buh. nanas.


hey ya’ll.

wow. i don’t know where to begin. the past couple weeks have been quite intense for me. sorry about that. i wish i could share all my thoughts and feelings but since this blog is, in many ways, connected to my business i can’t.

Inspired By Charm


in short, things have been very busy. i think for the past two weeks my days began at five am and ended around nine pm. some would say i’m exaggerating, but i’m honestly not. i don’t want to complain as i’m really happy that i’ve been so busy and extremely thankful to all the wonderful people that brought me business, i’m just tired. i hope that’s understandable.


while i probably could have taken the time to check in with all you lovely blog folks, i honestly just couldn’t find the energy and motivation. you understand that right? we’ve all been ther. while things are still busy around here i can see the light at the end of the tunnel.


Inspired By Charm


so, i think i can honestly say for sure (even though i’ve said it before) i’m back. at least a little more regularly. i do really appreciated the couple of you that sent me a message or comment saying that you missed me. that was amazing to hear. and just so you know, i missed you too.

and yes, i do have a christmas tree up in my gift shoppe (two actually) … and yes, there are some crazy looking roosters on it … and yes, i do love them.

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  • Mrs. Adventure at

    Oh Michael those ornaments are beautiful, I am smitten! Glad to have you back love… did you ever get the jam and fabric I sent you?



  • Melissa P at

    Welcome back. Hopefully you can catch your breath a bit before the rush of the holidays. I love the rooster ornament. He has so much attitude!

  • deb mills at

    so nice to see you back…i really enjoy your blog. but do take the time to sit back and prop your feet up on the porch with a cup of coffee or glass of wine and give yourself some moments to take in the beautiful autumn. it sounds like you deserve it.

  • Liz Owen at

    Oh my gosh. I love everything about that tree! Beautiful ornaments!

  • Anonymous at

    I’m so glad you’re back I’ve missed your blogs even though I see
    you everyday. Love MOM

  • courtneyoutloud at

    While I am glad you are posting, please don’t stress yourself out. I totally get the idea of not having energy to blog….when I started school, it took alot of out me and I couldn’t fathom picking up my laptop to post. Hopefully the holiday will provide you with moments of respite and calmness!

  • Kim @ NewlyWoodwards at

    I missed ya, too. But, totally understand. And, we’ll still be here. =)

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