I finally had a chance to sit down and sort through your ‘ask me‘ questions. i divided them up into three groups: personal, bed & breakfast/business and blogging.

today I’m answering the personal questions. next week i will answer the b&b/business and the following week i’ll answer blogging. sound good?

i started filling out the answers to these personal questions last night and i’ve honestly had an upset stomach since. you guys really got me thinking. which is good. so, thank you.

i’m going to answer all of your questions with 100% honesty. i may be a little vague on certain areas.  if this blog wasn’t connected to my business i’d provide more details.

with that being said, if there is something else you need/want to know or if you feel i didn’t answer your question fully, just email me and i will answer you there.

alright, here we go.

Inspired By Charm

Question One:

How old are you??

I’m 28. I’ll be 29 in August.

Honestly, I can’t wait to be 30. I think my 30’s will be the best years of my life. *fingers crossed*

Question Two:

My question is this: What drives you?

I would love to know what inspires you.


For as long as I can remember I’ve always had bigger than life dreams. That’s probably what drives me the most. I’m always working towards something. I want to be better than I was yesterday. I’m not sure where this comes from exactly, it’s just there. For the most part, I love this amount myself. But, because of this, I tend to put a lot of pressure and stress on myself. Too much at times. I’m often wish that I was complacent with where i was in life and wasn’t always striving for more. Sometimes it would be nice to just … be.  You know what I mean? To just be happy with what I have and where I am. I’m not saying I’m not happy. I guess I just don’t think I’ve reached my full potential yet. I think that my full and true happiness is still out there just wanting to be found.


I’m not sure if this is the correct answer for this, but I’m most inspired visually. I love magazines. I love blog posts. I will admit that 80% of the time, if i’m looking at a blog or magazine, I glaze over all the text and just look at the pictures. If a picture catches my eye then I’ll read about it. Admittedly, there are some blogs that I always read, but for the most part I just look at the pictures. I’m not a big fan of reading books. I’d rather watch the movie. I am trying to read more in hopes that it will help improve my writing skills, but so far I’ve been unsuccessful.

Ultimately I’m really inspired by what others are doing and creating. I like interacting with people on a creative level. It gets my juices following and pushes me to be better and stronger.

Question Three:

When are you going to get a lady friend kitty for Jax and Sebastian??

I’m not. For those of you who don’t know, Jax and Sebastian are my cats. I’d love another pet (a dog, or chickens, or goats) but these guys are best buds and I would hate to screw that up. And I don’t really have space for another animal.


Question Four:

Can you tell me what your most favorite item is in your home?

Honestly, there is nothing in my house, other than my cats, that I would be devastated if I lost. Though, if my house was on fire and I had to grab something, I’d probably grab my cats, my laptop (for pictures/business reasons) and my parent’s cuckoo clock.

Question Five:

Can we be IRL BFF’s too?

Yes. I just assumed we already were.

Question Six:

I would love to know where you got your eye for decorating. How did you learn what looks great where? Or have you always had the knack?

No idea. It’s something I’ve always loved. When I was younger I drew pictures of what my house would look like when I grew up. As a tween/teen I painted my bedroom several times and was constantly rearranging furniture. I made currant rods from old banisters and wall art from old windows. I worked at a little gift shoppe and loved setting up the displays.

As I mentioned above, I’m a very, very visual person. I think design, and decorating, and artsy-fartsy things just blend really well with someone that’s visual. I’ve always loved the arts, drawing and painting. I think there are parts of design/art you can teach. But I also think some people just have ‘it’ in them. Thankfully I’m one of those people. Or at least I think I am. I don’t think I really know how to use ‘it’ as well as I could, but I constantly working on sharping my skills.

I often wish I would have went to school for art or design. Certain reasons (or what i thought were reasons) prevented me from going that direction. it’s probably the biggest ‘what if..’ that I often ask myself. I guess it’s never to late, right?

Making of a chevron wall

Question Seven:

I’ve always been wondering – do you live in an apartment that is attached to the inn? A separate innkeeper’s cottage? Have you ever posted a tour/photos of your actual living quarters?

Is your bedroom “in” the Inn near the other bedrooms??

Yes, this is a little confusing, and I don’t think I ever fully discussed it. My bed and breakfast and my house are the same thing. It’s basically one big house that was converted into a bed and breakfast.

Unfortunately I don’t have a fancy innkeeper’s quarter.

Are you ready for the truth?

I live in the basement.

Is it finished? Not really.

Does it suck? Most of the time.

Will you post pictures? Probably not.

Is this just one of the sacrifices you are willing to take to ‘live your dream’? Yes.

When I first moved back home, from Philadelphia, to buy my little inn I moved in with my mom and her husband. This plan was temporary as there is a big third floor/attic in my house/inn which I  had grand dreams of finishing as soon as possible. (you know … like they do on tv… a beautiful space finished in a long weekend.) Once finished, I would live there. Well, as these things tend to go, the attic is still a work in progress.

After a year of living with my mom, and not much momentum on my future space in the attic, I decided to move into the basement. It’s nothing fancy and not completely finished. It’s not my proudest accomplishment, but for now, it works.

Questions Eight:

how’s your attic coming along? I can’t wait to see the end result.

Ah, my attic. You must have been following for a while. There is a post here and here about my attic.

Basically, there is a third floor to my house which was/is supposed to my living quarters as I mentioned above. As it stands, plumbing has been run. New windows have been installed. and 90% of the framing has been completed.

What’s taking so long?

Well… first, I have a million other things going on (as you’ll read below) so finding the time to finish the space isn’t easy. Also, doing construction work above your guest rooms isn’t always easy as banging noises need to be kept to a minimum. And, these things cost money. I have a dream of how I want the space to look and I don’t want to sacrifice certain things because of cost. Not that I’m planning anything extravagate but I want it to have some sense of style/design. Even the basic things like drywall and insulation are expensive and they’re not even fancy! Plus there are a million other hidden costs of owning an older home and business that tend to sneak up on you when you are least prepared.

Also, I really know nothing about construction. My dad has been the one that has done most of the work. I just make a really handy sidekick. This always makes me feel bad. It costs him a lot of time and money to help me. Which I appreciate immensely, and I know part of him enjoys it too, but I just feel bad. Does this make sense?

Anyway, one of these days work will resume on the attic. I have no idea when, but soon, I hope. I’ll keep you posted.

Question Nine:

Do you remember Modern Dairy or the Big Cow?

Yes and yes. The Modern Dairy used to be a local dairy that produced milk in the town next to St. Marys. When I was little, the Modern Dairy milk man would deliver milk and put it in those little metal boxes we now use as decoration. (wow… times have changed) The dairy had a huge metal/plastic cow that sat in front of the building that stood about 20 – 30 feet high. The dairy and the cow are no longer there. Where a ginormous cow goes? I have no idea.

Inspired By Charm

Question Ten:

How do you deal with the challenges and responsibilities of running an inn and living in a small town? How do you meet people? Have a social life? Take vacation?

If I had to choose one reason that I don’t want to be an innkeeper forever, this would be it.

To be honest, I don’t really have a social life. When I’m not working, I spend most of my time by myself or with my family.  I don’t really have a good group of friends that live in town or that I see on a regular basis. As much as I love and adore my family, this kind of sucks. Everyone needs friends nearby.

I would eventually like to be in a relationship and/or have a family someday, but because of my current ‘living situation’ and my job, it’s (in my opinion) not possible. I know that people will argue with me on this, but until you’ve walked in my shoes, it’s hard to understand/explain.

I’ll talk about this more in my next set of ‘ask me’ answers, but it’s just me here. I take care of this business completely on my own. I do all the bed and breakfast related things (cooking, cleaning laundry, check-in/check-out, etc), the gift shoppe, the baskets, the paperwork and booking keeping, etc. As you might expect, this honestly doesn’t leave time for much of anything else. (Though, people still ask me ‘what i do for a ‘living’. Seriously?!) Hanging out with friends or attempting to start a relationship just isn’t going to happen.

I haven’t been on a real vacation in four or five years. Which honestly, really doesn’t bother me. I do take long weekends here and there. When I do this I just close down the place for the weekend. I’ve learned the hard way that if I don’t take time for myself I don’t get it. I’m pretty sure there was a stretch last year that I literally didn’t have a day off for three or four months. And this span often included 12 – 15 hour days. Not fun.

I do really enjoy doing what I’m doing. And ultimately no job is perfect. I often ask myself “is this really how I want to spend the rest of my days?” The answer is usually, “No”. And it wasn’t until recently that I realized how the lack of certain things has affected my life and mood.

So thats is why I’ve been really looking at my days and the future with mixed emotions. But for now, this works. It’s just not forever.

Question Eleven:

Where on earth do you find the time to blog?

How do you have time to accomplish all that you do — innkeeper, blogger, Pinterest aficionado, quilter? 

Where do you find the time for any crafting or quilting, etc?

I’m sure you’ve noticed that there are times when I disappear from blogging for a week or a month. This happens because I honestly just don’t have the time or energy for it. Something has to give. I really enjoy blogging and creating and sharing and if I could do it as a full time job I would in a heartbeat. Maybe someday? So for the reasons explained in the previous question this is why I disappear at times. I am truly sorry about this.

So far this year, January and Februrary have been slower than usual, so that’s why I’ve been a bit of a social media and crafting junky. Literally its all I want to do because in a month or so I’m not going to have the time to do it as much.

I try an take advantage of this ‘down’ time, even though, I should be working on my taxes, or organizing paperwork or some other work related project. Instead, as you know, I’ve been quilting and painting signs.

Also, the iphone has also taken my multitasking skills to a new level and has been a lifesaver. Its so nice to have the ability to stay more connected and it makes things a whole lot easier. I’m able to use up some time that’s normally wasted.

A Quilt {IBC} - rows

Question Twelve:

Can you answer some of the questions you get via video?

I would love to do a vlog someday. I actually tried putting something together when I was working on my chevron wall but it didn’t work out as I planned.

I also have a few insecurities about certain personal things and that is ultimatly holding me back. I’ve never been ‘behind a camera’ before. It’s new to me. But I’m working on it. Baby steps.

I’m also slightly concerned that it’s going to take time to edit the videos and I don’t have a surplus of time. But, I promise you I will try.

Question Thirteen:

Do you ever get to sleep in?

 Are you a morning person?

When I don’t have guests I do have the option to sleep in. When people are staying here, I get up anywhere from 4:30 – 6AM. If people aren’t here I’m usually up by 8AM, 9 at the latest.

I love the idea of sleeping in, but I don’t actually like sleeping in. I’d rather get up and get my day going. I also don’t sleep well. I’m usually pretty restless and have bad/stressful dreams. So I honestly don’t really enjoy sleeping. I know probably sounds really weird. Is anyone else this way?

And yes, I do consider myself a morning person once I actually get out of my bed. Since I usually don’t sleep well I’m just a bear when it comes to getting out of bed.

Inspired By Charm

Pin It

So, that’s it for Part one! Hopefully I was able to answer some of your questions.

Have a great day everyone, thanks for ‘listening’.

Disclosure: This blog post may contain affiliate links as part of the Amazon Services LLC Associate Programs and other affiliate services. This means that inspiredbycharm.com receives a small commission by linking to Amazon.com and other sites at no cost to the readers.

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  • Kelsey Poofy Cheeks at

    Michael it was awesome reading through the questions/answers!! I have worked in hopsitality for the last 7 years – I wish i lived closer so I could lend a hand and GET YOU A BREAK! πŸ™‚

    I totally relate on your answer about ‘drive’ because I feel the same exact way. I am working towards something bigger and better, but I have no idea what exactly it is!


  • StephCreative at

    Thanks for posting these answers! I think you’re awesome. πŸ™‚

  • Carri Wright at

    Thanks Michael..fascinating. You are an amazing person and an inspiration for sure.

  • Patti at

    Well, it sounds like you have a very fulfilling life right now – Life is what we make of it and you certainly have made yours sound very rich and meaningful – good for you! Be proud!

  • Megan at

    I’m 29 (just turned it) and I too wish I would have done an art/design degree. My husband is a graphic designer and I so wish I could do what he does. Instead I am a backseat designer. I didn’t see art/design as a viable career field (esp. if I wasn’t moving to a big city). Too big of a risk so I played it safe. Darn it all! I feel ya.

  • Nicole at

    Just so all of you design dreamers out there know, it’s not all about picking out colors and fun fabrics. I paid a truck load of money and have a degree in interior design that really only says I went thru the classes. Mostly, you have to be an interior architect minus the degree, because it’s codes, space planning and tons of paperwork amongst other things that these shows on TV don’t cover. So, just because you didn’t go to school for it, doesn’t mean you aren’t creative enough to decorate a space.

  • kelly curtin at

    there are some people who just have ‘it’ and you are one of them! question 5 is my favorite. that’s what i would have asked. i really believe your dreams will come true. love your blog!

  • Beth @ UnskinnyBoppy at

    Than you so much for sharing so much Michael! You are an amazing man, very talented and brave to be so young and accomplished all that you have! 28? Seriously? WOW.

    I admire you and your blog. Your creativity really inspires me, and you are one of the few blogs that I actually “read”. I, too, am guilty of skimming the photos most of the time.

    I hope you find what you’re searching for in your life- fulfillment. Whether it’s in your personal or professional life, I hope it finds you very soon. You might feel as if you’re too busy to go out and find it but you never know– it might just come a-knocking on your door one day. πŸ™‚

    Best wishes to you friend. Thanks for all that you do.

  • slip4 at

    I also don’t sleep well, and while I love the idea of sleeping in, I can’t do it. If I slept til 9 one day, my family might call the rescue squad πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing your answers. You sound so very busy. I hope your future includes some time for you and a relationship – they are so important.

  • Lili at

    Wow, you have accomplished so much for your young age. But it makes me so sad that you don’t sleep well even though I know you’re okay with it. You are so very talented and I thank you for taking the time to answer all these questions for us. It’s fun to hear more about you. ~Lili

  • Carrie Rosalind at

    That was fun to read! πŸ™‚ I wondered too if you lived at the Inn, so thanks for that explination! πŸ™‚ And you totally deserve a vacation!!

  • LetterstoLauren at

    I think it’s awesome that you take the time to respond to your readers…this has been very interesting to read! It’s always fun to let people get a little glimpse of the stuff they don’t normally see…it’s what keeps people intrigued πŸ™‚ I also wanted to say thanks for the email..all is well after surgery. Love your blog..can’t wait to see the rest of the answers!

  • Katy at

    re: your dad working on the attic. If I lived nearby I’d totally finish your attic for you. πŸ™‚ This is why you need to make friends in your area!
    go hang out in the aisles at HD. πŸ™‚

  • Laura at Ms. Smartie Pants at

    Very insightful! I’ll come cook and clean and take care of the inn for a week while you vacation! πŸ™‚ It is funny we romanticize owning a b&b, you put the reality into it!

  • Much to My Delight at

    HI Michael,
    I’m new to your blog and really enjoyed reading this! My boyfriend and I stay in northeastern B&Bs several times a year as tradition. We just went to Cape May this weekend and are always looking for new spots. Where is your inn?

  • Anonymous at

    This was fun AND exhausting to read. I sure give you credit…you do a marvelous job! Pat yourself on the back, often! Take care and remember you are AWESOME! Sharon

  • spoogles at

    Hi! I love the combination of class & whimsy you share on Pinterest. I too prefer pix for inspiration, but your blog reminded me of a tool that you might find helpful. “Dragon Naturally speaking / Dictation” is a free iPhone voice recognition app that cuts down on the time you spend typing. You do have to proof read it a lot, but I’ve found it useful for writing. Thank you for brightening every day!!

  • Dana @ Cooking At Cafe D at

    Hey, thanks for the honesty!
    Basement, eh? Now that’s getting real.

    Wouldn’t it e nice to live the life of the Gilmore Girls? Did Lorelei EVER really work?!

    You really need to work on your own living space though. Be sure it’s a happy pleasant space πŸ™‚

  • Jessica at

    Thank you for answering so many questions, Michael! It is fun to get to know you, so to speak, this way!

  • Anonymous at

    Hi Michael, I came over from Lettered Cottage blog. You are so incredibly creative. I can see I’m already going to be checking in every day! Thanks for your honesty, it’s refreshing!
    Patti B in NYC

  • terrid614 at

    hi! i found your blog thru the lettered cottage! i love all of your decorating ideas and loved reading more about you! very entertaining! i will definitely be back for more!

  • Anonymous at

    arrived via Pinterest. Restless sleep/bad dreams really struck a chord. After a night of my dreams, I feel worse than when I lad my head on the pillow. Dreams always center around issues where I have no control and, I must say, I’m somewhat of a control-freak. Therein, lies the problem. I’m old, you’re young, much luck to you, already a fan……..

  • Anonymous at

    Michael, you are an intriguing and interesting person. Thanks for sharing. πŸ™‚

  • allysgrandma at

    I followed you because when I joined Pinterest, you were there for me….I imagine they put you in my following to give me some ideas. Boy am I glad that’s how it worked out. I am incredibly inspired by you. I do get the happy and sad. I feel that way too because my daughters all live far away and so does my darling granddaughter, but I like to quilt and sew clothes for Allyson and garden, and spend time with my dog and my husband….in that order….haha not really. My husband is fabulous about helping me with choosing fabrics, in fact he did today, then got bored and sat in the car and napped while I dug around a craft/fabric store. I look forward to following you….

  • mjla2007 at

    I just found your blog thru Pinterest. I was born and raised in St Mary’s and my husband in Ridgway. We now live in Bucks County….what a small world. I love your blog and may visit you the next time we are “home”.

  • Susan Herin at

    Appreciate all your honesty. I know we are different people, but I saw/read a lot of myself in your answers. It’s a catch 22, doing what you love, but also sacrificing and feeling like something is missing or that there has to be more. I’m always trying to figure that one out. Looking forward to reading Part II.

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