blueberry banana pancakes


i love the versatility of pancakes. start with an basic, yet amazing pancake recipe.

Inspired By Charm

and let your creative mind do the rest. the finish product will speak for itself!

Inspired By Charm

some of my personal favorite include:

blueberry and banana (add mashed ripe banana to the batter. then add blueberries when the pancake is on the griddle)

oatmeal and almond (just add old fashioned oats and a little almond extract to your batter)

crushed pineapple and vanilla (cut up fresh pineapple into tiny pieces, mix into the batter with good vanilla. make it extra special by serving them with fresh strawberries sprinkle with vanilla sugar.)

peanut butter chips (move over chocolate chips! these taste divine! just add the desired amount of chips (a lot in my case) to the pancake when it’s on the griddle.)

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  • KatiePerk at

    Yum yum! We are going to try those banana blueberry ones for dinner! I love breakfast for dinner!

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