Along Came Bedding


Every time I make over a room, I think, “This one is going to come together so quickly and not take a million months like that last one.” Then life happens, and history repeats itself. C’est la vie, I suppose!

However, I did promise you that the next time I showed my guest bedroom, it would have bed linen. And that, my friends, is a promise I can keep because I finally have bedding! Yay! There are also a few other new details so I thought it might be good to show you around.

Along Came Bedding |
Along Came Bedding |

First, let’s talk bedding. I tried a variety of colors and patterns, but nothing really worked. Because I like to have fun with accessories, I finally decided that a neutral solid might be best. After much searching, I chose the Hayes Nova Dove Grey duvet cover and shams from Crane & Canopy.

Along Came Bedding |

Along Came Bedding |

The color turned out to be perfect. It’s a beautiful light warm gray color that works well with the curtains. It also has great two-toned details (again, similar to the curtains). So when you fold over the top of the duvet, you get a beautiful pop of white that coordinates with the white piping around the whole duvet. This detail also hides a long zipper which makes stuffing the duvet into the cover a breeze.

Along Came Bedding |

Along Came Bedding |

And if that’s not enough to love, the fabric is sumptuous! It’s so soft and silky in the best possible way. I’m thinking I need to have a little stay-cation and spend the night in my own guest room. Haha. That’s a sure sign of an inviting guest room, right? My point is, if you’re looking for some beautiful bedding, Crane & Canopy comes highly recommended.

Along Came Bedding |

With the main bedding in place, I wanted to bring in color to tie in my aqua chandelier. Lucky for me, while doing some Christmas shopping back in December, I stumbled upon this green and blue blanket (currently on sale) from Pottery Barn.

Along Came Bedding |

Needless to say, I was ecstatic to see how well it worked with the space and the light fixture.

Along Came Bedding |

I also picked up a few black pillows at HomeGoods with thoughts of incorporating one more lumbar style pillow for a final pop of color. Coming soon!

Along Came Bedding |

Finally, you’ll notice one other new detail – artwork! While I do hope to add a few more things to this wall (This single piece feels a bit lonely.), I was thrilled to have another Lindsay Letters‘ piece in my home. (I think I’m becoming addicted. I incorporated another one of her canvas pieces into my other guest bedroom last week.)

Along Came Bedding |

This particular one is called Pine on Snow.

Along Came Bedding |

Sometimes I struggle finding art that not only works in the room but also speaks to me. When I came across this piece, I immediately fell in love. Although it’s called Pine on Snow, to me it’s more like Sparkle on the Lake, and that’s exactly what I wanted to capture in this room.

Along Came Bedding |

No matter what you call it, I’m just happy that this room is finally starting to come together. It’s come a long way from it’s pink-with-black-wallpaper-border beginnings, don’t you agree?

Along Came Bedding |

Along Came Bedding |

What do you think of the new additions and direction of the room?

(Oh, and since some of you might be wondering, the beautiful green brushstroke lamp is from Jana Bek, the Rug is from Urban Outfitters, and the silver trunk was a HomeGoods’ find.)

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  • lisa at

    This room is gorgeous! I absolutely love it! The color combos and the hints of that green….just splendid to the eye. It is magazine worthy!
    Nicely done!

  • Tracy at

    I love everything about this room! Absolutely beautiful!

  • Arli at

    Ooh, love the direction of the guest room! It’s trfreshingly different from everything else currently out there, but still looks comfortable and gorgeous, I really like the art piece by itself.

  • Arielle at

    Love this space! The bedding is perfect and that chandelier! So. Good.

  • Jo at

    The room is beautiful, I especially love the artwork you chose. Your guests will love this room.

  • SilvanaJoanne at

    I think it looks fabulous! I love how it’s coming along. It looks like a very relaxing room to sleep in. Your guests will be happy I’m sure 🙂

  • Julie at

    Love this room. It is simple, yet comfortable. And it has personality!!

  • Kris at

    It’s absolutely beautiful! I love everything. Truly everything. Well done!

  • Elle at

    Oh, Michael. You’ve done it again. The layers, textures, and colors are perfect! (Your guests will never want to leave.)

  • Reenie at

    Very cute and cozy…. and kitty approved. 😉

  • Karen at

    Your room is coming along swimmingly (note to your sparkle on the lake ;o) I love the Lindsay Letters piece, I checked her site out when you last posted about her. I hope to add a little something of hers to my new home once it’s finished. Curious, did you frame them or did they come that way, I really like the look.

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      Karen, when I ordered the canvas prints from LL I ordered them framed. I love that look too! The framing job was beautiful and the shipping was immaculate. Highly recommend. 🙂

      xo Michael

  • Dee at the Carlton at

    What a beautiful guest bedroom – I love how the touches of green just lifts the room. The bed looks so very beautiful – perfectly layered & dressed ….

  • Carol at

    Awesome bedroom. Love the green. What color are the walls painted? Thanks!

  • Carol at

    I love crane and Canopy, I just don’t care for duvets. I wish they carried comforters too.

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      Interesting! Ever sense I switch to duvets / duvet covers I’ve been so pleased. I love how much easier they are to clean. And I especially love the feel of the fabric verses a comforter. I suppose that’s why we have options. Haha! However, C&C does have some quilts I believe. 🙂

      xo Michael

      • Mary at

        I hope the Crane bedding works out for you. I ordered sheets from them & at first I loved them. But now they are pilling & I’m not happy.
        Your room is beautiful. The blanket was the perfect choice to work with your chandelier. And I love your Pom-Pom pillows.

        • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

          Mary, bummer about the Crane and Canopy sheets. You should try reaching out to them about it. Maybe there’s something they can do to help. Thanks so much for commenting!

          xo Michael

  • Maria O at

    Love it all!! Can we be friends so I can come stay?? 🙂 Seriously, you have such an eye for pulling things together!

  • Agatha at

    Looking so warm and cute. Truly inspired. Love the touch of green.

  • Patricia at

    So much to lo love about this room. Using that incredible chandelier as your inspiration is genius. I drool everytime I see it. Love the artwork and the pom pom pillows settle eevrything down. It’s just so fresh and happy!

  • David at

    Maybe you posted this in another post, but where did you buy the chandelier?

    • Michael Wurm, Jr. at

      It was from Zgallerie a few years ago. Last I checked it was no longer for sale. 🙁

      xo Michael

  • Chloe | boxwood avenue at

    That blanket ties everything together perfectly! I love the way it looks with the artwork and lamp! Love those pom pom pillows too (of course!).

  • Sheran at

    Perfect Room!! I love it just as it is.

  • Michelle Vincent at

    Great job! The room looks wonderful!

  • Alexis at

    I love what you’ve done in your guest bedroom! Inspiring! Love the bedding, and the trunk was a great find!


  • Willie at

    Clear, ineaomrtivf, simple. Could I send you some e-hugs?

  • Tammy at

    My husband and I were one of your last guests in this room when you had your B & B. I love the transformation. I am so thrilled we were able squeak in before you closed. My husband had grown tired of me talking about your stuff on pintrest and had surprised me with a stay for Valentine’s Day. Shortly thereafter, he was diagnosed with brain cancer and passed away six weeks later. I look back so fondly on that weekend. A long drive with my love, to a town where we knew no one but each other, the delicious food you prepared, and just walking around and discovering a new part of the country together was priceless. Pictures of the old room bring back some precious memories, but your new decor is lovely!

  • Tina at

    Love, love, love! I love both the art and the color scheme!

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    That is one great looking bedroom. Original, even though you’re using widely-available goods.

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  • Amanda Cruse at

    I am SWOON with this entire room! You did a fantastic job putting it together! Where are the felt pom pillows from? XO

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