Beginnings of a Guest Room

Somehow in the midst of one project, I decided to start another. Seems logical, right? I guess my creative / DIY mojo is going full force, so I might as well take advantage of it.

Those of you who’ve been around these parts for several years may remember that awhile back I created a living room in one of my bedrooms. At that point, I had closed my little B&B and had intentions of keeping my gift shop open. The gift shop was where my living room and office is now. Not having a living room dowstairs at that time, I decided to make one of the bedrooms a living room. Make sense?

Inspired By Charm

Well, all of that has changed. Since I now have a fabulous living space where it was designed to be, I decided to turn the former bedroom/living room into a guest room for one.

My house seems very large, but given that it is an older home, the rooms are pretty small. When I ran my B&B, this room held a full-size bed which took up most of the space. Even when it functioned as my makeshift living room, I could barely fit in a love seat.

So, armed with a new plan, this small space is starting to get a whole new look.

Beginnings of a Guest Room | Inspired by Charm

This is just the beginning, so please bear with some of the ugliness / messes / undressed beds. I removed most of the furnishings that were in this room and brought in an adorable day bed (from here) and this amazing little coffee table (from here [the marble topped version that I have is currently not available online]). I’m planning for this room to function not only as a guest room, but also as a place for me to relax and unwind.

Beginnings of a Guest Room | Inspired by Charm

As you can probably tell by a few of the colors and accessories, I’m thinking about going with a teal, pink, and red color scheme (with a touch of gold of course) for a relaxed, tropical, 1950’s feeling. Or something like that.

The walls need art, the bed needs linens, and the shelves need to be reorganized and accessorized, but the space is slowly coming together.

Beginnings of a Guest Room | Inspired by Charm

Beginnings of a Guest Room | Inspired by Charm

Also, you may remember this little dresser from my bedroom. It was an antique find a few years ago. I decided to paint the top of it because the chippiness that I used to love was driving me bananas. Then after getting the top painted, inspiration struck! Now this piece is going to get a whole new look. Should I decide to keep a TV in this room, that’s where the TV will go instead of on the mantel.

Beginnings of a Guest Room | Inspired by Charm

Beyond that, I’m on the hunt for a rough and some fun accessories. Then this space will have a whole new look and purpose.

In case you want information about how this room came together originally. you can find that here:

Paint colors in the room.
That fabulous gold light fixture.
And my DIY shelves (aka shelves for cat yoga).
Bookcase Styling.

So what do you think of my plans for the space?

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  • Jenn at

    Oh Michael! ::squeal::! I love your room transformations! I cant wait to see your accessory choosings and what you do with your lovely antique dresser! Thanks for sharing!

  • Catherine at

    I love how that is looking. Just a heads up, the links for the daybed and coffee table aren’t working for me. I can’t wait to see what you do with that beautiful old dresser!

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      Thanks Catherine! I fixed the links. 🙂

      xo Michael

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