an update on the hall

remember last week i painted my hall … and then painted some trees? well because of the craziness, things have been at a stand still since. i really want to finish up a couple things in the hall to make it look somewhat complete but i’m just not finding the time. anyone know where i can buy extra hours for the day?

Inspired By Charm

i did hang some artwork though. when i bought the bed and breakfast the original owner gave me a bag full of the original blueprints of this house. they are beautiful. the color. the detail. there is even some pencil markings on them where the architect or contractors made adjustments and such. very cool.

Inspired By Charm

i felt they needed to be removed from their bag and put on display. and with the hall painted i knew it was the perfect spot! the green and blue is amazing. i love it!

Inspired By Charm

i found the frames at wal-mart. they were actually on sale for $10 a piece! amazing. and there were three of them! it was meant to be.

see that window to the left? this is where my curtains are going to go. (when i get around to making them.) remember that amazing fabric i found? that’s where its going to go. curtains flanking the window. there is a little blue in the curtains. it’s not an exact match, but that’s okay. i don’t really like being too matchy-matchy. slight variations of shades add more character … at least i think.

Inspired By Charm

i also got that beautiful antique sign above the window (sorry it’s hard to see … it says ‘love one another’) from one of my favorite etsy sellers. that’s where i got penelope. (and thanks to jen for the name choice! love it.)

Inspired By Charm

this vintage open sign is above another door at the bottom of the staircase. i had it for a while, but never had a place for it. the color is a darker shade of the blue from the blueprint images. it works perfect.

so the hall is coming along, but nowhere from being finish. i’ll be excited when its done … and don’t worry i’ll share pictures.

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  • us customs at

    Hello, I log on to ypur blog daily. Your writing style
    is awesome, keep it up!

  • Ashley @ Decorating Obsessed at

    LOVE the blue print art!

  • for the love of a house at

    How wonderful that you have original blueprints! What I wouldn’t give…. They look great framed; that was a fun idea!


  • Kim @ NewlyWoodwards at

    Those blueprints are killing me. I want blueprints on my wall, now. Seriously, I just want to copy everything you do blatantly. You have the magic touch.

    Those blueprints…. seriously make me green with envy.

  • [email protected] From the Heartland at

    Aahh…Penelope it is. Yay! Your inn must be GORGEOUS!!!! I love the blueprints on the green…amazing.

  • Emily @ thirtyeight20 at

    The blue prints are an awesome touch! Good call.

  • Mrs. Adventure at

    Wow that green with the blue has me a little “green” with envy. I would kill for the original blue prints of Bungalow… very cool. I can’t wait to see it with the curtians up!

  • Collaborations at

    Just checked out that fabric—-gorgeous!!!

  • Grace @ Sense and Simplicity at

    I love the blue in the blueprint against the green of the walls – it is going to look amazing with the material you chose for your drapes. I actually couldn’t stop staring at the blue and green together – I love those shades.

  • Chrissie at

    Micheal, I cant wait to see everything pulled together. You are so good with color.I love every bit of it. The blueprints are fabulous!

  • Jennifer at

    Michael, it’s going to look absolutely fab when you are finished! The slight touch of blue in the curtain fabric will become even more enhanced since the blue from the framed blueprints will pull it out.

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