i don’t know about you, but i’m not a big fan of christmas on a saturday. it seems so rushed and quick.  right? i can’t believe its over!

if you celebrated i hope you had a wonderful christmas! i know i did. santa was very good to me. i did get my sewing machine. yay! and lots of fun accessories.

Inspired By Charm

i’m so excited to pull it out of the box and start learning and investigating! but (un)fortunately i’m really busy this week so i don’t think it will be happening until this weekend or next week. i need some room to spread out. my goal is to make a set of curtains before my mom finishes a set of curtains she’s been working on since the fall. think i can beat her?

i also saved up some money (and with some added christmas funds) i was able to purchase this.

Inspired By Charm

yep. a new camera. i’m literally peeing my pants with excitement. according to ups.com it arrives tomorrow. so i’m frantically trying to complete everything on my to-do list today so i can play with this guy all day tomorrow (in between checking in guests, cleaning rooms and working in the shoppe … big sale this week!)

i honestly probably shouldn’t have bought this camera as it’s not necessarily a ‘need’ in my life right now. but after the craziness of the past couple months (and year)… and sadly no break to speak of over the holidays, i feel i more than deserve it … and i know it will be money well spent.

oh, and i also found the coolest camera bag.

Inspired By Charm

beautiful, right? i wanted something that didn’t look so much like a camera bag. i couldn’t find it for sale anywhere in the states, so mine is shipping (free) from south korea. it’s not going to be here for a couple weeks. but i don’t mind waiting.

i got a bunch of other goodies that i’m sure i’ll share over time. and even though all my gifts were great, i was honestly most happy for some much needed family time. lots of yummy food. a couple glasses of wine. and lots of peace and joy. i hope you and yours were able to enjoy much of the same.

Inspired By Charm

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  • courtneyoutloud at

    i really like the camera bag! and tell me how you like the sewing machine as i am on the market for one this year. i am getting tired of having my seamstress make my tablecloths!

  • eddieross at

    Looks like Santa treated you well!
    I hope you have a happy and healthy 2011. Enjoy your new toys!

  • Kim @ NewlyWoodwards at

    Sounds like a great Christmas. I hope you love your sewing machine and your camera. You’ll love having your new camera.

  • Fuller Flair at

    I have the same sewing machine! AND…I just got mine as a Christmas gift! I hope you like yours, mine is divine! I have been sewing like crazy and truly love this machine! Happy sewing!!

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