first, i must say, this is my favorite use so far!

do you read the blog from the gals at makeunder my life? i mentioned their blog once before. they are always full of wonderfully inspired ideas and thoughts to get you through you day with a smile on your face, a twinkle in your eye and a little warmth in your heart.

anyway, i really liked their post yesterday. it was about the no compliant/happy string. i’m not going to go into to much detail because they do a great job explaining it here. but, this string serves as a reminder not to complain. a reminder to ‘accept the things we cannot change, have courage to change the things we can and have the wisdom to know the difference.’ a reminder to ‘find happiness no matter what our circumstances.’ nice thoughts, right?

it’s always great to have a reminder. see mine…

Inspired By Charm

will it work, i think, but who knows. it’s worth a shot though. i think we could all use a little more happiness.

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  • Krista at

    I’m going to complain and say you should have used the blue twine! 🙂

  • Anonymous at

    Love the idea, especially around these crazy holidays!

    Do you know why I can’t pin this to Pinterest? The post is more than 6 months old, but I thought I could pin it. erg!…(whoops)

    Karen from Buffalo

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