Boy’s Bedroom Reveal #GMCHTA


I’m going to do things backwards today. Let me explain.

As I mentioned in a post early last week, I teamed up with GMC to shop the World’s Longest Yard Sale in order to decorate a room in a Habitat for Humanity House. Along with 7 other bloggers, I traveled almost 1,000 miles to furnish and style a home for a deserving family.

I want to show you the room I designed and tell you a little about the experience. Since the other bloggers will be doing the same, I thought it would be fun to share my room first, then pop back in later this week to let you know more about the process and take a look at the rest of the house. Sound good?

I know this is out of order, but since this reveal is so exclusive, important, and highly anticipated (insert sarcasm here), I wanted my design to be seen here first.

Boy's Bedroom Reveal | Inspired by Charm #GMCHTA

As I mentioned, I was one of the eight bloggers on this adventure. When we arrived in Detroit last Wednesday, each of us was assigned a room to decorate in a Habitat for Humanity home in Atlanta.

Boy's Bedroom Reveal | Inspired by Charm #GMCHTA

This house is going to be the future home of the Yaro family: Moumini (Dad), Mireille (Mom), Yassine (Daughter – Age 10), and Elias (Son – Age 1). I was in charge of decorating Elias’ room. (I was also given the laundry room to decorate, so I’ll share more about that in a later post.)

Boy's Bedroom Reveal | Inspired by Charm #GMCHTA

Wednesday morning through Saturday afternoon, we shopped the yard sale (and a few of our favorite retail stores) to furnish our spaces. To make things more efficient, we bloggers spilt into three groups. I was teamed up with Brooke from All Things Thrifty and Dusty from All Things G&D. We were given GMC Yukon Denali’s to drive in comfortable style and to pack full (which we did) with our purchases.

Boy's Bedroom Reveal | Inspired by Charm #GMCHTA

Boy's Bedroom Reveal | Inspired by Charm #GMCHTA

We also received some information about the family to help us shop and inspire our designs. Mr. Yaro is a big fan of soccer, and Elias likes to play as well. The family prefers the colors blue, green, gray, and black.

I was a tad worried about decorating a child’s room since it was something I’d never done before. However, once I had my vision and started to find a few key pieces, my worries disappeared.

Let me show you the completed room, and then I’ll give you details about some of the pieces.

Boy's Bedroom Reveal | Inspired by Charm #GMCHTA

Boy's Bedroom Reveal | Inspired by Charm #GMCHTA

Pretty fabulous, right? I couldn’t be more pleased with the results.

Okay, let’s chat quickly about my finds and the design.

yard sale find

One of the first things I bought (Brooke actually found it.) was this large green marquee letter. At a nearby sale, I also purchased a wooden rocking horse that I thought would look great in the space.

Boy's Bedroom Reveal | Inspired by Charm #GMCHTA

A little farther down the road, I spotted what became my favorite piece in the room. It was a buffet that had been refinished with black and gray chalk paint and adorned with brass hardware. So perfect, so IBC, AND ideal for the space. Although not a traditional dresser, it provides lots of storage. It’s also low enough for Elias to access. Plus, I think it’s a piece that can grow with the family. Score!

The bed frame and mattress were donated by a local GMC dealer.

Shopping for accessories was so much fun.

Boy's Bedroom Reveal | Inspired by Charm #GMCHTA

For some wall art, I found these old cabinet door fronts that had been turned into mini chalkboards. Dusty (who decorated the little girl’s room) and I found matching piggy banks that we gave a coat of gold spray paint.

Boy's Bedroom Reveal | Inspired by Charm #GMCHTA

Boy's Bedroom Reveal | Inspired by Charm #GMCHTA

Boy's Bedroom Reveal | Inspired by Charm #GMCHTA

Above the dresser, I added a mirror which I painted green to tie into the space.

Boy's Bedroom Reveal | Inspired by Charm #GMCHTA

An adorable bedside table brought in even more color. I was lucky to find this piece pre-painted (again with chalk paint) in my color scheme.

Boy's Bedroom Reveal | Inspired by Charm #GMCHTA

I also incorporated this set of books into the space. I used the book cover colors that worked for my room, and some of the other books were used in the Master Bedroom. The set cost me $2. I saw this same set online for $200! Dusty also picked up a set for the little girl’s room. She paid $2 at the yard sale; online her set was priced at $300. Crazy.

Boy's Bedroom Reveal | Inspired by Charm #GMCHTA

Toys, more storage, and other accessories were added to the space to complete the design.

I should mention that some of the bloggers who had participated in previous years recommended not trying to DIY and paint everything. There just isn’t enough time. I was so fortunate to find pieces that were ready to place in the room.

Boy's Bedroom Reveal | Inspired by Charm #GMCHTA

As for the bed linens throughout the house, it was a consensus among the bloggers to buy new. We wouldn’t have time or the resources to properly clean or wash those items so we felt new was best. I found my bedding at HomeGoods.

Boy's Bedroom Reveal | Inspired by Charm #GMCHTA

With most of the items purchased, I was ready to decorate.

Boy's Bedroom Reveal | Inspired by Charm #GMCHTA

We weren’t given many photos of the home and only received rough estimates of room dimensions. This made shopping and space planning somewhat challenging. Thankfully, the pieces I chose filled my spaces perfectly. The only thing I was lacking was some wall art for a large feature wall in the Elias’ room. I did some quick thinking and decided to make something.

Boy's Bedroom Reveal | Inspired by Charm #GMCHTA

I got a small drop cloth, free-handed / painted on a soccer ball, and then stapled a strip of wood to bottom and top of the drop cloth. After securing it to the wall with some screws, I had instant art work, and that giant wall was looking a little less bare.

Boy's Bedroom Reveal | Inspired by Charm #GMCHTA

With that, Elias’ new soccer-inspired room was complete.

Boy's Bedroom Reveal | Inspired by Charm #GMCHTA

We were given a budget of $285 to shop for the room, plus a $50 Lowe’s Gift Card. I managed to spend all of my money and then some. The bedding and curtains were a donation from me to the family. This wasn’t necessary, but I wanted to make the space extra special for this lovely family.

Boy's Bedroom Reveal | Inspired by Charm #GMCHTA

As you can see, they LOVED the space.

Boy's Bedroom Reveal | Inspired by Charm #GMCHTA

What do you think of the design?

Boy's Bedroom Reveal | Inspired by Charm #GMCHTA

I’ll be back on Friday to talk a bit more about this adventure and reveal the other rooms in the home. Be sure to stop back then.

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  • Diane@InMyOwnStyle at

    The room came out fabulously. I love seeing the smiles all around. 🙂 I do have a question…how did you fit the dresser in the Denali? I know it is big, but you must have had to pack and repack after every stop. 🙂 Great score on all of your finds.

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      It actually fit in quite well. All the seats fold down so there was plenty of room. But yes, we did have to carefully repack to fit it back in with all of our other purchases. Haha. Good times! 😉

      xo Michael

  • Meg at

    The room looks wonderful! I particularly love the bins for the soccer balls — so cool and clever. I’m sure little Elias loves it — so special! He’s adorable. Can’t wait to see more.

  • Kristina at

    Gorgeous Michael!! What a wonderful room! I would love to walk into a room everyday that looks so clean and fresh. Awesome job!!

  • Dawn at

    That room is adorable! Good call on the painting of the soccer ball!

  • Lynne Beveridge at

    Michael, I follow 99.9% of you, normally sitting back not commenting, satisfied with the smile that beams across my face . But you have outdone yourself with this one. As so many stated above, your color combinations, your piece selections all incorporate and coordinate wonderfully in the finishing of this little one’s bedroom. But what really grabbed me was you not only made Elias room fun with the giant “E”, the rocking horse, the soccer wall hanging, the chalk board, and all the other toys and fun stuff. Your dresser and night stand selection, the drawers and the how they open makes it fun for any child to want to put things away. Elias’s little doors for his little treasures. Great job Michael.

  • Brenna@Domestic Charm at

    What a fantastic room for an adorable little boy! I love the dresser and that soccer ball art came out so well! Great work!

  • Raquel at

    Michael, it’s beautiful–perfect for a little boy and ready to grow with him. I love it. I especially love the dresser and the mirror, and want to find one like it for my bedroom! Help me Score!

  • Rachael at

    I love the design of this little boys’ room! It definitely looks like something he can grow into. I especially like the “E” on the wall and the container that is holding the balls. What did you use for that?

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      Rachael – It just some sort of wire organizer. I thought it would be a great place for him to stash toys where he can reach.

      xo Michael

  • Hazel at

    You have done such a fabulous job of his room, it’s so difficult doing children’s room I’m currently doing my daughters room and it’s proving difficult to get the balance of child friendly yet something they’ll grow into. Well done on a fantastic job! Xx

  • Katrina at

    What an amazing project to be apart of, his room looks fantastic!

  • Vanessa at

    Great job!! I have to say you are a natural at this stuff. Very creative- and I love the soccer ball art; I might steal the idea for holiday art. 🙂
    You should be proud!

  • JD at

    Love how all the colors come together. My favorite is the wall art. May have to try this in my little girls room.. Great Job!!

  • Mia at

    Fantastic job!

  • Annie McDonald at

    I have so been looking forward to seeing this space come together! I love the room, and this project as a whole. Beautiful work.

  • teresa at

    It’s perfect. I never post comments. But I think it’s incredible! Not over decorated, it’s just the right amount.

  • Kimm at Reinvented at

    Adorable! What a fun and colorful room that will certainly grow with Elias! I love your finds.

  • Shirly at

    Great post! I must note, however, that Elias looks younger than age 10 (perhaps 9 years younger).

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      Thanks Shirly, you’re right! Elias is 1, not 10. 🙂 Looks like I added in an extra “0”.


  • Brandi at

    Bravo, Michael! It looks absolutely amazing! You put so much thought into decorating this space. I can imagine how thrilled the family is. It’s a space their son can truly grow into.

  • JulieD at

    Oh my goodness, I love this so much!!! <3

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      Thanks Julie!!

      xo Michael

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