Okay, before we talk about another closet here on IBC, I need to warn you: This post does not contain a lot of pretty pictures. But, as they say, it gets worse before it gets better. So we will start with the bad and the ugly and work our way to the good! OK?

As you probably know, I have big barn doors near my front entry. However, you might not know that there is a disaster behind those doors.

Beginnings of a Craft Closet | Inspired by Charm

What? Yes. But before I tackle it, let me share the backstory of this closet.

The space that is now covered by the doors was once a standard closet with a single door. When the previous owners were making renovations to turn the house into a bed and breakfast, they widened the opening so that this little nook could function as a reception area. Given that it’s near the front door, it worked well.

Beginnings of a Craft Closet | Inspired by Charm

When I bought the B&B, I also did some work, and this area became part of a gift shop. If you’re a long-time IBC reader, you might recognize the chevron wall peeking through the shelf. Back in 2012, I shared a post on how to paint a chevron wall. (You’re welcome to take a peek at that post here, but please don’t judge me too harshly since it was five years ago, and at the time, that space was a gift shop, not my home.)

An aside: Much to my surprise, that little post was featured in a few places, including The Huffington Post. And that exposure proved to be a big break for me. I guess you could say that IBC is here today because of that chevron wall and that little post.

Once I closed the shop and the B&B, I needed a way to cover the nook to make the house look and feel like a home. My solution was to install the barn doors (details on those here). I also threw in some shelving units, and it’s been kind of a cluttered mess since then.

This year, In an effort to boost my spirits and improve my outlook on life, I’m working to clear the clutter and get more organized. For me, “mess = stress,”, so this disaster has to go.

Beginnings of a Craft Closet | Inspired by Charm

Following my recent mini shoe closet makeover, I thought a prefab shelving system would work perfectly in this space as well. A couple weeks ago when I was researching closet storage online, I noticed that The Container Store was having a sale on their Elfa system. This was the brand I used in my closet upstairs.

I was sold.

I took measurements, worked with one of their Elfa experts online, and designed something to fit this space. The whole system ended up costing just over $600.

Beginnings of a Craft Closet | Inspired by Charm

Once I received notification that the system had shipped, I prepped and painted the space. I removed everything from the closet, including the existing shelves, which I donated. I decided to paint the closet Frosty White from Sherwin Williams because it’s a lighter variation of my entryway and living room paint color. Goodbye chevron! Gone, but never forgotten.

Beginnings of a Craft Closet | Inspired by Charm

With the painting finished, I installed the closet system. While the install was simple and straightforward, it did take a few hours. Some of that time was spent removing the packaging and stickers that identified everything.

However, it was well worth it. My closet is complete! Isn’t she lovely?

Beginnings of a Craft Closet | Inspired by Charm

I couldn’t be happier with my first steps toward an organized, clean, and pretty closet. Even though the style of the shelves won’t win any design awards, organization and function were a top priority here, and that’s exactly what I got.

Beginnings of a Craft Closet | Inspired by Charm

Beginnings of a Craft Closet | Inspired by Charm

The next step is going to be the hard part. I have to put things back into the closet in an organized and functional way. While I already have quite a few plastic storage containers and totes, I’m hoping to pick up a few baskets and organizational tools to add just a touch of style to this space.

Beginnings of a Craft Closet | Inspired by Charm

Ultimately, the closet will hold craft supplies and work-related items, such as my camera and gear, printer, ribbons, paper, photo shoot props, and current project supplies. My plan is to start organizing things this week. I’ll be sure to let you see the results when everything is in place.

Beginnings of a Craft Closet | Inspired by Charm

For those of you who are new to Inspired by Charm, I hope it was fun to learn a bit more about the blog. For those who’ve been with IBC for a while now, I hope you enjoyed the walk down memory lane. Thanks to all of you for giving me an opportunity to come clean about my closet disaster!

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  • Anita at

    Your kitty looks like a good helper. I wonder if mine will help me with my closet.

  • Patricia at

    I’m in the planning stages of a closet (hate to say “re-do” since it really never got done the first time) organizing. I have a long oddly shaped closet that’s partly walk in (49″ deep) and partly squeeze into ((24″ deep). I’m pretty sure I’ll do shelving in the 24″ section and probably against the end wall in the 49″ section with double hung rods between.
    I’m just going to have to draw it all out and play with different ideas. The container store only has plans for EITHER a reach-in OR a walk in but not a closet that is both. Any of your readers have ideas for a good site for planning that is completely customizable? In my experience, the more time I spend planning, the better my end result.

  • Mary at

    Thank you for this post and for your honesty. You have just inspired me to change my ‘junk closet’. Time to get out the paint and tools!

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      Although it’s not much fun, it feels so good to clean out and get organized. I don’t know why I don’t do it more often.

      xo Michael

  • Claire | Heart Handmade UK at

    Hi Michael, I love a make over and your craft closet is looking fab. Those shelving units are the bees knees. I can definitely relate to the stress = mess mantra. I need to do a little organising myself! x

  • Adrienne at

    I remember that post! I think it’s what had me first reading your blog. I thought the chevron was amazing. So happy to have found you then and still reading 5 years later. Thank you for all the inspiration!

  • Diana at

    Love the kitty and the basket…do you recall where you found the baskets. (They are calling my name!)

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      Thanks! Yep, I just got them this past week at HomeGoods. I was told they just hit the shelves.

      xo Michael

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