So, over the past nine days I have been in the process of transforming my dining room. Below are some pictures that I took last summer or fall. This is after I ‘de-cluttered’ some. While the design of the room was done pretty well it was just falling out-of-date and it wasn’t my style.

I’ve always loved how chartreuse/lime green and orange worked together, so that was my inspiration for ‘the new look.’ I decided to go for a mix of contemporary/traditional/cottage. So far I have succeed well!

So after seven days the wallpaper is gone, the walls are painted, I have a new chandelier and custom curtains. Since my ceilings are quite high and the availability of unique curtains is limited, I decided to sew my own. (I did pretty well and they are super easy…but not quite finished yet)

So, over the next couple days and even further into the future, I will share the progress of the room with you. I still have no area rug…. or ‘things’ for the walls… and I want to add/remove a couple pieces of furniture, but hopefully in the coming months the project will be finished!

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