Bouquets on a Budget

I don’t know about you, but one of the things I hate spending a lot of money on is fresh cut flowers. While they are beautiful and artful, they just seem to fade so quickly. Don’t get me wrong, I love fresh flowers and they really add the perfect finishing detail to any space, but I can’t afford a $50 arrangement every week.

So with Mother’s day just around the corner I thought I would create and share some ‘Bouquets on a Budget’.

Inspired By Charm

Using things I had on hand and some greenery found in my landscaping, I created two flower-shop-worthy arrangements for only $5 a piece!

Inspired By Charm

And I’m going to share my secrets with you today!

First, I stopped at Wal-Mart and picked up two bunches of tulips for $5 a piece.

Inspired By Charm

Then I dug through my cupboards and found a couple vases. Don’t have a vase? No problem. Use a water pitcher, an empty mason jar, a drinking glass, or whatever else you may have on hand.

Inspired By Charm

To compliment my tulips, I needed some greenery… and maybe an extra flower. I scouted out my landscaping to see what was green and blooming.

Inspired By Charm

I’m obviously not a plant expert, but here’s what I found (starting from the top left) – arborvitae, some purple leaved bush, daylily, a purple flower bachelors button, sedum, and clematis greens. I told you, I have no idea what some of these things are called. (I also used hosta leaves but failed to take a picture.)

With scissors in hand, I went out and snipped a few pieces of each.

Inspired By Charm

With lots of greens cut and tulips ready, it was time to start arranging.

Inspired By Charm

I begin by determining how tall I wanted my tulips to be in my vase. I gave them a quick cut to the length and got work cleaning them up.

Inspired By Charm

I cleaned off all the leaves that would below the rim of the vase. The leaves peel off very easily with just your hand. No knife or scissors required.

Inspired By Charm

I then did the same thing with the sedum, clearing off all the leaves that would have been below the rim of the vase. See how much better they look!

Inspired By Charm

After that, I tucked the tulips in my vase and then filled in with the sedum.

Inspired By Charm

I repeated the same steps with my arborvitae. I really love the texture and color these give to the arrangement.

Inspired By Charm

After that I cleaned up my clematis leaves and tucked them into the arrangement. Almost done.

Honestly, this isn’t a very fussy process, just do what feels and looks right to you. Have fun. Be fearless.

Inspired By Charm

I felt the arrangement needed a bit more whimsy, so I grabbed some of my daylily leaves and tucked them in on either side of the arrangement.

To make this arrangement look truly professional, I grabbed a piece of green gingham ribbon I had on hand and tied it around the vase creating a bow in the front.

Inspired By Charm

To finish off the tails of the bow, I cut in a dovetail. This can be done by folding the ribbon in half and cutting at a diagonal. I do this to all my ribbon. It really gives it a finished look.

And that’s it!

Inspired By Charm

One professional looking arrangement, completed within minutes, using a $5 bunch of tulips and some greenery already growing in my yard.

Inspired By Charm

It doesn’t get much easier than that! Still don’t believe me? Let try another.

First, measure and clean up your tulips.

Inspired By Charm

I wanted this arrangement to be a bit more colorful, so I’m adding in some burgundy foliage…

Inspired By Charm

…and some of these purple flowers. See how much better they look after removing all of those leaves? Love that!

Inspired By Charm

I finished this arrangement by tucking in some hosta and daylily leaves.

Inspired By Charm

A quick and easy bow (if you can tie your shoes, you can make this bow) for that professional look.

Inspired By Charm

And we’re done!

Inspired By Charm

Honestly, it’s really that easy! So easy that you may never pay $50 for another flower arrangement again.

Inspired By Charm

And this look is so much more casual and less fussy then some of the arrangements you get from the florist. Don’t you think?

Inspired By Charm

Want to see them set up in my house? You got it!

Inspired By Charm

Inspired By Charm

Pretty amazing for only five bucks! A welcome and colorful addition to my little sideboard. That odd looking wood piece is a vintage ironing board for shirt sleeves. Remember I picked it up antiquing a couple weeks ago?

Inspired By Charm

Inspired By Charm

It’s amazing the difference fresh flowers can make in a space. And now, they are even affordable!

How about one more picture of me an my pink shorts? Which, by the way, I picked up at Target and totally love!

Inspired By Charm

Have a wonderful weekend everyone. Happy, happy Mother’s day!Inspired By Charm

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  • Sue Davis at

    Love, love, love this!!! I have really enjoyed your pins! Can’t wait to use this idea!

  • Brandi at

    Such beautiful arrangements!

  • Gabriela at

    Michael – I am in utter awe of your exquisite talent for all things beautiful. Your florals are fantastic and your photography showcases it exquisitely. Hugs!

  • RetroSandie at

    Simply wonderful! You do your Mom proud, Michael! Lovely arrangements!! <3

  • SILVIA at

    wow you are amazing Michael!! you are real deal my friend..Those are some beautiful flowers. Thank you for showing us your secret!! jeje..Have awonderful weekend, now to off to Walmart,lol;)

  • Lisa at

    How vey clever and original you are! I just love this. 2 graduations and a wedding reception coming up within 1month….thanks for this tip 😉

  • Liz at

    Beautiful! I need to make 10 arrangements for a party next month on a budget and I will definately be using your tips. Love your new pic and the shorts!

  • ChRiS at

    You make this look so EASY……i love fresh flowers in my home i look every week in g-store sometime’s i splurge even those prices have gone up and up…great pic’s!!!

  • Susan @ at

    Wow Beautiful Michael! You really seem to be good at everything!

  • Funky Junk Interiors at

    Spectacular… as usual. 🙂 I LOVE all the added greens! What a well kept secret that was. Nah… I’m sure you invented it. It looks amazing!


  • Melissa @ No. 2 Pencil at

    I love these! Those coral colored tulips on the green with the ironing board is so beautiful together!

  • Sharon - Lilabelle Lane at

    $5 for a bunch of tulips? I am living in the wrong country! Packing my bags now, get that guest room ready, I’m moving in :o)

    By the way, beautiful flowers xx

  • Christine In Hilltown PA at

    I’m inspired! I will be trying this tomorrow as I do my yard work. Thanks so much!

  • Erin at

    Such happy, creative arrangements, Michael! Good advice about being fearless, too. Have a lovely weekend!


  • Kari at

    oooh…I want the peach tulips with the green gingham. Inexpensive and simple?…my kind of flower arrangement! Beautiful!

  • Anonymous at


  • Dominique C at

    I love this idea-I’m going to try it this year. 🙂

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