Better in Black


Today I’m taking you back into my guest room for a quick update.

It’s official. My bed frame is now black. I’m again amazed at the magic of paint. You’d think that one of these days I’d no longer be surprised by how paint can change the look of something, but I’m starting to think that day may never come.

If you remember, the frame had been white and gold with lots of nicks and scratches.

Better in Black | Inspired by Charm

This is how it looks in a cool matte black.

Better in Black | Inspired by Charm

I think it’s much more appropriate for the room. (Which reminds me: I wanted to thank you for all of your great feedback on my bedroom design ideas. I had a feeling that opinions would be split, but now I do have a pretty good idea of the direction I want to take this space.Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts.)

Better in Black | Inspired by Charm

I used spray paint to give the fame its makeover. I’m sure I only looked half-crazy spray painting a bed frame in my front yard.

Better in Black | Inspired by Charm

For the color, I actually ended up using three different varieties of paint.

Better in Black | Inspired by Charm

I started by painting the center with the High Performance Enamel. It’s a semi-gloss. I’m not sure what I was thinking, but the moment I started to paint I realized any gloss (even semi) was a bad idea. Plus, It was even more glossy than a typical semi-glass, which highlighted every imperfection.

Better in Black | Inspired by Charm

So, back to the store I went to pick up two cans of Painter’s Touch. One was a primer, and one was flat.

Using the primer, I was able to achieve a gorgeous matte finish. Much better! Once the priming was done, I went back over the bed with the flat paint. However, to my surprise, even it was pretty shiny and glossy. Bummer.

Back to the store I went for another can of the primer which I used to finish off the bed.

I’m not a paint expert, so I’m not sure it’s okay to just finish a piece with primer. However, it gave me exactly the look I wanted, so I’m going to give it shot.

Better in Black | Inspired by Charm

The matte finish hides the imperfections of the piece, plus the black isn’t so harsh. In fact, it almost appears to be a charcoal. Again, I can’t predict its durability, but I’ll be sure to keep you updated.

\Better in Black | Inspired by Charm

What do you think?

Better in Black | Inspired by Charm

With that task completed, the fun part is finally here. Time to dress and decorate this space. Stay tuned!

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  • Meg at

    Did the paint last? Can you post a picture of how it looks now?

  • Meredith McKay at

    Also curious if it held up with just primer! Interested in doing this for my bed. So cute!

  • Sherry at

    Did you use a topcoat? If not did it withstand without chipping?

  • Melanie at

    Looove this! Just what I need for my teenage sons metal bed frame! How has the black matte primer held up?

  • Tara at

    I’m so glad I found your blog via Instagram!

  • Karla OConnell at

    I’m so glad you posted this!!! I have a silver frame and cannot decide if I want to paint it white or black and this just answered that question for me!!!! So glad to have found your blog! Marking as a favorite right now!!

  • Priscille at

    Looks great! Inspires me to start using my chalkboard paint that I sealed in the storage closet…

  • Patricia at

    Can’t run fast enough to Lowes to grab some of that black primer! I have a white wrought iron 4 poster and you just made me realize it needs to be black- now! I wish I had time to submit an entry for that room redo so you could do this for me LOL. I assure you my neighbors are used to spray painting! Fantastic update>

  • Geri at

    I have the exact same bed……paid $18.00 for it a hundred years ago……it’s been a few colors over the years too…now it’s an aged bronze…gotta love spray paint!

  • Stephanie T at

    Love, love, love. Love, love.

  • csmith at

    I love it! I’ve painted lots of things with flat black primer, including my kitchen chairs that get tons of use, and they have all held up very well. I think two coats of primer may even be more durable than primer plus paint.

  • Sheila at

    As usual, great job! Your front yard looks beautiful (the porch, flowers, landscaping) even with the bed within the scene. Your neighbors are probably reminded of all the hard work that goes into home improvement even for the small projects. I bet you are an inspiration for them as they witness the outside of your home being transformed into a place of comfort, beauty, and functionality.

  • Elle at

    I’m lovin’ the matte black!

  • Dana S at

    Love your style!

  • Stephanie C. at

    That matte black is perfect! The finish is perfect, and the color gives the bed some personality now instead of just blending into the space. Great job! (And BTW, I don’t think my neighbors are surprised at all anymore when they see me outside with a can of spray paint. they just smile and ask if they will see the finished product on the blog later!!)

  • Suzy at

    Dang, that looks great!
    I often wonder what my neighbors think of me when they hear me outside shaking up another can of spray paint…here she goes again.
    Now I want a black metal bed. 🙂

  • Brittany at

    Oh man! This transformation looks amazing!

  • liz n. at


    You have such an instinct for taking something from good to stellar!

  • Emma P. at

    Oh my the black makes such a difference! I love the look, what a transformation.

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