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Over the past week or so I hit up some nearby antique shops and found several really cool finds with pretty amazing price tags. So I thought I’d share two of them (both currently hung in my kitchen) with you today and I’ll share the rest when they find a more permanent home.

First, I found these red shutters at this really odd shop that’s only open during the holidays. This woman and/or man collects the most uniquely odd, yet beautiful, things all year and then sells them at christmas time.

The store is seriously magic. I missed the first weekend this year, but you can bet next year I’ll be the first in line! the store is called chris moose. more info here.

Inspired By Charm

The color is just amazing and I love the little topiary detail. The best part is I only paid $12 for two shutters! Amazing! I think I looked at the price tag like twenty times to make sure i was reading it right.

Inspired By Charm

Then, to add some holiday cheer, i found this vintage red and green santa apron.

Inspired By Charm

It was sorta odd to photograph … my camera wasn’t being nice with all the light coming in from the window. but the details are beautiful and it’s in great shape. When christmas is over I found another apron (which is the fabric my fudge is setting on) to replace this one.

Inspired By Charm

Both aprons, only $5 each! I’m usually try to work them down in price a little bit (even though i’m not very good at it), but when things like this are more than reasonable, I’m happy to pay.

What do you think? Have you purchase any unique antiques lately?

Inspired By Charm

Antiquing with Charm: No. 1

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  • Kimberly at

    I love the apron! It’s so whimsical and fun.

  • Cindy at

    aw, love the red shutters!! those are the type of shutters i would put on my house, outside, rather than the stupid vinyl-slatted standard ones. these are so much better!

    i have 2 christmas aprons, one for me and one for my young niece, we wear them every year when we have christmas cookie baking night 🙂

  • Shannon at

    I’m not normally a fan of vintage-y clothes/linens but I kinda love that apron! And the price makes it 10x cuter!

  • DanielleisNesting at

    I love love the topiary detail on the shutters!

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