Remember when I mentioned The Big Three? Three upcoming, exciting, and amazing announcements / opportunities. Well, I announced one and two, and today I’m excited to announce half of number three. When I was in New York City I had the privilege of talking to the amazing team behind Better Homes and Gardens magazine. More specifically, I spoke with their Social Media Director who invited me to act as a Guest Style Spotter for the BHG Style Spotter Blog. Pretty amazing, right? I jumped at the opportunity!  

Inspired By Charm

If you are not familiar with their blog, I definitely recommend checking it out. You might recognize some familiar faces in their Style Spotter Team, including Making it Lovely, SF Girl by Bay, and I Heart Organizing. What a superstar team! 

Inspired By Charm

Today marks my first post on their blog, and I’ll have another one this Saturday. After that, I’m not sure whether I’ll be invited back. Let’s hope! So head on over and check out my post today. I’m sharing two fall-inspired entryways. I would really, really appreciate your wonderfully kind comments on the post. Thank you so much in advance.

The second half of this announcement will come next Monday. Stay tuned!

Inspired By Charm

Inspired By Charm Inspired By Charm Inspired By Charm Inspired By Charm Inspired By Charm Inspired By Charm Inspired By Charm Inspired By Charm

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  • Mary at

    Congrats Michael! They will definitely be asking you back!

  • Alexis at

    Wow, Congratulations but I am not one bit surprised!

  • Kim @ NewlyWoodwards at

    Congrats! How exciting is this?

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