Best of 2016: Entertaining


This week I’ve been recapping favorite posts of 2016 here on Inspired by Charm. We’ve looked back at tasty recipes, beautiful interiors, and creative DIYs. Today I’m wrapping up this IBC look back with some of the best 2016 moments in Entertaining.

However, I should mention that there’s more to Inspired by Charm than recipes, interiors, DIY projects, and entertaining. As a big fan of music, I created over 18 playlists as part of my Tuesday Tunes series. I also gave you a closer look at my own life in What’s the Tea with IBC. I even shared some of my travel adventures, such as my trip to the Kentucky Derby and visit to Napa Valley. Finally, don’t forget about the four seasonal recipe cards I created that you can download for FREE and print to use or share.

As we begin 2017 tomorrow, I’m so excited to welcome another year and a fresh start. I hope you are, too. I also hope that you’ll continue to stop by Inspired by Charm, be it daily, weekly, or whenever you get the chance. The best way to follow along (and to make sure you don’t miss a thing) is to sign up for the IBC Mailing List. I typically send 2 or 3 emails per week with links to new content on the blog. You can also find me on social media using the icons at the top of this page.

Now, with all of that out of the way, let’s move on to a few of my favorite entertaining moments from this past year.

We kicked off the season of entertaining on the blog with a big Cinco de Mayo party. I shared ideas for decorating for the occasion and included two cocktail recipes (Vanilla Pineapple Margarita, Jalapeño Paloma) along with a recipe for Tequila Lime Chicken Kabobs and Mini Margarita Cheesecakes. Plus, I created a DIY Piñata Box as a special favor for guests. It was quite the celebration!

Best of 2016: Entertaining | Inspired by Charm

Best of 2016: Entertaining | Inspired by Charm

Best of 2016: Entertaining | Inspired by Charm

Before heading off to the Kentucky Derby, I whipped up DIY Horse Drink stirrers. They are so simple to make and still one of my favorite projects.

Best of 2016: Entertaining | Inspired by Charm

In the summer, I let my creativity run wild with my Come As You Are-ty. To go along with the caticorn theme, I baked cupcakes and presented them in colorful cat-topped mason jars. I also provided a free printable to remind you to believe in yourself (as any caticorn would do.)

Best of 2016: Entertaining | Inspired by Charm

Best of 2016: Entertaining | Inspired by Charm

We also partied outside and dined al fresco with a stylish tablescape and Sangria Verde!

Best of 2016: Entertaining | Inspired by Charm

Best of 2016: Entertaining | Inspired by Charm

As summer turned to fall, football season kicked off on IBC with a pizza themed tailgate that included custom pizza servers, football helmet drink stirrers, gridiron graphic napkins, and free printable garland.

Best of 2016: Entertaining | Inspired by Charm

Best of 2016: Entertaining | Inspired by Charm

I also hosted a Halloween party. With bat-embellished glassware, creepy crawlers, and more custom drink stirrers, it was spooky chic at its finest. The haunted gathering concluded with a chocolate skull cake that was to die for. Literally.

Best of 2016: Entertaining | Inspired by Charm

Best of 2016: Entertaining | Inspired by Charm

For Thanksgiving, I got crafty and created fall leaf table decor out of cork. These multi-functional pieces can be used as a table runner, trivet, place mat, or simply a touch of fall color.

Best of 2016: Entertaining | Inspired by Charm

To wrap up the year and welcome the holidays, I invited you into my kitchen for a festive (and pink) yule log treat.

Best of 2016: Entertaining | Inspired by Charm

And that’s it, my friends. We crafted, we ate, we decorated, and we entertained. With over 160 posts to inspire (and hundreds more from previous years), I hope that IBC sprinkled your life with happiness and inspiration in 2016.

While blogging has become a full-time career for me and creating and sharing sponsored content is how I’m able to make this all possible, this little corner of the internet would be nothing without all of you. The reason IBC exists is because of your positive response to my passion for creating, sharing, and (hopefully) inspiring. And while I can’t promise you’ll love everything (nor should you), I do hope to see you back here in 2017 and beyond!

As always, if you have constructive ideas to make IBC better, please reach out to me at I’m not the best (or quickest) about responding, but know that your feedback is valuable and important. While this blog is mine, it’s for you.

Lots of love and here’s to the happiest of new years!

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  • 192168101login at

    Thanks for brightening my day on a continuous basis!

  • Susan at

    Love your pink Christmas log & pink bottle brush trees….now come on!
    That is just adorable!! You have excellent taste & I love that your
    Projects are ones that admirers really could do themselves.

    I think you have a lot of talent!

  • Chanda Brady at

    I rarely comment but wanted to say that I love your blog so very much. I love that despite the cleanliness and perfect-looking interiors…that your home also looks comfortable and completely approachable. The worlds of white are lovely but I prefer color and blogs that keep things real enough for those of us that aren’t only on budgets but also enjoy actually bringing people into our lives that don’t want to feel that we’re trying to be better than them but rather simply sharing really fun times and want everyone to actually want to come back to our homes again and again……..I hope that makes sense (I’m the mom getting on here as little people command snippets of attention as I simply try to say thanks…you do good things here.) ……anywho, I am glad I found this blog and I really enjoy seeing whatever you have in store each time I get to log on for a moment of escape and inspiration.

  • Betty Khan at

    Can you please tell me where I can buy wash tape. I live in Reunion . They have never heard about it ..l would love to get my hands on it.Please try to help me . Thanks so much. Bett

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at has an endless supply. However, I’ve seen it at places like Staples, Walmart, Target, Michael’s, etc.

      xo Michael

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