so i only had a couple bananas left at the b&b, so when i went to the grocery store today i picked up some more. then when i got home my mom stopped by with more bananas. (she’s so thoughtful)

it was all a coincidence, but now i have a lot of bananas that are pretty ripe and ready to go.

Inspired By Charm

i will defiantly be making my favorite banana bread/muffin recipe. (you seriously need to try this!)

but what else can i make with these bananas!? help! do you have a favoirte recipe that uses bananas?


i’m nervous too, because i’m almost out of peanut butter and i don’t know how many bananas with peanut butter i can eat in a couple days!

Inspired By Charm


(and many apologies to my dear friend Krista who is not going to like this post as she is not a fan of bananas. maybe you’d have a recipe that could change her mind?)

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  • Leslie at

    Ooh, banana pudding! Here’s my favorite recipe:

    1 large box of instant vanilla pudding mix (jello brand)
    1 cup sugar
    2 1/2 cups whipping cream (or whole milk) Sometimes I’ll do a little of
    8 oz sour cream (breakstone is the best)
    8 oz of cool whip- I like the extra creamy

    Mix all ingredients together

    Crush up Nilla Wafers (leave a couple of whole ones)-One box is plenty
    for one batch
    Slice bananas- use em up! 🙂

    In a bowl layer banana pudding, crushed wafers, sliced bananas and
    repeat. The last layer is pudding with whole wafers on top.

  • Little Lovables at

    cut them up and put them over ice cream with chocolate syrup…

    makes strawberry bananna smoothies

    I have too many as well, I’ll need to checkout your recipe!

  • Krista at

    haha, you’re right…its all definitely not appetizing for me – usually your pictures make me hungry too. Don’t waste that good peanut butter on the bananas, get some apples!

  • Gabrielle at

    Banana ice cream!

    Cut them up and put them in the freezer for a while.
    After the banana chunks are frozen, take the chunks out of the freezer and put in a food processor. Blend it up until it’s real smooth (may need to mix with a spatula to get ice cream texture).
    And you have banana ice cream!
    Or before taking the mix out of the processor, blend in some peanut butter or nutella for some extra flavor. Or any other flavors your tummy may desire!

    This works best with bananas that have the brown spots.

  • EntertainingMom at

    bananas with Nutella… even BETTER than pb!

    Emeril’s Banana Bread. Best Banana bread. EVER. Hands Down.


    1 frozen banana
    1 cup of vanilla yogurt
    1 cup of frozen fruit such as blueberries, raspberries
    Put in blender — puree til smooth

    As soon as my bananas start to go brown I either use them immediately or toss them into the freezer.

  • Apryl C at

    Pop them in the freezer, as is. Then, next time you need bananas for bread or whatever, take them out and let them thaw abit, cut off bottom, squeeze out into bowl and have banana puree for baking. 🙂 If I’m in a hurry, I’ll even microwave them for a few seconds to thaw them quicker…

  • Jennifer at

    dip ’em in chocolate & sprinkle em with nuts & stuff!

  • Jen@Notes From the Heartland at

    When my banana bowl over runneth I peel them, smush them and put them in freezer baggies and into the freezer….then they’re all ready to go for the next nanner recipe. 🙂

  • Gabrielle at

    Here’s another banana recipe!

  • by...K@ Ashcroft at

    I would have to reiterate the peeling of the banana before freezing. I used to leave the peels on and every one of those bananas ended up in a land fill. Very difficult to peel when frozen and the peel gets all black and gross. If you peel and then freeze the banana will remain in the same state as when you put it in the freezer so if it’s a little green, that won’t change in the freezing process. Enjoy!!!

    BTW, I was just directed to your blog from your cute winner of the birds and I am hooked in the first post.

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