came and went, and the signs are still unpainted 🙂

  • The Vintique Object at

    Nothing like time spent with preschoolers to foster a head cold!

    Glad you are back. Take your time to post.


    P.S. Big Dexter fan here. And I loved Michael C. Hall in Six Feet Under too.

  • Jen@Notes From the Heartland at

    Umm….negatory Batman on the warmness…we live in the tundra, oh I mean Iowa. Today, after warmness for a week it SNOWED. Blasted snow. But you could still come visit…and help me pick a new color to cover the cotton candy I have going on. Bleck. Anyway, you’ll get back on track soon…we all have those times when everything just seems poopy…and snowy. Sounds like you’ve had some wonderful family time lately. 🙂 Oh and my fabric is still laying here to send to you. Am i too late? I’m such a horrible procrastinator. They should make a special place for procrastinators to go to be healed. 😉

  • Michelle @ Sweet Something Design at

    Hang in there Michael. When I feel stressed and in the ‘shut down’ mode, I put my pride aside and ask for help. I hope you have someone in your life, friends and/or family, that can pull you out of the hole. My MIL helps me so much in that department.


  • Melissa P at

    De-stressing sometimes requires closer attention than we think it should. We think it should just be a simple decision–do ‘X’ and you’ll be good to go in no time. But I find that isn’t the case in real life. Sometimes, I need a good book. Other times, I need a new project. And then there are times I need to do NOTHING. Which seems to be the absolute hardest thing to do. Of course, breathing always helps–no matter what.

    Wish I could share some SoCal temps with you. As a certifiable weather wimp, I’m upset because it’s only getting to 59 degrees every day this week. My imagination doesn’t extend to the kind of weather you’re suffering through this winter. May Spring come early for you.

    Hope the quilt is moving along nicely.

  • tale of many cities at

    was just wondering about you and your progress on the room! funny how that happens.. think about someone, and there they are! 🙂
    know what ya mean about the cabin fever too.. soooo there! but, i’m blessed to be down in the south, where it is FINALLY showing signs of warmth! {and yes, you CAN come visit!}
    to de-stress, i know it sounds cliche, but i use music! great tunes & a brisk walk can do wonders for the brain!!
    hang in there! 🙂

  • Heather at

    My favorite thing to do to de-stress is to go to my favorite craft store, which is NOT a big, box store. It’s a small, locally-owned shop with loads of natural light and great music (lots of New Wave from the 80s). It smells fantastic AND it has a shop cat named Annie who hangs out in various baskets throughout the store. How freakin’ cool is that?!

    I’ll usually just buy a magazine and then trot across the street to the coffee shop (also locally owned – not a Starbucks), get a huge seasonal drink and settle into a chair to enjoy the magazine and dream.

    Pure bliss, baby!

  • Luisa at

    Yes the snow has been riduclous. I’m starting to itch for spring but I’ll have to be patient. My de stressers are crochetting, blogging and reading. Lately to avoid dreaded paperwork I painted furniture instead. So I think from now on when I want to avoid something I’ll just paint something. lol

  • Holly @ Roller Coaster Life at

    So funny I am right there with you!! I have so much to do with this new move and great big ole house and then we had this amazing 70 degree weather down here and I did not do anything inside! I played outside with the kids and did not get anything done! I am over my winter blues and ready to jump make into redoing furniture and thrifting!!! but i did sell 2 pieces of furniture today for 275.00 and did not do a dern thing to them!!! GO ME!

    oh and i am ready for lucketts!!!!

  • Gabriela at

    Michael – I’m so glad to read you again and wanted you to know I’ve missed you but completely understand about the hiatus. Sadly I don’t have any advice for de-stressing. My husband is a stay-at-home Dad who does everything and I do mean everything. All I do is go to work and bring home the bacon. I admit I too, am yearning for spring, and would you believe that my crocuses have peeked out from the ground here in VA?

  • Robin at

    Hang in there Michael! Your not the only one suffering a bad case of cabin fever and unmodivation. I’m hoping it will pass soon for us both, soon – very soon, spring will arrive and we will all be energized.

  • The Weinbergs at

    awe, i love your posts… and you know, when little ones love you it means you really are pretty darn special… it’s the little ones that really know who the good people are 🙂

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