mentioned on thursday that my mom and I were going fabric shopping. Lucky my mom found all the fabric she needed. I on the other hand didn’t do so well. I came home with two fat quarters. Thankfully I found what I needed at The Intrepid Thread,  Pink Chalk Fabrics and the Fat Quarter Shop. But more on what that fabric is for another time.

We did stumble across this antique shop during our travels. What a great little shop. Tons of amazing treasures! Though, most things had a pretty high price tag. Plus. with a goal to simplify I really wasn’t looking for anything. Well, until I saw this.

Train Wheel Wall Art

From what the shop owner told me it’s a form that was used to make wheels for trains. She could be wrong, but I’ll take her word for it until someone tells me otherwise.

If there is one thing i do need around my little inn, it’s wall decor. I just love things like this. It’s unique. It’s old. It has a story. and it looks fantastic!

Train Wheel Wall Art - side view

Sadly it had no price tag and based on some of the other prices i was nervous to ask. To my delighted surpriseIi was told it was only $35! Let me tell you i couldn’t pick that thing up fast enough. I just wanted to check out and leave before she realized she made a mistake.

Wheel Art - Close-up

It could go in several rooms in my house, but I ultimately decided to place it in one of my guest rooms, the garden suite, which at the time, had a big empty wall.

Garden Suite - Bedroom

It matches perfectly.  I just love the little yellow paint markings.

Train Wheel Form Wall Art - Close-up

The wood tones tie in beautifully with the shades and the wood floors. I’m one lucky duck!

I’m not sure if it will stay here forever but for now it’s happy here. I’m happy it’s here too.

Garden Suite - Bedroom

Have you found any treasures lately?

Antiquing with Charm: No. 1

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  • Lisa Blyth at

    I absolutely love this treasure! Don’t you just love it when you find that perfect treasure for a steal? Just makes a day doesn’t it? Btw, I love your blog. I discovered it just before Christmas and now I make a point to visit everyday. Thanks for an inspiring blog.

  • Dizzy Lizzie at

    This just makes the room and takes it to a whole new level!

  • Chrystina at

    I love this find! And I love how excited you are about it. I have not found any treasures like that recently, but you’re making me definitely want to go look. The next treasure I’m seeking is an antique coat rack to display aprons on in my kitchen. Also – found your site on the discomania page and I was excited to see another Pennsylvania-er up there. I’m excited to keep reading, happy Tuesday!

  • Kim @ NewlyWoodwards at

    You have such a great eye. It looks great.

  • Angel Uphaus at

    Love Love Love this…It looks amazing on your wall!!!

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