so, i’m rather late in posting today because i have absoluetly no idea what to blog about. yikes. a first! so, i am just going to throw several random things at you and hope you enjoy!

first, thank you for all the wonderful banana recipe ideas.  i will be freezing some… and i will file some of these recipes away for a later date as I’m currently trying to be more health conscious these days (reducing my sugar intake… i love sugar)… and i’m going to the store tonight to get a blender to make smoothies. i know, it’s sad i don’t have a blender, i’ve been holding out until i could afford this one. but i just can’t wait anymore. and do i honestly need a $200 blender? no!


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second, don’t forget to sign up for our giveaway. it ends friday. and this giveaway is really cute… even more so in person.


third, i have a cell phone plan with verizon wireless and i can get a new phone tomorrow. i have been really struggling with the decision. i’ve decided on the palm pre plus, but i’m still having slight hesitation.

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the runners up were the blackberry storm 2…

Inspired By Charm


and the blackberry tour.

Inspired By Charm


i wish i could smush them all together to create the perfect phone. they all have something i want and don’t want. if you have any advice between now and 8 AM on thursday, please comment. please.


fourth, i’m really excited for this album to hit the stores…

Court Yard Hounds (basically the dixie chicks minus their previous lead singer) i really liked dixie chicks, so i’m slightly nervous, but they sounds completely different so i don’t think it’s fair to compare.

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fifth, i love this image and this landscape idea. i don’t know where i found the picture. sorry. but, it makes me upset i didn’t have this picture in my hands a year ago today when i changed my landscaping out front. i could have done something like this! it’s truly creative. the advice i got looks fine, but is totally boring and expected. i wish more people would be able to imagine stuff like this and take these risks instead of the same, boring things. it frustrates me to no end.


Inspired By Charm


sixth, what the heck happened to spell checker on blogger? am i just not seeing it? i miss it. spelling is my weakness. (if you haven’t already noticed!)

and finally, do you watch Glee? it’s truly wonderful. it’s happy. it’s sad. it makes you think. it makes you feel good.
all the wonderful things you’ve heard about it…. totally true. all the bad things you heard … lies. anyway, it returns next week and i’m really happy about that. and their third cd comes out the following week. i’m really happy about that too.

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  • Rachel at

    i love the new header photo! just thought i would let you know.

  • Krista at

    my fav posts are the ones where you cover a hodgepodge of different topics like this 🙂

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