a couple months ago i was at a barnes & noble and was simply overwhelmed by the amount a magazines they had. if you haven’t caught on yet, i have a bit of an obsession with magazines. i could sit in a barnes & noble for hours reading magazines…good thing there isn’t one closer. anyway, there were european versions of all my favorite magazines and some wonderful magazines from canada. one i really liked was canadian house & home. so, not thinking, i sent in the little card in the magazine to get a subscription. i think it was advertised for like $25 for a year. not bad i thought. well, that was until i got the bill. $60!! ouch. i guess the $25 was for delivery in canada. needless to say, i quickly returned  unpaid bill and asked them to please cancel my subscription.

between them getting my notice to cancel, i actually have recieve two magazines. lucky me! and while the magazine is pretty good. it’s not worth $60.

but i was inpsired by something in the issue i just recieved last week.

Inspired By Charm

i’ve been wanting to do something different on my dining room table. i thought this idea was super cool. i had one of the three tier disply thingys (i’m sure they have a name) and never really knew how to use it. if you can’t see they have african violets on top, herbs in the middle and fresh fruit on the bottom.

Inspired By Charm

looks cool right? i’m sure creating their look cost thousands of dollars, but here’s what i came up with.

Inspired By Charm

what do you think? the top tier is orange/yellow/red primrose from walmart. second tier is wine corks collected over the years. and the bottom is fruit. i’m really happy with the way it turned out. the three tier display i got at pottery barn about four years ago.

i also just added those big charcoal apothecary jars to my dining room too! do you like them? they have been in my gift shoppe for two years and no one bought them! can you believe it!? they are too cool, so instead of reducing them in price i decided to keep them. (yes, having a gift shoppe in your house does have it’s benefits) and i got an amazing yellow orchid from wal-mart for $12. that’s the deal of the week people. it’s beautiful! love it. have a great saturday everyone!

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  • Amanda Joy at

    It looks perfect! Such a great on the re-creation.
    // Amanda Joy

  • Kim @ NewlyWoodwards at

    Very pretty. Love the pots on top.

  • Rachel's Cottage House at

    your dining room makeover with the tier looks so darling. i love the way you combined so many interesting elements together – it really works! i also would never suspect you pulled it off with a reasonable price – and when you can do that, you know you’re good!


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