ta da! instead of using just ribbon on your paper… wrap it up with twine! (i’m practicing for the lovely package exchange!{which if full already, in case you were wondering})

to do this, i just tied my white ribbon on first. then taped an end of my twine to the bottom of the package, under the ribbon then wrapped and wrapped and wrapped (in no particular fashion) and wrapped and wrapped around the package. when i was satisfied i taped my other end of twine again to the bottom of the package under the ribbon.

i left two tails on my white ribbon to tie a bow. since they were wrapped up under the twine, I pulled them out, tied a bow and cut a dovetail in the ends! that’s it. a beautiful and unique package… i think.


and i know i mentioned this before, but don’t you love this paper!? pasily and polka dots… you seriously can’t go wrong. i found it at the local dollar store. one buck a roll people. not only is it a good (you can’t see through it) quality paper with attractive designs it doesn’t have tape on it to hold the roll together once you remove the wrapping. don’t you hate when you have to peel that super sticky tape off and end up riping your paper! agh. so annoy. not with this stuff.


i’ll be stocking up on these papers. for sure. unless you beat me to it.

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  • Emily Kate at

    Love bakers twine. So many uses — even just displaying the spool itself looks great. Where did you buy yours?

    Also where is St. Marys? I’m a PA native myself.

  • Michael - Innkeeper at

    Um… I honestly don’t remember where I got it… I got a really, really big spool. I’m going to put it on these old spindles i found and sell it in my gift shoppe.

    St. Marys is in Central, PA. about 1.5 hours north of State College.

  • Sarah at

    I love reading your blog Michael, you’re always so creative!!

  • Emily Kate at

    Michael, I grew up in Central PA — 40 minutes south of State College. We’ve probably crossed paths in Happy Valley and didn’t know it!

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